rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 43-45)


hi guys back with next upds

part 43:
all r shocked by cing him

yes he is prem bhardwaj

elder brother of sidhant bhardwaj

who all r thinking that he is died

bt only sid n amar knows he is alive

sid is shocked by cing him

sid rushed to him n hugged him

sid: prem hw r u bro? im very happy to c u back like this…thank god ur safe

prem pushed him slightly

by this tym all bw members sorrounded him

they hugged him

mataji: beta r u alive

sujatha: thank son is back

rajender: im so happy to c u back beta

prem too got tears after cing them after long tym

he too hugged them back

mataji: sid u know prem is alive?

sid: ha maa i know

mataji: y u didnt tell to us

sid: maa after meeting accident v thought he died bt i got call frm abc hsptl one day..they told that prem was saved by some villagers…i thought to tell u he is coma.. u all cant c him like i thought to reveal once he recover..nw im happy he is recover

prem turned towards sid

prem: sid i didnt expect this frm u.

sid: wat happened prem

prem; hw can u marry ur bhabi

sid is in shock

sid: bhabi?

prem: ha simar is my wife…

all r shocked by knowing this

part 44:

sid: prem wat r u saying

prem: im saying fact

sid u know na i loved a girl..she is none other than simar

sid: oh god

prem”: v both loved each other

one day v went to temple

at that tym i filled her maang

v decide to marry once simar studies completed

v decided to tell our love to elders

one day v went to long drive

v r enjoying it

at that tym a lorry came in wrong way n hit us

i fell frm cliff

n i dont know wat happened next

today i got some flashes of simar n me

n i woke up

i found amar my beside

i asked him abt u

he told urs mrg is going on

i asked to amar y he didnt atteneded ur mrg

he told he cant c ur mrg other than ur love

he showed ur wedding card

where i saw u n simar photo

v called to all of ur phones bt no one r lifting

then v both rushed here to stop this mrg

bt v understud v r late

bt i cant accept this sid

prem rushed to mandap

n draged her frm mandap

prem: simar y u r calm..y u didnt tell that u r mine

karuna: she cant prem..becz she is suffering frm memory loss

nw again all r shocked

part 45:
prem: wat?

karuna: ha prem…on that day v got call frm hospital that simar met with accident

v rushed to hospital

they told that the person along with simar died in accident

v went to meet simar

bt she failed to recognize us

she forget all of us

she didnt accept to come to my house along with us

at that tym roli became our saviour

she came to simar

she used to treat like kid

she spent all the tym with simar

she used to made her remember all childhood memories

simar accustomed to roli

v got simar back becz of roli

bt v lost talktive simar

she became reserved

she only likes to spend tym with roli

other wise

she vl sit lonely in her room

she always search fr something that she lost

she is always in confusion

nw i understud… she didnt frgt her love…bt v cant done anything…becz v thought u v decided to arrange her marriage

all felt bad fr simar

prem: …plz c me once simar..u vl recognize ur prem

by saying this he pulled her veil

nw again all r shocked

becz she is nt simar,..its roli

sid: roli?

part 46:
on the other side

simar is in her room

flash back:

at the tym of haldi rasam

simar is searching fr roli

she went near terrace

amar got call so went frm there

simar went to terrace

at that tym she saw rosid

n heard their conversation

she is shocked

simar: roli u n sid ji luv each other,…bt fr me u decided to i wnt let this happen..y u have to suffer fr me..n im also not ready with this mrg..i accepted fr after knowing truth hw can i let this happen

that day n8

simar: roli vl u do one favour fr me

roli: ha di

simar: promise

roli: promise

simar: roli u know na im participating indias best talent prgrm

roli: ha finale is on next week na..i know u vl winn

simar: no roli..that one preponed…tmrw only finale

roli: oh my god…bt ur mrg is there na tmrw

simar: ha im asking ur help

roli: wat i have to do

simar: roli..i have to attend before 9 o clock..mrg is at 9:30

so i vl go n attend n vl cum by 9

roli: bt di u should b there to perform rituals

simar: so asking ur help…plz go in bridal wear instead of me..then by tym of saath pheras i vl reach venue

roli: di r u mad? its not toys mrg..hw can u ask like that

simar: plz roli..u know na..its my dream…cant u help ur di

roli: di plz..i cant

simar: ok leave it..even my sis also nt suprting me..

simar said with upset face

nw roli fell fr simar blackmail

she accepted

simar acted as she left house ‘

bt she is her room only

roli sat in mandap n completed all rituals with sid

flash back ends

simar: i succeeded in my plan roli…i think by nw ur mrg is complete..i vl come nw

at that tym simar looked her hand unintentionelly

she saw her mehendi

n found prem name

simar: prem??? simar is getting flashes of prem

simar remebered

when mehendi girl asked groom name simar told prem name((roli too didnt c prem name on simar hand…her concentration is on clr its in dark..she decided sid vl frgt her,…n vl take care of her sis)

simar: y i told prem name? who is he..y im getting these flashes

simar hold her head

she came out of her room

( recap: simar fell frm stairs…she screams with pain…all rush to her

Credit to: honey rosid

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    1. Tq so much yar…feeling hapie to c cmnts frm new frnds…bt ways ur doubt…I can’t get u…u want to upd ur ff? If that’s ur QN…then go to menu u find option with submit ur article..there u can submit ur strys

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