rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 3)

tq guys fr ur suprt
most awaiting part..rosid meeting is here
part 3:
sid n amar r in sid cabin

some on knocked door

sid: come in

a person came inside

sid: hello mr raghuvaran( he is one of imp client of bw designers)..come in take ur seat

he came n occupied seat

raghuvaran: hello mr sidhant…hope ur fine…hw is ur business gng on

sid: well…becz of clients like u..its gng well..n by the way v decided to keep branch in ur place i.e gng there ton8

raghu: wow its gud news…im sure u vl get success there also

sid smiled

raghu: nw my wrk became more easy

sid: matlab

raghuvaran: i came here to invite u fr my son mrg…it vl b in vrindhavan mrg is on day after tmrw..nw itself u told u vl come to vrindhavan so u have to come to my home n stay there untill mrg

sid: first of all im happy fr ur son…as his mrg sry …i have busy schedule ragarding to branch…so i cant stay in ur house untill mrg

raghuvaran: its k…i u have to come to mrg definitly
venue is at dimond complex 5th floor…plz atleast spare half an hr fr this

sid: ok sir…i vl cum definitly to mrg venue

at diwedi house

meena fell frm stairs

her leg got sprain

roli is taking utmost care to meena

she is nt allowing meena to do any work

roli is handling alll things

meena got tears of happiness by cing roli concern

at that tym roli got call

roli looked at display n smiled

roli: hi mrs rahul hw r u

girl: dont talk with me

roli: arey wat happened y r u angry at me priya dear

priya: dont pretend as u know nothing…day after tmrw is ur best friend mrg…bt till nw u didnt come to meet me..i thought u vl come here before 1 week

roli: arey sry yar..i too want to maa fell dwn..she is nt able to walk i cant able to come there leaving her in such condition

priya: oh sry..hw is aunty nw

roli: fine

priya: bt atleast try to come to mrg dear..i vl feel bad if u didnt come

roli: but

by that tym some one took mobile frm roli hand frm behind

roli looked to know who took mobile

its her papa

roli: papa

jamanlal: started talking in mobile

jamanlal: hello priya beta hw r u

priya: fine uncle

jamanlal: u dont wry beta..ur friend is cuming to ur mrg..she wont miss her best friend mrg

roli:bt papa

jamanlal signed not to talk

jamanlal: by the way where is venue..n when is ur mrg

priya:day after tmrw uncle..venue is dimond complex fourth floor

jamanlal: oh k..i vl drop ur friend there u dont wry

priya: thank u very much uncle

priya kept phone

roli: papa wat u r talking..hw can i go leaving maa like this

jamanlal/: beta..ur maa is alright nw..n dont wry day after tmrw no office is there fr i vl take care of ur maa

meena: ha beta .becz of my daughter super fine u go to priya mrg

roli accepted at last

that day n8 sid came to vrindhavan

the day has come

roli wore pink lehenga

she is looking like angel

jamanlal dropped her at venue

by that time sid reached the venue

he entered into lift

when door abt to clz

roli rushed n came inside lift

sid didnt c her as he is busy in checking some mails in mobile

roli too didnt c she is irritated with handling that lehenga which is so she busy in taking care of that she cannot fall dwn by keeping her own leg on that lehenga

when the lift reached 3rd floor

lift suddenly stopped
n lights in lift also gone

rosid r shocked

roli has fear of darkness

she is getting tears

roli prayed smwat loudly

roli: hey matarani..plz save me..u know na i have fear of darkness..nw wat i have to do..this lift suddenly stopped plz give me courage to face it

sid : who is listening her prayer… meantym he understud she is frightening becz of darkness

he cant able to c her becz of darkness

sid tried to switch on his mobile unfortunately mobile charging over..n it switched off autometically

sid irritated

sid: shit

roli heard his voice

nw she remebered another guy is there in lift

she is smwat relieved

roli: mr…did u have lighter?

sid confused

but he liked the way she asked him so polietely

sid: no…i didnt i have no habit of y u need lighter

roli: i have fear of darkness

roli remebered something

she checked her hand bag

at that tym she found lighter

roli: yes i got it

sid: wat

roli: i have lighter

sid: that means u smoke

roli: arey buddhu…wat u r thinking…is there any rule that smokers only should have lighters

sid felt strange when she said buddhu

sid/: then

roli:nw a days v cant believe guys..there is no security to girls…so my bag is filled with lighter, knife,chilli powder pepper spray bla bla

sid: oh god..i should b care ful with this jhansi ki rani

roli: no need..i wont use all these on u..becz ur nice guy

sid surprised

sid: hw u nt such type of guy

roli: i dont know..while im talking with feeling like that..ur good

sid smiled

roli on the lighter

its getting very less flame

sid can able to c only her eyes

roli too saw only sid eyes in that small flame

their eyes met each other

there is eyelock fr long time

but flame gone off..after few minutes

rosid came out of the world

roli: oh god..i think liquid in this ligter over

sid feeling sad

he want to c her eyes

he fell fr her in first sight…

in those few minutes he saw entire his life in her eyes

sid want to ask her name

he hesitated bt decided to ask

when he abt to ask

sid: may i know

all of sudden lift started with jerk

by this sudden jerk roli lost her balance..n fell on sid

sid hold her by time

roli with fear hugged sid tightly

sid inturn hugged her

lift with another jerk touched the groundfloor n doors opened

bt rosid r in their own world

sid is njying the hug by clzing his eyes

by that tym priya sister suma came there

suma: didi ur here? priya didi is waiting fr u

by hearing her voice roli came to consious

roli understud wat she is doing

she broke hug

she cant able to face sid

so she rushed frm there n went to 4th floor fr her friend mrg

bt sid is thinking that roli is still in his arms

he is in same position by clzing eyes

he came to consious when some one tapped his shoulder

sid looked in that direction

sid: karthik ( he is sid friend)

karthik: oy sid,..wat is this..wat ur thinking..where u lost

sid nw understud

he lukd around roli

sid: where is that girl

karthik: which girl

sid: nothing

karthik: lets go…after long tym v met..i have to talk with u so much

sid agreed…sid went with his friend to 5th floor where his client son mrg is gng on

bt sid eyes r searching fr roli

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