rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 7 , 8)


hi guys im back again with 2 upds
part 7:
roli came to home

meena n jamanlal rushed to her

meena: r u fine’

roli: im fine ma..i called papa n told im with friend..y ur tensed

meena: wat to do beta..yesterday there r continous thunders..n also pwr cut..u have fear of darkness na so im tensed abt u

roli rememberd she herself hugging sid becz of thunder sound..n sid saying that thunder should continue untill next day..n she slept hugging sid

roli blushed

meena observed this

roli: maa im fine..n im changed..i have no fear of darkness…i came out of that phobia

meena: oho..hw u changed with in one day

roli cant understand wat to say

roli: maa wo wo

meena: oh k leave happy…n ha frgt to say…simar called u yesterday night

roli: oh god…simar di called…i frgt to take mobile

meena: roli atleast u can call her frm ur friend mobile na…u know na she cant sleep without talking u…after that incidednt…she became reserved…she is nt our old simar…she cant share anything with karuna didi also…she is finding happiness only with u. she is behaving like old simar only with u…nw only she is cmng out of that incident slowly…she needs u in this critical time

roli: sry maa..i know di cant sleep without talking with yesterday situation is like that..n ha ma..u dont wry..i vl b with my di…im promising i vl bring back old simar..she vl mingle with all of u…with in few days

k nw i vl talk with her

roli went to her room

she freshed up n came out

roli called simar

roli: hello

no rly frm other sid..only sielence

roli: hello simar didi

no rly

meena came with break fast

meena: roli breakfast ready

roli: no maa i wont eat roli winked at her maa

meena understud

meena: y…u told ur hungry

roli: ya im too hungry…bt i wont eat…hw can i eat..when my di is nt at all intrested to talk with me

simar: roli..dont do like that..i cant c u with hunger

roli: ha ha di.. i won..u r talking with me..u know one eating is feading me

simar: cheater…lier

roli: wat to do..its some tym good to lie

simar: oho..who told this

roli; my beloved one

simar: wat

roli: nothing

simar: by the so angry at u

roli: y didi

simar: dont u know…frm yesterday im waiting fr ur call…i called maa picked n told u r in friend house

roli: sry di..i strucked in middle..becz of heaavy rain

simar:oh k take care..

roli: i vl bt..u dont frgt to take medicine

simar: ok mam

rosim smiled and ended call

part 8:
roli kept phone

roli completed her break fast

roli to herself: sidhant…c wat u did…in ur presence i frgt to call my didi also

roli smiled

meena is observing roli changed behaviour

roli is blushing..sometimes..she is gng out of world..

bt meena didnt ask anything

there sid also lost in his own world

next day

meena birthday

roli wished her mother

n she gave saree to her mother which she brought

meena: its so nice

roli/; maa papa told me to buy dress fr myself also…

meena: gud..ok i vl c ur dresses also

meena opened cover

she opened n found red saree

n dress in another cover

meena surprised

meena: roli saree? pinch me? i never thought u vl buy saree fr urself?

roli is shocked

roli: saree? hw i got this saree…i bought only chudidhar na

roli thought fr a while n she remebered sid took only one cover

roli: hey this cover belong to him…

roli said loudly n blushed remebring sid

meena surprised

meena: him?

roli: wo ma roli is stammering

meena smiled

meena: i know its difficult to hide fr u frm tell me..who is that guy who stealed my roli heart

roli: maa she said shyly

meena: tell me eager to know abt my son in law

roli: maa i told na on that day i was strucked in lift…then another guy is also there

meena;p oho..then im right…i thought that day only something is there..

roli: bt maa i realised my love day before yesterday

meena: .bt i saw love in ur eyes that day the way u met him day before yesterday

roli: maa? sry fr nt telling u..on that day i strucked in shopping mall

meena: wat bt u told ur with friend..that means u told lie

roli: maa he is my friend more than that he is( she stoped in middle ..meena is looking at her teasingly..).. i didnt tell lie…bt maa if i told i was strucked ..u n papa vl tense abt fr ur sake i didnt tell..n ha if im single i may told im with so im in safe hands

meena raised her eyes

meena: son in law changed my daughter with in one day…i dont know hw many changes i have to c

bt roli im so happy…i..n u know .. mine also love mrg..n i got ur father..who loves me ur my daughter i have trust on ur selection

roli : thank u maa

roli hugged meena

meena: wat is my son in law name

roli: sidhant

meena: roli sidhant…very nice

when u r gng to introduce

roli: maa im waiting his propsal

meena: oh…when u r gng to meet him again

roli: waiting fr strange situation

meena: wat

roli: haa maa

meena: bt roli..

roli: maa i have trust…i vl meet him again

meena smiled

roli: maa dont tell to papa nw..i vl tell after sid propses me

meena: ok as u wish

sry guys fr no rosid scene today

vl definitly give tmrw

recap: next rosid meet

Credit to: honey rosid

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