rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 50)


hi guys
back with upd
n this is the last upd
part 50

part 50:
at morning

roli woke up

n found herself on sid

she blushed

sid woke up n saw roli

roli blushing cheeks making rosid more crazy

when roli abt to move

sid pulled her

n started pouring his love

roli too responded equally

after rosid fresh up n came out

again their gang is waiting fr rosid

they started teasing them

mataji: u all stop teasing the,, next week u all gng to married then their turn vl come

days r going

prem n simar married

raj n pooja married

amar n jhanvi married

all r living happily

sid planned to take roli to honeymoon

he booked tickets fr switzerland

he came to roli

sid: roli surprise

roli: wat is it sid ji

sid: v r going to swiss

roli excited

roli: is it?

bt our naughty roli got an idea to play with sid..she luv to tease sid by saying simar name

sid: roli im so hapie…

roli: ha sid also so much happy..v all can njy a lot

sid confused

sid: wait…one min one min..wat u said? v all?

roli: ha sid ji…u me..simar didi prem jiju…u know na i cant go any where leaving di..n if possible raj pooja amar bhayya jhanvi ..

sid irritated

roli is njying by cing his face

sid: roli u frgt..mataji ma papa n ofcourse…ur ma papa

roli: ha sid ji crct…k iv go n inform them

sid pulled her n hold her waist tightly

sid: roli..v r nt going to family trip…v r going to honeymoon

roli laughed

sid: y r u laughing

roli: i know sid ji..i just want to c ur reaction

sid: oh ur playing with me

roli: ofcourse..i luvd to play with u..that too i luv to c ur face..when i give priority to simar di

sid: roli …i to c my face expression u always bring ur simar didi in middle

roli nodded yes

sid: u??? i wont leave u fr teasing me by saying this he pulled her clz n abt to kiss

roli pushed him

n rushed down

rosid went to switzer land

roli njyd by cing swiss beautiness

sid njyd by cing roli happiness

after that they returned

roli is wrking under sid as seceratory

sid is boss at office

n roli is boss at home

no no roli changed sid

roli only boss at office alsoWink

after few months

roli gave good news to sid

as rosid gng to becum parents

sid tuk utmost care of roli

he is nt allowing to do any wrk to roli

he is taking her to morning walk…making her to do some exercises

he is nt leaving roli alone

he is only feeding roli

even some tyms roli wake up in middle n tell her wish to eat chat r something

sid immediately take her out..n satisfies her by making her eat wat ever she wants

roli felt hapie by cing her caring husband

n to their happiness they got good news frm simar pooja n janvi too

months passed

all gave birth to babies with some days difference

roli gave birth to cute baby

its name keeping cermony

prem n simar kept their daughter name as anjali

pooja n raj kept their baby name as sanjana( raj thought to go later he deecided to stay in india itself)

amar n janvi kept their baby boy name as rahul

nw rosid turn

raj: sid which name u selected

sid” wr i got chance yar…frm two days she is fasting n making me fast…she is only thinking abt name wat should b kept

raj: oho..lets c wat she selected

roli” ROSI

sid: wow..i knew my roli talent…u kept our angel name combining my name n urs

roli nodded no

roli: ro means roli si means simar

all laughed

sid hold his head

sid: oh god roli..u took out all my izzat

roli smiled

roli: sid ji im just means both sid n simar

n u know na

before roli could complete

raj amar presid: u n di both r my eyes

roli: u all r teasing me

roli turned n lukd at simar..

in mean while roli in sid ears: by d way sid ji u know na i luv to tease u

sid; roli not now i vl tell ..ton8

roli smiled

roli: c didi..these all teasing me

simar: oy y u all r behind my sis

pooja: oy y u all teasing my friend

janvi too suprted their gang

raj: hold on

guys today i wanna to teach some lessons

presid n amar holded their hands

presid n amar: ha tell babaji

raj: b care ful of ur daughters..if nt…they vl follow their moms..n vl compete with their moms…fr getting mahan title…n then our son in laws should suffer like us

n ha amar..take care of ur son…if he becum mahan then ur dil vl suffer

all ladies glared at raj

raj:no this is told by sid i am , just conveying to all

roli glared at sid

sid to raj: oy when i said..roli he is telling lie…i didnt say

he lukd at prem who is laughing by cing him

sid :..prem told me roli

nw simar is glaring at prem

prem,: no its amar

while all gng this

all babies started crying

all rushed to their babies n started caring them

they all smiled

sid: c guys our cuties started protecting their papas frm their maas frm nw onwards

all smiled

they all lived happily together forever

n thats it guys
tq each n every one who suprtd me
n tq to sielent readers who reading this
im really hapie
be4 starting i didnt expect this much applause
i just felt bad in every forum ffs r there
bt not there here
then i saw swasti upds
i felt hapie
so i thought to increase rosid ff number
i started updating by expecting 2 r 4 cmnts
bt got good response
n all my frnds asking me to continue this
bt as it already written
i dnt know hw to extend
even i stretch..all vl feel bored
so thought to wrap here
n i hope i didnt let ur expectations down
n nw im in xamination leave
i vl try to come back with another ff from june
in mean while if possible i give rosid one shots
becz its difficult to stay away fr rosid
once again tq to rosid n rosidians

