rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 47-49)


hi guys

im back
with most awaiting update rosid mrg
nw no more waiting

n ha yesterday i gave upto 46 bt in overlook i mentioned it as 45…sry fr mistake
here go 47 upd

part 47:
sid: roli..sid is in cloud nine nw

all r shocked to c roli

all r continously questioning roli

bt roli cant understand wat to say

sid: roli i told na…c god heard my v both done saath pheras

nw all r shocked

jaman: sid beta wat r u saying

mataji: ha beta wat prayers/

sid: mataji i told na..i luv one girl..she is none other than roli

all r surprised by this

simar saw this frm stairs

she saw prem

she is getting flashes

she is cmng down slowly

at that tym they heard voice

roli: its didi voice

roli rushed in that direction

all others rushed to that side

they found simar on floor

in unconsious state

they understud simar fell down frm stairs

roli rushed to her

n took simar n made her sleep on her lapp

she is continously patting simar

bt no reaction

sid brought some water n sprinkled on her

simar came to consious

she looked around

she found prem

she rushed to him n hugged him

simar: prem ji

prem felt happy

prem: i know simar u vl recognize ur prem

simar: i luv u prem ji

prem: i luv u too

all felt happy by cing them

n roli is more happy fr her sister

Part 48:
Pandith : muhurt is gng on lets complete remaining rituals

Rosid smiled

They went to mandap

Sid filled roli maang

N tied mangal sutr around her neck

Pandith officialy announced them as wife n husband

Rosid came n took elders blessings

Mataji: im feeling proud of both of u…sry sid fr nt accepting ur luv..if i had known that she is roli..i might accepted that day itself..after knowing prem is no more…n that girl survived…I started hating luv…I thought she even didn’t come to c our I don’t know simar is suffering frm mata rani ko lakh lakh sukriya…all prblms sorted out

All elders gave their blessing

Meena hugged both of them

Meena: im very happy fr u roli..atlast u got ur prince charming
Really my son in law is best
Jaman: that means meena u too know abt them… bt u didnt tell me

meena: sry jaman ji

Roli: sry papa its becz of me..i only stpd maa..n asked her nt to say

Jaman smiled

Jaman: i want ur happiness thats enough..n i got son in law lyk so happy

Roli went to sim n hugged her

N prem hugged sid

Roli: di u u told u vl ho to india best talent finale

Simar smiled

Simar: its next week..i lied to u

Roli: y???

Simar: becz i came to know abt ur luv stry

Simar narrated entire thing

Raj came by clapping

Raj: wahva these girls r so good..i want to give names as mahan 1,2,3 he said by showing rosim n pooja

Sid: pooja??

Raj: ha sid …roli decide to sacrifice u fr simar
simar decided to sacrifice this mrg…fr roli

n nt bt nt least

pooja decide to sacrifice me fr roli
V r the scrap goats in their hands

Roli: raj that means

Raj: it means..v both love each other

Roli: bt y u didnt tell me

Raj: where u gave chance to tell..before i decide to tell this mahan 3 stpd me

Pooja: raj

Roli: really sry guys..i dont know..becz of me u all suffered

Raj n pooja hugged roli

Raj; dnt feel sad rey..ur d best..v r proud of u…n dnt wry..i have its my arrange our mrg after 1 that after sid mrg thought to stop our mrg one r other way

Roli n poja surprised

Sid: this is too much yar..u frgt abt me

Raj: sid u know wat? I m sure ur mrg vl nt hapen with i saw simar in her room. n talking herself that rosid mrg should happen without intruptions
Then understud roli is inmandap so im sielent.otherwise i thought to stp this mrg by any other mean tym prem came n gave super entry in wrong tym

Raj winked at prem

Meena came in middle
Meena: raj…my son in law is nt less in making plans…v too have our plans to stop mrg

Roli; maa wat r u saying

Meena: if simar is on mandap…I might got heart attack nw…n may b I vl b at hsptl nw

Roli: ma I can’t get u

Meena: buddhu…v thought to stop mrg with my heart attack drama n aftr that i make to agree mrg with sid by my emotional drama…bt sid felt bad by thinking wat vl b simar position if mrg stops
Bt I assured him…that simar vl understand
Bt thank god prem came…nw all r hapie

sid: bt maaji i was tensed u didnt started acting after pheras also

meena: i didnt becz..i too got to know that roli is in that place…v thought this plan if simar is ur roli is only on mandap so i didnt stpd…bt meanwhile prem came

