rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 35-37)


hi guys im back’
tq fr ur support

part 35:
sid jumped to save roli

he found her n brought near bank of river

roli is in unconsious state

sid patted her cheeks

sid: roli uto..u cant do this…u cant leave me like this…

sid is getting tears

there is no other way

sid gave breath to roli with his

n pressed her that water she gulped came out

roli came to consious

sid felt happy

sid hugged her tightly

sid: roli..hw dare u to do like this…hw can i live without u…promise me u wnt do like this ever

roli: sid ji…i vl nt do…bt promise me that u vl marry my di

sid is shocked

sid: roli

roli: promise me sid ji

sid thought fr a while

sid: ur life is more important fr me than any thing…so i vl marry ur di

roli: really tq very much sid ji

sid: bt one condition

roli: not one condition..i vl full fill all ur conditions

sid: u have to make ur fake mrg real

roli shocked

roli: sid ji..hw can i ?

sid: y cant u?

roli: he is my friend

sid: n simar is my lover sister…bt hw can i marry her

roli: sid ji

sid: dard ho raha hein na? same feeling…when u told me to marry ur sis…its easy to say roli bt difficult to follow…u cant marry some one else when that heart is already filled..

roli thought fr a while

roli: ok sid ji..i vl marry raj

sid is shocked

he thought roli vl nt accept to marry him…bt she agreed

he came out of shock

sid: oh k…i vl marry simar on the day u marry raj…so b ready..make ur parents to accept ur mrg with raj..on same day

part 36:
sid went to bw house

n told them he is ready to marry simar

all felt happy

bt amar is shocked

n felt bad when he came to know reason behind his decision

on the other sid

roli went to meet pooja n raj

she told entire happenings to them

raj n pooja r shocked

raj: roli really u became insane…then wat ? even though v did this much nautanki sid believed u…u have to feel happy fr getting him in ur wat u did

roli: raj…i have to do like that

pooja: roli think fr a while…n wat u did…u tried to kill urself…u jumped in water..wat if anything happened to u…fr this i cant frgve u

roli: pooja..i didnt find anyway to convince i did

roli started crying

pooja felt bad

raj: oh k..he agreed becz of emotional black mail…bt he bukd me nw? hw can i marry u ? ur my best friend..i never c u in that way..n i cant do this that tooo

pooja intrupted in middle

pooja: u have to do this raj…fr roli…plz dont say no…already she is suffering…v r her friends..who vl help her if nt us

raj: oh god these two girls r there na..too difficult to handle cannot say no also if u ask like this

pooja: that means u accept

raj: ha…u both vl nt leave me if i say no…oh god plz save me

roli thanked them n left to diwedi house

roli went to meet meena

roli: maa i want to say something

meena smiled

meena: i know u want to talk abt ur mrg only na

roli: ha maa..i decided to marry raj

meena shocked

meena: roli mrg with raj?

roli: ha maa..i want to marry raj that too on same day of simar di mrg

meena: pagli wat r u saying..then wat abt sid? i thought sid handled u..our plan is succeeded

roli: maa that means u to know abt sid ji

meena: ha ofcourse…im also part in this plan..I’m such an idiot…that even I didn’t understand the sid who came to simar is none other than my roli beloved person…I didn’t get even my beta is suffering a lot in name of sacrifice

roli: maa i never expect simar di is also ur daughter..hw can u do injustice to her..u know ma hw much she suffered

meena: roli i m selfish..i want to c my roli happiness..i cant b selfless like u

roli: bt maa i decided to marry raj..u have to tell this to papa

meena: roli

roli: maa i wont listen.plz accept my wish…i wont ask u anything in mylife

atlast roli made meena to accept as usual with her emotional black mail

part 37:
meena told abt raj to jamanlal

he too agreed as he know abt raj

all r felt happy

they decide to arrange mrg both of them on same day

bw memebers came to diwedi house

raj family n pooja also came

simar n roli too came down

simar face filled with confusion

roli face is gloomy

sid looked at roli

he want to go to her n wish to hug her

bt he cant do that

pandith ji kept muhurt fr simar n sid mrg fr next week

n raj n roli fr 2 weeks latter

sid is shocked

sid: v thought both mrgs should b held on same day

roli looked at sid

her sharp eyes touched him

bt he avoided

pandith ji: ha beta…bt according to ur kundali…u should b marry in this week itself

