rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 4-5)


hi guys…feeling very hapie…thank u fr luving my ss
im going to update two parts at a tym..hope u all njy it

part 4:
roli left to her house aftr priya mrg

sid left the place n went to guest house where he has to stay fr 1 mnth

at diwedi house

meena: roli njyd well at priya mrg?

roli: haa maa..njyd a lot n met all my friends

meena: gud

roli: maa u know today wat happened

meena: wat happened

roli: i entered into lift bt it stopped all of sudden

meena: oh god…r u fine? that too u have fear of darkness

roli: im fine maa…n ha i frightened when lift stopped all of sudden n i thought im only one who is in lift..i was later i got to know that another guy is there

roli remebered their hug n she blushed”

meena observed this bt didnt say anything

meena: ok ur fine thats enough…ur tired na go n take rest

roli went to her room

she is continously remebering their conversation..

their eyelock

their hug

roli blushed

roli: oh god wat happened to me..y im thinking abt some stranger this much

roli became restless

she is nt getting sleep

she spent whole night with sid thoughts

at sid guest house

sid came to his room

he is on bed

he is nt getting sleep

roli eyes r cuming infrnt of him

he remebered their hug

he remebered hw she huged him

hw he inturn hugged her

their eyelock

sid smiled

sid: amar ur right..this travel changed my life..i got my soul mate…yes i got her..i love her..she is my life…i saw my life in her eyes…she is my bride…

sid smiled with his thoughts

sid: bt wat is her name? is she belongs to vrindhavan..where i have to search fr her

wat ever

im sure

my love is true

so god vl help me

he only unite us

sid slept with roli dreams

part 5

part 5:
after two days

roli in her room

roli to herself: day after tmrw is maa birthday..i have to surprise her..i have to buy gift…

roli thought fr a while

roli checked her cupboard

she opened her kiddybank typ box n she found 4000 rs

roli has habit of saving pocket money given by her papa

roli: wow 4000 rs …with this i vl buy saree fr mom

its evening 7 o clock

roli told to meena that she is gng to meet her friend

meena agreed n told her to come early

roli to herself: sry fr telling lie maa…bt i want to surprise im doing this

while gng out

jamanlal stopped her

jamanlal: roli where r u gng

roli: papa…roli is stamering

jamanlal: dnt wry beta…i know ur gng out to buy gift fr ur maa

roli surprised

roli: hw u know papa

jamanlal: magic

roli smiled

roli: im gng to buy saree to maa..

jamanlal: bt money

roli: i have 4000..i saved my pocket money

jamanlal smiled

roli: papa u too come with me na

jamanlal: if i also cme with u ur maa vl get doubt so u go

roli : ok

when roli abt to leave

jamanlal again stopped

jamanlal took some money frm his purse

n gave to roli

roli: papa y ur giving mny..i have

jamanlal: u have mny to buy fr ur not there fr u

roli: bt fr me no need

jamanlal: no ifs n buts…go n buy dress fr u also

roli agreed at last

roli left the place

she is gng to different malls

bt she is nt getting satisfaction

at last she went a shopping mall

she selected nice saree fr her mother

nw she is selecting fr her self

she selected so many dresses n went to trail room

in mean time

sid is returning frm office

he is blocked in middle becz of traffic jam

there he found a group of girls cmng out of some function

they all r wearing sarees

sid to himself: hw my darling look in saree…?of corse beautiful…first my wish is to c her..after that i want to c her in saree…

arey sid…y cant u buy saree to ur darling…while proposing u can give it her as gift

sid smiled fr his thoughts

sid turned his car n went in search of malls

he stopped his car near shopping mall

n went inside

its first tym fr do shopping fr girls

he cant understand where to go…

he is searching fr saree section

one sale girl came to him

girl” excuse me sir may i help u

sid: ha..can i know where vl b saree section

girl”: ha i vl show u

girl went in direction

sid followed her

sid didnt find any one at saree section

girl: sir which type of saree i have to show sir

sid is looking at wardrobe fr sarees

sales girl is gazing at sid

sid observed that girl is gazing at him

sid to himself: oh god y she is luking at me like this

sid : once show that red saree

girl is nt listening to him..she is just luking at him

sid: oy miss..

