rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 38-40)


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Part 38
rosim mehendi

Mehendi designer came

Sid n raj also there

Sid cant able to cntrl himself

He is gazing at roli

Mehendi designer keeping beautiful design to rosim

Designr asked which letter to keep

Roli lukd at sid

She got tears

Roli: nt feeling well..u keep design to di…im gng to my room …vl continue later

Roli went to terrace

She started crying

Sid: roli

Roli lukd in that side

She is shocked by cing him

Roli: sid ji..u here? Go frm here…wat if anybody c

Sid: roli i have small wish vl u full fill it

Roli: wat sid ji

Sid: i want to complete ur incomplete mehendi

Roli” sid

Sid: plz roli…our prem kahani ban gayi adhuri…let me atleast complete this design

Roli accepted

Sid went towards her

N hold her hands

Sid: i thought i shouldnt leave this u made me to leave it fr ever

Roli got tears

Sid hold her hand smoothly n started keeping mehendi

Roli is luking into his eyes

She lost in him

Sid completed design

Sid: remember roli wheether it is in ur heart or in ur hand…only sid should b there

By saying this sid left place

Roli is confused

Nw she looked into her hands

She is shocked

She found sid name inserted in mehendi design

Later a little smile spread on her lips unknown to her

Part 39
Rosim r in their room

Roli is luking into her mehendi

Its turned into red clr

Simar hand also turned in red clr

Simar: roli..u have believe in this

Roli : on wat

Simar: turning mehendi into red clr shows husband love

Roli to herself: this mehendi kept by sid ji…its turned red which shows his love

Nw she lukd at simar hand which is red

Roli: i believe it di..c ur hand..its too dark..that means sid ji luvs ( roli cant able to say further)

Roli: to herself: c sid ji..di hand is dark..this shows u vl love her after ur mrg..u vl frgt me…

Y im feeling bad

I too want that one only na

Simar: roli wr u lost

Roli: no where di

Simar: roli…bt i never thought u marry raj..i thought u both r good friends

Roli: i too never thought di

Simar: wat

Roli: i mean i too never thought i vl luv n marry him

Simar: roli..tell me am i doing right

Roli: di..dnt b confuse..wat u r doing is r8 only…sid ji is perfect fr u

Simar: oh k roli…tell me ..after ur mrg u vl go with raj to US leaving me alone

Roli: wr u r alone? Sid ji is with u only na…n dnt wry i vl talk with u daily

Roli to herself: im gng to US becz if im before sid ji…it vl bring trouble to u

Simar: bt i vl miss u

Roli: i miss u too di

Karuna came at that tym

Karuna” oh k..simar there is tym fr roli to go US ..ur feeling as she is gng tmrw..nw both sleep..tmrw there is sangeeth na..get ready fr dat

Rosim said gudn8 to karuna n slept

Part 40:
Next day


Rosim went to bw house

Sid is already waiting in hall…to get glimpse of his love

At that tym roli entered with pink clr lehenga

Sid heart skipped

Bw family welcomed diwedi family n raj family

Sid is totally lost in roli

Roli felt sid eyes on her

Bt she is avoiding him

Avoidence of roli making sid to hurt more

Sangeeth started

Pooja started with beautiful solo song

All r giving solo performances

Bt sid is nt at all intrested in all these

Nw its turn of duet song

Amar n his love jhanvi danced fr a beautiful song

Nw its roli n raj turn

Both raj n roli r hesistating

Still they cant say no..

So they started dancing

Sid is burning with jealousy

He cant able to c his love with some one else

He left place n went to drink section..n started drinking alcohol

Nw its simar n sid turn

Bt simar refused to dance as her leg slipped n got sprain

Roli is luking fr sid as she didnt find him

Then she found him near drink section

She was shocked

Roli: sid ji wat r u doing? Frm when u started drinking..i know u hate alcohol

Sid: loved one gng away frm im bringing my hated one near to me

Roli heart pricked

Roli: sid ji..stop vl cause prblm to health

sid: wat matters to u

roli: it matters to me becz

roli stpd in middle

sid: becz

roli: ur gng to be my sis husband

sid got angry

he immediately took another shot n gulped it

roli: sid ji meri bath suno..plz dnt drink..plz stop it

Sid: ha i vl stop if u dance with me

Roli: wat ? Dance? No way

Sid: then i too wnt saying yhis he started drinking more

Roli: sid ji..stop it

Sid: dance with me

Roli; no

Sid: then leave me…i vl njy my drink

Roli: sid ji..dnt be admant

Sid smiled: i have to match ur levels na in showing admancy

Roli: do wat ever..i wont dance

When roli abt to go

Sid pulled her towards him

Roli fell on his chest

Bt she lukd around n stud immediately

Roli: sid ji..wat r u doing

Sid thrown glass frm his hands

All turned towards him becz of sound

Sid started dancing with roli

Tum paas aaye yun muskuraye
Tum paas aaye yun muskuraye
Tumne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye
Tum paas aaye yun muskuraye
Tumne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye
Ab to mera dil jaage na sota hai
Kya karun haaye kuch kuch hota hai
Kya karun haaye kuch kuch hota hai

He started dancing with roli closely

All r shocked

Except amar raj pooja n meena

Before surender lal react

Sid started singing mehendi lage ka rakhna…song

( taken frm mujse dhosti karogi)

All smiled

N started njying remaining part of sangeeth

recap: rosim haldi…sid msgs roli to cum to terrace..roli disagrees…wat sid vl do? stay tuned

Credit to: honey rosid

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  11. Tq so much guys…fr suprt…I’m overwhelmed with response bt nw I’m little nervous whether I can reach ur still I try my best…n guys I’m really sry nw its nt in my hands…while I abt to submit article to telly upds its showing…becz of server maintainece v can’t accept new submissions until 29th..I’ felt bad by reading that 🙁 I’m also excited to give my upds as early as possible….but it happened like this

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