Meena turned to simar

Meena: sry beta fr turning selfish fr my roli

Simar: no ma wat u did is right…roli decided to sacrifice her luv fe me…I’m very lucky to get sis lyk roli…n roli is lucky to get maa like u..n maa im damn sure if i were in roli place i cant sacrifice my love like roli little bit selfish( nt little bit..accordng to rosidians she is selfish khajana)

sid lukd at roli. by listening this dilogue frm simar( as sid already told simar cant do this sacrifice fr roli..if she is in that position)

roli cant understand hw to react on sid luk..she bowed her head

simar: anyway im hapie fr my ladle behen..she got her prince

Rosim hugged each other

All felt happy

All enjoyed a lot

Roli entered bw house with all rituals

Bw family decide to arrange raj pooja n presim mrg in next week

part 49:
rosid sr

sid is hold by amar raj n prem

roli is hold by janvi pooja n simar

they r continously talking with them

sid is restless he want to talk with roli..he want to take her in his arms

in same way roli to want to meet sid

bt their gang is nt leaving them

they r teasing by cing their restless ness

at last raj n his grp showd mercy on sid n left him

sid rushed to his room

he saw room filled with roses n fully decorated

he smiled

he didnt find roli

he understud her gang didnt left her

he went near window n luking at moon

he remembered all incidents happened

he clzd his eyes

at that tym he felt roli hand around him

roli hugged him frm back

sid turned towards roli

bt he turned his face

he faked anger

roli understud he is upset

roli went to him n kissed on his cheek

sid didnt react

n went to otherside n kissed on his other cheek

still no reaction

roli hold her ears

roli: im sry na yar

sid heart is melting by cing her cute no he dnt want to becum weak

roli hold his pinky finger

roli: i luv u

no reaction

roli: i luv u na yar

no reaction

roli got idea

roli: ok i understud ur angry…k im going to my di room..i wont come back

when she abt to leave

sid hold her pinky n pulled her towrds him…she fell on sid

sid: dnt dare to leave me again…jan lelunga…

roli smiled

sid: roli tell me hw u thought to sacrifice our love…vl u really live with out me

roli nodded no

roli: no sid ji..i cant…bt i dont know y i behaved like that

sid: i know..becz u luv ur di.

roli : yes sid ji..i was binded by di love

sid: roli vl u give one promise

roli: wat sid ji

sid: promise me…u wont leave me any circumstances

roli: promise i wont leave u

sid nodded no

sid: no i cant believe ur promise..last tym also u promised on urselves n left me…wat future..if ur di comes n tells

roli u leave sid

i leave prem

n v both go himalayas fr ever

then u vl leave me n go with ur sister

roli smiled

bt she understud pain of sid

roli: sid ji…dont u believe me…promise..i wont leave u

sid: no i wnt

roli thought fr a whole

roli: oh k simar di ki kasam..i wont leave u

sid smiled

roli: thank god my sid ji smiled

sid: roli god kept these many tests…i know ur admant…so i agreed to marry i tried to change ur mind with my really ur ziddhi

roli: hm,,,bt hw u know…hw much its difficult fr me to control myself

when ur with me..i loose my control

sid smiled

sid: i luv u na yar

roli: i luv u too na yar

sid: roli there is surprise fr u

roli: surprise

sid went to cupboard n brought 5 boxes

roli: sid ji these many gifts wat is there in that

sid: open it

roli opened

in 5 boxes there r diffent frames with rosid pics

roli: sid ji its so nice.

sid: roli my heart believed u vl b my wife..n i thought to decorate our bed room with these pics..on our spl day

roli smiled

rosid fixed those pics in bedroom..their pic brought beautiness to bedroom( like rosid pics in rosid room in ssk)

sid: roli another gift

roli widened her eyes

sid gave small box

roli opened it

it contains two rings with r s letters

roli: so beautiful

sid took out ring kept by simar

sid: roli this finger is waiting fr this day

roli smiled

roli slided ring to sid

n sid to slided ring to roli

roli smiled

suddenly roli face becum dull

sid: kya hua

roli: sid ji…u luv me so much…even i planned to make u hate me…still u didnt loose trust on me…i feel i didnt deserve ur luv

roli got tears

sid kept finger on her lips

sid wiped her tears

roli hugged him

roli: im sorry na yar

sid: roli no sorries..n who desrve me n my love..if not u

roli i know hw much u suffered…i know hw much pain it is fr act like that..i trust u yar..i know u luv me…u cant decieve me…i know becz i luv u na yar..till nw v both suffered…nw v both frm regrets..only romance

roli blushed

sid: roli nw i cant wait more

roli: who told u to wait…u buddhu

sid raised his eyebrow

sid: roli i wont leave u nw

by saying this he pulled her

roli fell on his chest

sid kissed all over face

n roli too kissed him

he pecked her lips

roli to responded equally

sid took roli in arms

n kept her on bed

he leaned on her

n kissed her

roli hide herself on sid shoulders

roli sighned sid to switch off light

sid switched of light

n covered them with quilt

roli sid became rosid

thats it guys rosid mrg over..i hope u all njyd
wait wait dnt think im wrapping this ss here
hw can i?
ssk cvs didnt give the moment v waiting fr
bt as a rosidian i have to give na
i m sure u all got wat im saying
ya our rosid baby
will b back with rosid baby exclusively in 50 th upd

Credit to: honey rosid

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