rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 6)


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part 6:
rosid lost in each other eyes

sid is in his dream world

fr second he frgt wat he is doing

he is moving towards roli face to kiss her

roli cant understand wats gng

she clzd her eyes tightly

sid came to consious

sid to himself: oh sid wat r u doing…cntrl urself man…wat she vl think abt u

sid moved towards her n kept her strings of hair falling on her face behind her ears

roli to herself: oh god..he came towards me to keep my hair behind my roli wat u thought?

roli blushed by remebring that

sid observed this

there is a sielence fr few minutes

sid want to break that sielence

sid: by the way my self sidhant..

by saying this he forwarded his hand

roli: nice…n im roli..roli diwedi

sid: wow beautiful name

roli smiled

at that tym sid eyes fell on something

he is luking that side continously

roli observed this

roli: sidhant ji…wat r looking at

sid felt happy when he heard sidji frm roli

sid: roli look there i think its main switch…

its smwat near to where rosid there …becz of moon light sid saw main switch there

rosid went there

sid tried to switch on

bt its smwat height

sid jumped twice bt cant able to switch on

sid: oh god its too height

sid: roli v cant do anything…v have to stayhere without pwr untill tmrw

roli: oh no…i cant…

sid: then wat v can do

roli: idea

sid: wat

roli: pick me up i vl switch on it

sid: roli

sid hesistated

roli: nw v have no alternative..n i cant stay without light..i have fear of night also i cant sleep in my room lights r always on

before roli completed that sentence

sid picked roli

roli is shocked

n looking at sid

sid: arey wat r u luking…switch on it

roli came to consious

roli switched on the light

sid ke[t her on floor

nw they switched on remaining lights

rosid lukd at each other

again they lost in each other eyes

sid came out of world

sid looked around

at mean time he looked out

rain started heavily


he found landline phone

sid: it is..there is phone..y cant u call ur parents..n tell u strucked here

roli: haa crct

she went to landline

n she stopped

sid: wat happened

roli: wat i have to say

sid: tell u strucked in shopping mall

roli: they vl b tensed

sid thought fr a while

sid: tell that u r with friend

roli: i cant say lie to my beloved ones

she said with upset face

sid again thought fr a while

sid: roli mujse dhosti karoge

roli lukd at him surprisingly

roli smiled

roli nodded yes

they both hold their pinky fingers

sid: roli..nw tell ur parents..that ur with ur friend…nw its nt lie

n tell its raining so vl cum tmrw

roli nodded

she called to jamanlal

roli: hello papa

jamanlal: beta wr r u..its tensed abt u..u didnt take ur phone too..r u fine…wr u strucked

roli: papa fine…its raining na..i bl..blocked hear..n dont wry im with my fri…friend…i vl cu … cum tmrw

roli is stammering

sid is getting laugh by cing her he controlled

after talking with jamanlal she kept phone

roli: sid ji..ur getting laugh ha

she asked angrily

nw sid burst out his laugh

sid: then wat roli..ur stammering..just fr telling a lie

roli: u know..i cant lie to beloved ones


roli lukd confusingly

roli: matlab

sid: matlab..if u say u strucked here..u parents vl b vl effect their health…hm..if ur single its better u should tell nw ur there with…so dnt wry

roli smiled

roli: oh k baba..vl follow frm next..wat u said

at that tym lights suddenly went off

roli: oh god..wat happened nw

sid; due to heavy rain..pwr cut

at that tym roli heard thunder sound

she swiftly hugged sidhant

roli clzd her eyes tightly

roli: hey matarani raksha karna she is praying continously

sid is in cloud nine

his love is in his arms

after roli understud wat she is doing\

when she abt broke hug

again she heard sound

again she hugged sid tightly

nw sid inturn hugged her

sid oh god…plz hear my wish…this thunder sound should be continue untill mrng

roli heard this

she blushed

sid to himself: sid beta..propse roli..nw itself

dreamsid: no sid..hw u think she vl accept

sid: y cant she accept

dream sid: arey..once rewind back..sales girl propsed u bt u rejected her..then hw roli vl accept

sid:furiously: is sales girl n me r same

dream sid: may r may nw itself roli accepted ur friendship..just wait fr few days…she vl accept ur luv too

sid decided to wait

roli is looking at sid

roli: sid ji where u lost

sid: in u

roli: wat

sid: nothing

roli: sid ji..r u nt feeling hungry

sid: wat v vl do nw

roli opened her bag

she took two dairymilk silks

n gave one to sid

sid; choclate?

roli: ha i luv my dad bring them daily

sid: ur really kid roli

roli furiously

roli: fr eating choclates there is no age limit

sid smiled

they started eating choclate

they both sat at window where moon light is cmng

roli is eating silk like kid

sid smiled

roli: y r u smiling

sid: nothing

roli: tell me na

sid: i saw silk add…nw after cing ur eating im feeling that the girl should b replaced with u..u r looking cute n adorable

roli is surprised fr his confession

while eating silk spreaded at her lips

sid removed that with his finger

roli blushed

after some time

roli is fealing cold

roli is rubbing her hands continously

sid: roli r u feeling cold

sid felt bad

sid removed his blazer n covered to roli

roli felt smwat comfrt

roli slept

sid is admiring his sleeping beauty

at midnight becz of cold…roli came near sid n hugged him without her knowledge

they slept hugging each other

at mrng becz of sunrays roli woke up

she found herself hugging sid

roli blushed

roli to herself: i love u i wont confess soon…i want to c hw u prose me..i want to play hide n seek with u..

roli smiled

by that time sid woke up

sid: gdmrng roli

roli: gdmrng sid ji..thank u sid ji…becz of u i slept peacefully..u know without light i wnt today i slep without i frgt abt my darkness phobia

sid to himself: not only today roli…when u becum mine..u vl definiltly frgo ur fear of darkness..i vl b there fr u..

they heard some one opening shutter

rosid got up

n went near door

shop owner shocked by looking at them’

shopowner: sir u here?

sid: u clz shop..without checking

shop owner: oh god sry sir …im very sry

sid: its k

rosid paid bill fr clothes they bought

sid want to give saree to roli

by that tym sales girl came inside with smirk

she is comng towards sid

sid handover covers to roli

sid: roli plz wait outside fr few mins..i vl come

roli left place

sales girl: hope u njyd this horrible night

sid understud this is done by her

sid smiled

sid: thank u vey much..i never frgt u..becz of u i got a beautiful night

by saying this sid left place/..leaving sales girl in shock

roli is gng

sid came behind

sid: roli roli

roli stopped

roli: sry i frgt to give ur cover

she forwarded to sid

sid took only one cover( which has t shirt)

roli too didnt observe this

roli: bye sid ji

sid: again when v vl meet?

roli smiled

roli: u told na god is helping us…so v r meeting at this strange situations

so wait untill another strange situation

by saying this roli with smile left the place

sid: my love is true roli..i have hope..v vl meet again

sid too left place

recap: roli calls to some important person in her life next meena comes to know abt rosid…)

Credit to: honey rosid

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