Credit to: honey rosid

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  1. awesome honey. all the best for you exams

    1. Tq so much yar

  2. hi honey…superb u done so well…but y u finished tis ff soon..u already told tis ff contains 75 episodes then y u stopped…its ok but pls if u have time pls continue…r start another loveable rosid ff…miss u and ur ff also…daily ur ff makes me happy but frm today i really miss…thank u so much honey for ur loveable ff…

    1. Tq so much dear..n sry yar…I wrote another ff with 70 upds bt I was confused with my strys only…so I frgt n told there r70 upds in this ss actually it contains 50 only…sry fr misleading n keeping hopes…n I felt hapie u r d one who suprtd me frm 1st upd..n to my knowledge when I started blessed to get u ff in telly updates 2m back …u n my frnd teju only cmntd…tq fr that…bt I stpd it becz of less responce

  3. Congrats honey fr completing this ss ….I luvd it …..I’m reading this ss again n again ……..
    U shud definitely come with an os …otherwise………..u know na …….what will happen

    1. OK madam ji…vl definitely try to cum back with os ..I know u vl kill me if I say tq bt I have too…wr ever it is ur dr to encourage me in forums r telly upds r on fb u always suprt u…feeling hapie to have u as frnd

      1. Good…..I’ll definitely kill u if u say tq ….I’ll always be there to support u n i’m so hapie to get as my best buddy

  4. All the best for ur exams…honey…

    1. Tq dear…hope I vl do good

  5. Now I have some time to prepare for my exam… Because I keep on checking ur ff in telly updates… Happy ending… Love this ff… And once again thank you so much for mentioning my name …I’m happy to have a rosidians as friends….

    1. Tq so much yar…n I have to say that…this page got beauty only after u started rosid ff…be4 its used to look dull…n tq fr supporting me even ur busy with ur examination prep

  6. Thank you soo much Dr?? fr such a wonderful ff I enjoyed lot & loved it….its really sad?? it came to an end plz Dr try to gv new ff soon I am waiting Dr plz consider my suggestion thank you honey…..☺☺

    1. Tq so much yar.ya vl definitely come back with ff

  7. Superb honey… Ur ff z one of da best I have read..big thanks for u n swasthi to take all da effort n cum up wid da ffz to entertain n support all da rosidianz.. Best wishes for Ur examz dear… Do Ur examz well.. Do cum bak wid Ur next ff…

    1. Tq so much dear..ya vl def come back with ff..tq fr ur suprt..n xams…I hope I do good

  8. I am neigther happy nor sad.

    1. I can’t understand wat to rly…tq so much fr ur cmnts on my upds

  9. Its ok da…dnt ask sorry v all r rosidians and good friends too…but dnt forget to start new ff dear…iam eagerly waiting for tat day…and also prepare for ur examinations…at ur free time only u start ur ff…

  10. Realy cute ff dear

    1. Tq dear

  11. really honey and swasthi…. u both r superb…. i njoyd a lot reading ur ffs….n thanx honey…..u did sooooo wellllll…. xpecting u both to cum back soon after ur exams…. or else i wont leave u both…… and last bt not the least alll the best for ur exams… im happy dat thru this ff i made new frnds…thank u guys….. i hd a gr8 tym reading ur ff…. vl definitely wait for u buddiessssss…… best luck!!!!!!….

    1. Tq so much dear…I’m too hapie as I got many frnds here

  12. Super dear and plz come back with another ff keep rocking…all best for your exam dear

    1. Tq so much yar..ya vl definitely come back with ff

  13. Friends… I think there will be no rosid ff in this page…may be all rosidians stopped visiting this page… Please expect me after August… I’ll keep on searching for Honey’s ff…

  14. wow!! this episode was awesome.. I love to read it….

    1. Hapie to c new frnd cmnt…tq so much

  15. And guys stay tuned…I submitted one shot in evening…i t vl b published soon

  16. Awesome job honey thnku so much for this ff n ya all the best fr ur exams vl be waiting fr ur next ff

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