rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 41,42)


hi guys im back
hope i wont let ur expectations down

part 41:

mataji decided to celebrate haldi in bw house

rosim came to bw house

all r busy in haldi preparations

sid texted roli

sid: roli come to terrace

roli: wat? i wont..all r here

sid: roli r u cmng r nt?

roli: no im nt cmng

sid: ok if u wnt..then myself come down n tell simar abt our love

roli: no sid ji..i vl cum

roli went to terrace

she saw sid

roli coughed

sid turned towards her

roli: y u called me here

sid: to talk with u

roli: wat if anyone c

sid: no one..i told amar not to allow anybody on terrace

roli: bt sid ji..all r down..they vl search fr me

sid: let them search

roli: ok tell me y u called me

sid moved towards her

roli is moving back

roli: sid ji wat r u doing

sid dint ansr

roli reached to the wall

when she abt move sid kept his hands nt allowing her to move

sid moved clz to her

roli clzd her eyes

roli: sid ji plz

roli opened her eyes

n found haldi on her cheeks

roli: sid ji

sid: only i have r8 to apply haldi on my roli

roli vl u apply haldi on me?

roli: sid ji no

sid: plz roli…after this i wnt ask anything to u

roli : pakka

sid: pakka

roli applied haldi on sid cheeks

sid smiled

with exitement he hold her pinky n kissed it n he hugged roli n kissed her all over face

roli pushed him slightlly

roli: sid ji wat r u doing

sid smiled


roli ..u want me to marry ur sis

bt god is with me

so my engagement happen with u already(sid kept ring to roli on her bday)

n my name is filled in ur hands with mehendi

v both participated in sangeeth

n nw haldi is applied by me n u applied to me

only mrg is remained

i knew i vl nt loose my love

roli: no this cant b happen

sid: roli…it vl happen…i vl marry only u

roli; sid wont happen..i already told my sis suffered a lot

sid: roli roli roli…tell me y ur sis suffered wat happen to her…tell me..v vl solve issues by ourselves..v vl talk to simar…roli one thing damn sure…ur sacrificing ur love fr ur sis…bt im sure..if she is in ur place she cant even think like this…u r d only one who always think abt others…plz roli once think abt us..our love..our promises..our future

roli: sid ji plz…im nt in position to think all these..plz try to frgt me..plz sid ji

by saying this she rushed down

rosim haldi completed

with all rituals

at n8 sid is in bw house terrace

roli is on diwedi house terrace

sid is luking at moon n roli too

sid”: y roli…y r u doing this…hw can u even think abt my mrg with ur di

he is getting tears

( rosid remembring their incidents in life
rosid first meet in lift
hw they fell fr each other in first sight without cing eachother
next in shopping mall
rosid confession
roli avoidence
roli jumping into water
sid promise to roli


Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain
Tasverein Si Ban Jaati Hain
Main Kaise Inhein Bhooloon, Dil Ko Kya Samjhaon
Kitni Baatein Kahane Ki Hain
Hothon Par Jo Sahmi Si Hain
Ek Roz Inhein Sun Lo, Kyun Aise Gumsum Ho
Kyun Poori Ho Na Payee Daastan
Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyaan

roli: y sid ji..y r u making me weak in ur love…u know its difficult fr me still i have no other way..if u still do some thing like this..i was scared i vl come back to u

sid: roli i know u too cant live with out me…ur doing all this becz of ur luv on ur sis…bt roli i just want to remeber u that u luv me even ur avoiding cmng clz to that u vl say…u cant give ur place to ur di…bt ur so admant roli…

roli: ya sid ji..i luv u…vl luv u fr ever…bt on mean while i luv my di too..after ur mrg…i vl stop my mrg with raj n vl go away frm u..that is the only way

sid: no roli i cant leave u that much easily…i vl stp this mrg at any cost…i vl plan something..n i know u plan something to stop ur mrg with raj…becz i know u cant think anyone in my place…in same way hw can i give ur place…i vl nt let this mrg happen…ur only sid ka roli…

sid firmly decided to stop mrg

part 42:
next day

its tym of sid mrg with simar

all preparations r going on

sid came with golden clr sherwani

he is luking handsome ofcourse he is

he came n sat on mandap n doing pooja

pandith ji called bride

meena brought bride

her face is covered with veil

allr present there except roli n amar

raj n pooja r searching fr amar n roli

bt they didnt find

sid eyes r searching fr roli

sid is praying god to make his plan succesful

pandith ji is chanting mantras

surender did kanyadan

they did sath pheras

nw sid is tensed

he lukd at meena

meena signed him ..every thing vl go accordng to plan

when sid abt to tie mangals sutra

they heard a voice

stop this mrg

sid confused n looked in that direction

not only sid all r shocked

recap: some one stop marriage…in meanwhile they hear scream …who stpd mrg..whose shout is that n y)
sry fr only two upds…vl give more tmrw defintly

stay tuned

Credit to: honey rosid

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