rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 24-28)


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part 24:
next day

roli is so excited..y nt as her sister accepted fr mrg propsal

roli is nt on floor

she is running here n there

she is only doing all wrks mostly

not letting others her to do

in mean while she made simar ready

simar is still in tension

bt roli comforted her with her wrds

at bw house

while sid is gng out

mataji: sid wr r u gng?

sid: to office

mataji: no u r nt gng to office…v r gng to some place

sid: where mataji

mataji: fr cing girl

by that tym amar came

all welcomed him

sid: mataji..wat r u saying? cing fr girl? fr whom

mataji: for amar( she said ironically)

bt sid thought its fr amar only..becz

flash back

mataji: sid when u vl marry

sid: mataji im nt intrested

mataji: i want to c my grand children before my ur nt accepting to marry

she looked at amar

mataji: ok i vl leave u..i vl search girl fr amar…n i vl get my great grand child..i lost hope on ur mrg

fb ends

sid: oh thats nyc..ok lets go

amar looked at them confusingly

when he abt to ask something

mataji: amar fr wat ur looking..lets go

amar respects mataji a he didnt tell anything..just followed her order

they all went to diwedi house

diwedi family gave warm welcome frm bw family

they talked some tym

mataji introduced her family

mataji: v want c our daughter in law

meena went to rosim room

meena: simar come lets go..they r calling

simar nodded her head

when roli abt to accompy her

meena: wr r u cmng

roli: ha…to marry the groom instead of di

meena: roli

roli: then wat maa. wats that cmng down with di

meena: no need..u stay here itself

simar: maa plz allow her..i want roli beside me

meena: no simar..she is nt cmng

roli understud

roli: wat maa r u tensed? wat if jiju likes me..instead of di..its k fr me no prblm

roli winked at simar

meena: u became so saying this she hold roli ears

roli: maa plz release ur hold..i wont come down…bt i vl c frm here

meena accepted

she tuk simar down

part 25:
meena took simar down

roli didnt get down as per her mom order

bt she is trying to c them frm there itself

at that tym she saw sid

she is shocked

so many questions started revolving in her mind

she saw smile in sid face

roli: wat sid ji doing here? that means he is the one? no no it cant be happen…becz sid ji is happy…hw can b happy if his mrg is arranged

then she looked at amar

roli got a thought

roli: that means amar bhayya came to c my hw its saying him as bhayya na..oh god relations vl gonna b change…

roli thought fr a while

roli: its k roli…relation wont change based on u…n ofcourse u already told all indians r my bros n sisters except sid no prblm. ur amar bhayya vl becum ur u can treat him as bhayya. bt i cant call him vl luk akward so i vl go with amar ji..n any ways amar ji very nyc person…my didi is lucky

roli laughed by her thinking

roli: roli…nw go down..then c sid ji reaction..he vl b shell shocked

when roli is abt to get down

she stopped by hearing their conversation

mataji: surenderlal ji im feeling very happy for asking simar hands to one n only my grand son sidhant..v liked her lot…if u r ok..v vl arrange mrg with in 2 weeks

roli is shattered by hearing this

in same manner sid too

nw he understud alliance is fr him

roli cant understand wat to do

she cant able to control herself

she just rushed frm there n went to terrace

in hall:

sid is abt to say something

mataji stpd him by holding his hand

sid: mataji

mataji: sid thum chup raho

sid fumed with anger

amar also shocked

mataji told him to come to bw house frm there they r gng to some function

bt after cmng here he is little confused

n his confusion is replaced with shock nw

he understud sid position

he kept his hand on his shoulder

sid with low voice: amar c..wr i was strucked…

amar: sid b cool..nw dont say vl hurt mataji..v vl talk with her later

sid: when amar? c they r fixing mrg also

amar: sid just b patient fr few mins.v vl talk with mataji

amar convinced sid smwat

later bw family bid bye to diwedi family

sid is fuming nw

he took his car n rushed to bw house leaving others alone

mataji n others reached there by hiring taxi

mataji went inside n all followed her

sid is in hall

his face is burning with anger

mataji: sid r u mad? y u rushed leaving us alone..u didnt tell single wrd to me n left place

