rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 33-34)


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part 33:
sid left place

rosim came

meena: ayyo simar u just missed..nw itself sid came to meet u

meena is looking at roli to c her reaction

before simar react

roli: is it? sid ji came?

meena” y roli ur excited than simar?

roli realised wat she said

roli”: nothing ma. u didnt let me c him that day..n today also i missed to c my jiju…if i m on tym…i might teased di n jiju a lot

meena to heself: hw can u do this roli…hw can u call ur love as jiju..hw can u sacrifice ur love

roli: maa kaha ko gayi hungry

meena: kk come beta..i vl feed u both

roli to herself” y sid ji came here..thank god im nt there..i have to do something untill di mrg ..sid ji shouldnt know abt me

after some tym

sid called meena

sid: maaji,…need ur help

meena: ha beta bolo

sid told his plan

meena: ok beta i vl do it

sid: tq maaji

meena went to roli

roli saw her tensed face

roli: maa kya hua

meena: roli… My mobile has no balance so I took ur mobile…

roli: wat ?? U took my mobile…roli z tensed

meena: ha it is in shutdown mode…I switched on…b4 I could open I got call..she hesistated to tell further

roli: tell me ma wat happened..whose call it is

meena: he told he is amar n frnd of sid..he told that sid met with accident

roli: wat?

meena” ha he told that he admitted him at xyz hsptl

roli without anythoughts rushed out

she called taxi

she enterd intto it

roli: plz go fast to xyz hsptl..

taxi is gng in different direction

roli dint observe this

she is continously praying

she got tears

she saw her mobile

she found hundreds of missed calls voice calls n messages frm sid

she started crying more

at that tym car stopped

roli looked around

she found iherself in waterfalls area

roli: hey wr u brought i told u to take to hospital

driver got down

n opened car door of roli side

roli got down

roli: u mr

that person turned towards roli

roli is shocked

roli: amar bhayya( ha ha i know u all thought its sidWink)

amar: wow u recognized me

roli: amar bhayya wr is sid ji hw is he

at that tym she saw sid

who stud leaning beside tree lazily

roli heart jumped with joy by cing him

she frgt all the things

wat she just know is her sid is fine

she rushed to him n hugged him tightly

sid smiled

he inturn hugged roli

they r in same position without knowing time
everything vl sort out soon…amar left the place to give privacy to rosid

roli released hug

she still didnt come out of shock

she moved towards sid

kissed him on entire face

she pecked sid lips

bt before she could move sid caught her lips

roli too responded equally

they both lost in each other

sid released frm his hold

roli blushed n hide herself in his arms

roli punched on his chest

roli: y u did this? Maa told that u met with heart beat stpd by knowing this

sid: roli sambal kar apni dil ko…becz my life is in urs.

roli smiled

roli : that means u n amar bhayya lied me

sid: ha..if nt hw u come leaving ur sister…n roli my lie is small one compare to urs

roli then remebered simar..n her mrg

she just broke her hug

n moved frm there

sid is shocked

sid: roli kya hua?

roli is confused…oh god hw sid came to know abt my lie

roli: sid ji…

sid: wat roli? ur thinking hw i came to know abt ur nautanki? dont stress ur mind by thinking so much i vl tell

sid: wat u thought? i believe ?..this fake letter which u make me hate u..

by saying this he took out letter n teared into pieces

roli is shocked

sid: wat r u thinking roli…? my love is that much weak?…i luv u roli..i believe u…when i read that letter i came to know something is wrong…i know my roli cant do this…she loves me lot…later i went to meet simar to tell abt our mrg

roli shocked

roli: wat? u told ?

sid: no…then i came to know simar is ur sister…then i got entire picture,…roli i know u luv ur sister…bt i never thought u luv ur sister that much…even u decided to sacrifice ur love

roli: sid ji..meri bath suno

sid: no roli nw u listen…i cant live with out u…i cant think some one else in ur place…v vl say simar abt our love..i know she vl understand us

roli: no sid ji…already my sis suffered a lot…dont do this…sid ji i thought a lot..n came to this decision…marry di…plz frgt me

sid: roli still nw im saying smoothly becz i know u luvs ur love on ur sis making u talk like this…bt dont b admant…if i marry ur di..u me n ur sis all lives vl spoil…i cant give ur place to ur sis…this is heart roli…it has place to only one person..n this is filled with u…i want to spend my entire life only with u..i can share my happiness my sadness only with u…i want only my success…i want to share hugs kisses n my room n my life only with u..

roli: who said sid happens only once? my badepapa loved some one married my bade maa..he is leading hapie life…n my friends too…ha its difficult bt i know my di vl change u with her love…think me as bad dream n try to frgt me

sid shouted

sid: dont dare roli? ur nt a bad dream..ur one of the best thing happened in my life…roli stop thinking with ur mind..listen wat ur heart says

roli: sid heart n mind want to c my di happiness

sid: di di di…u became blind in ur di love…bt roli i cant do this…i cant marry some one else when ur filled in this heart

roli: sid ji…im only hurdle between u n my di…if im nt there u might married her…i dont want to becum hurdle any more

sid is confused wat she is gng to say

before sid can realise roli rushed near waterfall n jumped frm there

sid: roli

without any thought sid too jumped to save his love

Recap: sid saves roli…he agrees to marry on one condition.,wats that??

Catch u all in next upds

Credit to: Honey rosid

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