girl came out of thoughts

girl: sir i love u

sid shocked fr her sudden confession

sid: excuse me

girl: sir …i dont know i love u..plz accept my love sir..otherwise i vl die

sid irritated

sid: r u mad?

girl: yes mad on u

sid: oh god…sid abt to leave

girl: sirr plz sir…take ur own time bt plz accept me

i cant live without u…

sid : miss…till nw i didnt say any i cant bear more…dont irritate me..

sid shouted at her

shop owner came: sir wat she did anything wrong

sid: nothing…

sid abt to leave

sho[p owner to girl: oy wat r u doing..go n do ur wrk..custmers r our gods..y ur irritating him..if u repeat i vl dismiss u

girl left place furiously

shop owner: sir wat happened…y ur gng without buying anything…i vl ask another sales girl to show sarees

another girl came n showed some saress to sid

sid selected red saree n told her to pack it

in meanwhile he to decided to buy t shirts fr himself

he selected some teashirt n went to trail room

sales girl to herself: i just told i love u..u didnt respond..n becz of u my shop owner scolded me..i wont leave u..i vl show u hell today

she went near trail room n locked door frm outside

its tym of clzing shop

shopowner to sales girl: k all custmers left ha

sales girl: ha yes sir all went

shopowner; oh k..lets leave

he switched off all lights

shopowner clzd the shop n went

sales girl is thinking that only sid is there in shop

bt roli is also blocked there

while she is in trail room

all of sudden lights went off

roli is scared

she changed her dress n came outs lowly

she is shocked when she found shop is clzd

she is getting tears

at that time she heard sound

yes some one knocking door

roli went in direction

it is frm other trail room

she went near door

sid”: oy who locked this the door

roli unlocked door

sid came out n he want to burst out his anger

bt he too shocked when he found shop is clzd

sid: oh god…shop is clzd…hw its possible

roli felt it as familier voice

sid: bt who opened door…is any body here…i cant able to c…oh god i left my mobile in car

rolli: ya im also blocked here…i cant understand hw they went without checking

sid too felt its familier voice

roli: i frgt to bring mbile too

hey matarani y always happen to me only

u know im scared of darkness

last tym i was blckd in lift

n nw in this shop

nw sid got entire picture

he came to know she is his darling

sid is cloudnine

nw he dont want to miss the chance

sid/: hey jhansi ki rani…frgt to bring lighter??

roli is surprised

roli: u??? lift wala ladka hein aa

sid smiled

roli is excited

roli: its so strange..y v always meet in like these situations

sid: may b its god plan

roli: wat

sid: kuch nai

roli: oh god im feeling suffiocated…nw hw v vl get out frm this situation

sid: to himself: god heard my he brought u infrnt of me..i wont leave this chance

sid: v cant do any thing..v r nt in lift..v r in shop..v have to wait untill tmrw

roli: oh god…bt my mama n papa vl b tensed

sid: dont wry v vl do sme thing

sid lukd around

bt he cant able to c anything

he just walked

n he reached wall

he is searching there by carassing wall

there he found window

he opened it

there moon light directly entering into shop

roli is excited

she rushed there

bt she clashed with some cloth stand which is near window

n abt to fall

roli clzd her eyes with fear

bt she found herself in strong arms

roli slowly opened her eyes

sid who saw roli face in moon light is mesmerized

roli is looking more beautiful in that moon light

sid is gazing at roli

roli too lukd at sidhant she too lost in his eyes

they both r looking at each other

there is a deep eyelock

( sry fr any mistakes..i dont know wheter it is ok r nt..plz cmnt whether negtive r positive)

Credit to: honey rosid

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