rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 29-30)


Hi guys I’m back
I know u all gonna kill me fr giving that recap..after reading this upd
I’m ready fr tomato’s n eggs
part 29:

sid is in his cabin

he cant able to concentrate on his wrk

he want to c his roli

he is restless

he is looking at his mobile fr every minute

sid” roli wat happened yar…really u frgt me after cing ur di…im missing u yar..y u switched off ur phone..r u fyn?..i know ur fine..nothing vl happen to u…

he kept his hand on his heart

c its beating

that means ur fyn,,,bt wat is need of switch of ur phone…

wait..2mrw ur cmng na…i wnt talk with u fr ever

he thought fr a while

no no..nt fr ever..i wnt talk with u fr 1 mnth..its ur punishment

no…its too difficult..i wnt talk with u fr 1 day

noo noo..i wnt talk with u untill i get kiss frm u

y i have to wait fr ur kiss..i vl kiss u when ever u cum infrnt of me

i vl nt let u take breath also

sid got smile by his thoughts

c roli u made me mad in ur thoughts

bt i wont becum weak infrnt of u

i vl fake anger infrnt of u

while sid is in thoughts

he heard sound of opening door

he looked in that direction

he found roli ..with wide smile on her lips

n she wore green clr saree

she is luking like angel

sid heart skipped a bit

sid: stud n went near her

he is moving towards her

roli is moving back

roli: sid ji…wat r u dng

sid realised

he remebered his fake anger

he turned his face seriously

roli is confused

roli: sid ji..r u angry at me

sid didnt give reply

roli: sry..c im holding my ears

sid is getting smile bt didnt say anything

roli: oh gng..i came with very say good ur nt in mood..bye

when roli abt to go

sid hold her hand n pulled her

roli fell on his chest

sid: good news? tell me?

roli: no

sid: roli tell me

roli: no

sid pulled her more n hugged her tightly

n kissed her face entirely

n pecked her lips

n turned into passionate one

sid released after sometym

sid: dont dare to leave me again..i cant livw without u…i love u na yar…i missed u..u didnt even call me

sid got tears

roli felt bad

roli: sry sid ji

she hugged him tightly

roli: i too luv u n missed u…n promise..i never dare to leave u..infact i decided to stay with u fr ever..n i told abt our love to papa..n he agreed

sid: wat roli? really

roli: yes

sid felt very happy

sid: thank god..frm nw if u want to c ur restrictions..i can also come with u..u can njy with ur di,,i vl njy by cing ur happiness

roli smiled

they hugged each other

at that tym he heard door sound

sid lukd in that direction

he found amar

sid: amar

he looked around

he didnt find roli

he understud it is his dream

sid got tears

amar is shocked by cing sid in tears
Part 30
Amar: sid wat happened..

Sid wiped his tears

Sid: nothing yar

Amar came n sat infrnt of chair

Amar: sid tell me..wat happened

Sid took long breath

Sid: missing my roli yar…want to talk with her mobile switched off..this much happened in our house..i want to say to her to let out my dnt know wat happed to her..y she didnt call me

Amar: may b she held in some wrk

Sid: no wrk is important fr my roli than me

Amar: k when she vl cum

Sid: when i talked with her she told she vl cum by tmrw mrng( roli already infrmd sid that she vl b late one day as talks r gng on fr simar mrg..sid agreed reluctantly)

Amar: k cntrl urself untill 2mrw…2mrw u can go to station…n i know my sis vl cum by tym…she too cant leave u

Sid smiled

At roli place

Roli is thinking deeply

She got a way to move out of sid life…n made him to frget her

Bt she cant do singly

She need some one help

Roli took meena phone

She know if she switch on her mobile she vl c sid missed calls. Then she cant cntrl herself

She dialed to a numbr

Roli: hello

Voice: roli???

Roli: ha..raj

Raj: oh god..roli my scholar..i cant believe it..u called me..i thought u frgt me

Roli: raj..enough…stop taunting me

Raj: roli..r u fyn..

Roli: ha…raj..i want to talk with pooja..i lost her numbrr..once call her..n merge call

Raj agreed

Raj: hello pooja

Pooja: hai raj

Raj: nw im gng to give surprise

Pooja: wat?,

Raj:.our scholar is onlyn

Pooja: wat? Really? Hello roli

Roli: hi poojA

Pooja: im glad..atlast u remebered us

Roli: dont act..u both left me..n came delhi fr job…n u both r acting as i left

Pooja: oh..u r the one who told that u wnt leave vrindavan..n vl wrk in only bw designers.. k telk me..u got job there hw is ur life

Roli: guys..i want help frm both of u..u both r my only u both can help me

Raj:request r order

Roli: request

Raj; then v cant

Roli: ok baba..its order

Ok i cant tell u on phone..lets meet..roli told address

In few hrs

They gathered at that place

They greeted each other..

Raj n pooja understud there is something wrong

Raj; pooja..i think she is nt our scholar

Pooja: ya i also got same doubt

Roli looked at them confusingly

Raj: then wat? My scholar used to blabber like ur so sielent..i think ur humshakal of roli

Roli; raj..

Pooja: jokes apart..tell me roli..wat v have to do

Roli told abt her situation..her story n her plan

They both r shocked

Raj: r u mad? No i cant do this

Roli: raj plz dnt say like dat

Raj: no roli..i cant take it..sid really luvs u..hw can u deceive him like this by name of sacrifice

Roli: its nt

Raj: dnt say anything..nw go to simar n tell sid is ur lover..simar vl understand u

Roli: no raj..i cant..already she suffered a lot

Raj: that means nw u want to suffer

Roli” raj..wat im doing is r8

Raj: no..ur wrong

Roli” k..u wnt help me na..just leave body r with alone
.i thought my frnds vl b with me

Roli started crying

Pooja felt bad

Pooja: raj..who vl help her…other than us..infact v have to proud fr her..she is doing al fr her sister
V r her best friends

Raj: pooja..u also became mad r wat? Ya im proud of wat abt bechara sid..who loved her wholeheartedly..wat roli. Wat u want to proove..u want to proove urself as mahan ha…ya im ur frnds have right to show right way when u r gng in wrong path..nw ur in wrong path im saying

Raj is nt at all listening pooja n roli wrds

Bt these two girls emotionally black mailed him

Atlast he agreed to help roli

Recap: next day sid goes to railway station to receive roli bt he gets shocing news
Wats that?

Stay tuned
Raj n pooja r roli besties
U can imagine any of ur fav
I wrote this by keeping my fav hritik n rani frm mujse dhosti karoge

Credit to: Honey rosid

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  1. Nice honey… dream sequences r superb….i cnt bear rosid separation….poor sid…but i have patience for waiting for rosid reunite..waiting for next update…

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    1. Yes dear always Roli suffers n bw family this took roli as granted…roli suffers simar take credit…I just hate simar…n nrmly I won’t give imp to simar in my strys bt this ff needs with gr8 difficulty…I’m die hard rosidian so no prblm…I’m nt like CVS I won’t show sid as dumbo…so no wrys…n another one is I’m die hard simar hater

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