rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 9 and 10)


hi guys im back
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part 9:
next day

roli got a call

she is very excited

roli: papa… ma…

jamanlal n meena came to her

meena: kya hua beta..u seems so happy

roli: ha maa…nw itself i got news…i selected in 3rd round also which i applied fr bw designers..they called me fr tmrw interview

jamanlal: congraates beta…im so happy..ur dream to wrk in bw designers is gng to true

roli is tensed

meena: kya hua beta

roli: dont know smwat excited n smwat tensed…in call they told…bw designers owner is gng to interview me..he came frm delhi…i m tensed

meena: arey beta..fikar math karo..v have trust on capability..v r sure..u vl crack this job

roli smiled

jamanlal: beta..i want to drop at office i m gng out of station today

roli: its k papa no prblm..i vl go by bus

next day

roli took meena blessings n started

while she is walking

some one pulled her chain n ran away

roli was shocked

she realised immediately

n started running after him

roli: hey chor…pakdo

she is shouting

some people around tried to stop him

bt thief pushed them n ran away

at that time he slipeed as he kept leg on stone

roli reached him

she slapped him left n right

n pulled chain

n abt to go

thief took knife out

at kept her at neck

thief: give me that chain otherwise i vl kill u

roli is trying to come out of his hold

at that time sid who is gng to office stopped car by cing that situation

sid is shocked

sid: roli

he got down frm car

sid went towards direction

sid: roli

roli looked at sid

she is relieved

roli: sid help me

sid is moving towards her

thief: oy dont come forward//otherwise i vl stab her

sid: hey dont try to harm her..leave her

thief: ya i vl leavee..only if she vl give that chain

roli: no i wont give

sid: roli…give it yar

roli: no sidhant ji..i wont give

sid: roli is it more important than ur life

roli: ha yes..its more important

sid: roli…dont behave like mad…just give to him

roli: no sid ji…fr me this chain is important than my life

sid got angry

sid: bt fr me ur more important than that damn chain

roli surprised fr his confession

sid: bt nw i cant take it…i cant save u..bye i m leaving

roli got angry

roli: sid ji..ur gng leaving me na..i wont talk with u fr ever

sid : do wat ever

sid went towards his car

thief : give me chain

roli:arey cant u wat ever..i wont give u this

by that tym sid bend down n took large stone n thrown on thief

it directly hit to thief head

thief: ouch..he fell down by holding his head

sid: yes..perfect

roli rushed to sid

she remebered something

she went back to thief

n hit him with her leg
roli: hw dare u..u tried to stab me

he kicked him

sid: roli leave him..lets go

roli: sid angry at u

sid: gud the one who should be inturn ur angry at me

roli: then wat? u left me like that n decided to go

sid: arey buddhu..u didnt realise till nw..i acted as im leaving u..thief is busy in scaring that tym only i hit with rock

roli: hm..that is also y u said like that…i felt bad

sid: leave abt that…roli its only small chain y cant u give him..he is abt to stab u

roli: its nt only small chain sid ji..its my life

sid: wat

roli: its chain give by grand pa …

my grand pa used to wear chain with two dollers

one day my sister asked my grand pa to give that chain

he is abt to give

i went to him n asked him to give that to me

me n my sister started fighting abt that

at last my grand pa came to conclusion

he bought to chains

n kept one doller to one chain

another doller to another chain

n gave to me n my sis

that day he took promise that

v should nt fight with each other

n should be supportive to one another

n should nt take this chain out

these chains r symbol of our love

frm that day onwards v decided nt to fight each otther

n should b supportive fr ever

n shouldnt take this chains untill our death

by saying this roli looked at sid

roli: its smwat boring na

sid nodded no

sid: ur sis is so she got sis like u

roli: no im get sis like her

sid: u said v again met in strange situation

roli smiled

she looked at tym

roli: oh god

sid: wat happend

roli: i have interview nw..i have to go there

sid: ok i vl drop lets go

roli accepted

they both r in car

sid: by the way tell me address..where ur interview gng on

roli: bw designers..n she told address

sid all of sudden stopped car

roli: wat happend y u stopped car

sid:wat u told? come again. wat name?

roli: arey its bw designers

sid to himself: roli..i cant believe it..ur cuming fr interview to my co..

sid smiled

sid want to surprise roli

sid : nothing..lets go

he started car towards bwdesigners office

part 10:
sid is so excited

sid dropped roli

sid: roli all d best…i vl meet u later bye…

roli: bye sid ji

roli went inside

sid parked his car

n went inside office through another way

n entered his cabin

roli is waiting at at waiting hall

receptionist: mam u may go in nw

roli went towards sidhant cabin

roli knocked door

roli: may i come in sir

sid: yes

roli enterd into cabin

sid is on chair ..n he is facing towards back

roli: sir my self roli diwedi

sid: wat i have to do with ur name..mujhe kya farak padtha hein..thum roli r jhansi ka rani..i dont care

roli is shocked

she recognized as its sid voice

roli: sidhant ji( she said with low voice)

sid turned towards her ..n he bursted out laugh

sid: roli? hw is my action

he raised his eyebrows

bt roli is in shock

roli: sid ji..u r here?

sid: roli tell me who else b there in my cabin

roli: that means ur owner of bw designers

sid: no im security gaurd of bw designers

roli: sid ji

sid: roli then wat typ of question is that

roli: that means ur owner of bw designers..gr8 sidhant bhardwaj

sid smiled

sid: not gr8 bt sidhant bhardwaj

sid: ok frgt to say take ur seat

roli : ok sir

sid: sir?

roli: ha..nw i came fr interview in ur i have to give respect na

sid: roli no formalities between us

roli: aha..tell me wat im to u..u r saying no formalities between us

sid want to divert her

sid didnt ansr

sid lukd at resume

sid: roli im impressed with ur skills..n ur university glad to know abt it..

roli smiled

sid asked some questions

roli told them perfectly

sid: roli ur one condition

roli: wat it is

sid: roli im gng to stay here fr one mnth..n i have no persnl secertry fr fr 1 mnth u should becm my secretry

roli excited

roli: bt hw can i handle both as manager n pa

sid: u can roli..i have trust on u

roli: oh k sir as u said

sid: another condition

roli: u told only one

sid: bt another one added

roli: wat it is

sid: i vl accept if u call sir inside out of office i wont accept

roli accepted

sid to himself: i know roli u also loves me..i vl propse u untill that i want to enjy this hide n seek

recap; rosid love confession)

Credit to: honey rosid

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