sid: ha then arrange roli mrg too

pandith: ha bt according to their kundali..only after 2 weeks auspicious muhurt is there

sid: bt

mataji intrupted

mataji/: sid wat is there in that…after u mrg..v can arrange roli mrg…its difficult fr us too …to arrange both mrgs at a tym

all agreed

engagement of roli n raj n sid n simar done that day itself
( im skipping this to avoid heart break of rosidians)

that night

roli is in room..she is looking at ring

she thrown the ring kept my raj…n looked at the ring given by sid on her bday

she carassed it

she started crying badly

in sid room

he is looking at ring kept by simar

he remebered the ring he kept to roli on her bday

he is tears

simar is on terrace

she is confused

she cant able to understand wats happening in her life

( pyar hai ya saza, aye mera dil bata
toot tha kyun nahi, dard ka silsila


yeh pyar likhe, kaise kaise dasthan,

ye rabba, do dhe koi jaan bhi agar,
dil bar pe hona,dil bar pe hona koi asar
ho ye rabba, do dhe koi jaan bhi agar,
dil bar pe hona dil bar pe hona koi asar

they both spend restless n8 thinking abt hw their life turned

recap: rosim mehendi…

coming to the pic
i dont know who made it
bt that pic goes to her
i found this pic frm my sis mobile
sry fr using without permission
bt i luv that pic
which shows rosid emotions perfectly

Credit to: honey rosid

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  1. Hey… Please unite them quickly yaar…I can’t see sid with simar even in imagination…

  2. Is sid married in real life… If you know please tell me…

    1. Do u mean manish in real life? No he is not

  3. Nice honey….painful…pls unite rosid…poor sid….

  4. Heart touching episode… N beautifully written.. It was really great thinking on Ur part dat u dint elaborate da engagement part, coz can’t see sid being engaged wid dat simar(even though she z nice in Ur ff) while roli wid someone else.. N da pic z really going wid Ur update perfectly…

  5. Manish[sid] is still single swasthi…waiting for nextupdate…

  6. Heart touching yarrr….pls unite rosid quickly

  7. But he is in 36 right…anyway I can’t express how much I’m glad to know that…??????

    1. Ha ha yes he is 36 bt nt married…may b he is waiting fr swasti :-p

      1. ???thank you honey… For such a lovely comment… You know how much happy i am…But I know it’s impossible… Sid is always made for Roli…but I don’t know about manish…if I had a chance to meet him then I’ll definitely propose him…it’s just a feeling… Nothing serious…

    2. Ha ha welcum dear…I know its nt serious..n ha sid is always fr roli…bt abt manish? V too don’t any girl vl fall fr such charming guy..n I started admiring him after watching as sidhant…he really excelled…in such a way that every girl wish to get husband like him..who cares her who trust her…who is like a frnd….personally I luv sid char

      1. One more thing… The pictures I had used for my ff…all are stolen from manish fb page…

  8. Tq guys…n ha I too don’t like to c sid with simar..infact I hate her core….I just hate her…in all my ffs I just went off my anger on simar…this is the only ff I didn’t show her in negative..I don’t want to use simar char here…bt only if I use simar then only vl get crct emotion..becz even though simar potrqys herself as mahan and even though she is selfish…bt our roli luvd her simar didi selflessly so I thought stry vl cnct only I use her…n rosid union…it vl mean while njy sid attempts to make roli.week…I updated it…vl published soon

  9. superb…superb…honey waiting for tat….

  10. When will you update ur next part….

    1. I already submitted bt they r nt publishing 🙁

  11. Hope dey publish da ff fast.. Can’t wait to know what happens next.. Honey am addicted to Ur ff…

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