sid: oh u got angry as i dint say anything n rushed frm there… then wat u did? u fixed my mrg without telling single wrd…

rajender: sid y r u talking with mataji like that

sid: then wat papa? u all didnt think abt me..without saying to me fixed my mrg..u didnt ask my concert also

mataji/: sid v know wat to do wat not to do

sid: mataji…i agree u all r this my life..i dont want this mrg

mataji: y? wat hapened? simar is nyc girl..wat is lack in her

sid”: there is no lack in her…bt i cant marry her..becz im already in luv

all r shocked

mataji: sid wat r u saying

sid: im saying in luv…i vl marry my love..not any others

mataji: no i wont agree..i cant allow this

sid: then i too wont agree with u

by saying this he rushed out seriously

part 26:
at simar house

roli is on terrace

her eyes r filled with tears

roli: hey matadi…wat is this punishment fr me? wat wrong i did?

i luv my sid ji i cant live with out him

n i luv my di equally..

di is nt intrested in mrg

myself made di to agree fr mrg

nw she agreed with much difficulty

bt wat u did?

one side my sid ji..anither side my di..nw wat i have to do

i only created hopes on mrg fr di…if i say abt sid ji..she vl b broken..n in future she vl never think to move on

and another side sid ji..he cant live without me…if i say marry di…he vl nt agree
roli is crying a lot

atlast she came out of taruma

she wiped her tears

my di struggled a lot

she struggled with her life n came back to me

she already suffered a lot

nw i dont let her suffer that too becz of me

i know sid ji is world best person

he is the only person who can understand di

i have full trust on him…he vl becum best husband

my simar di vl b safe only in sid ji hands

roli thought fr a while

i have to make sid ji n di that i have to move away frm sid ji life

ya i vl

roli decided firmly

at that tym some one kept hand on her shoulder

roli is shocked

part 27:
some one kept hand on roli shoulder

roli is shocked

she heard voice

roli wat r u doing searching fr u

roli wiped her tears

n took long breath

n she turned

simar is shocked

roli wat happened r u crying? y ur eyes r red n swollen

roli: no di nothing happened..something fell in my eyes..i rubbed it,,thats it

simar: oh god,,,nw u r ok

roli: ha di

simar: k y u came here

roli: u know wat di..i lykd instead of u..i vl marry him…im planning here to hw to make him fall fr me

simar: roli..bahut hogaya…ur becuming so naughty…i vl make u marry soon to d person who can bear u,,,, asap

roli gave dry smile
roli: by d way..di u lykd him?
simar didnt respond

roli: di tell me

simar: ha…he seems to b nyc

roli: not nyc di..he is best…i have trust on him

simar ” accha..that much trust? hw?

roli cant undrstand wat to say

roli: face reading

simar” aha

roli: k di..lets go down…so many wrks r pending…di im very happy fr u…n another surprise to u

simar: wat

roli: i decided to stay here untill ur mrg

simar is shocked

simar: really?> vl ur boss give leave

roli remebered sid

she is getting tears

roli: ha y not? if he wnt..then i vl resign job..

simar: roli..,,

roli: ha di…ur important fr me…i vl do anything fr u

by saying this roli moved frm there

simar: roli im nt intrested in this mrg at all. my heart is nt agreeing u n our families r very hapy after so many days. becz of me u all r suffered..nw i cant make u suffer more…so i agreed to mrg

Part 28:
Sid left delhi n went to vrindavan

Amar called him

Amar: sid wr r u

Sid: im in vrindavan


Sid: i dont want to stay there any more

Amar: sid…k did u told roli abt it

Sid: no i didnt call her…i vl call nw…n she went there happily…if i vl say abt this nw..her mood vl shutdwn…let her njy with her sis…only one more day ..she vl cum..n i vl tell her…

Amar: ok…

Sid: n i decided to marry roli after she returns..i vl marry her n vl bring there..i vl c who vl stop me

Amar: sid..dont take rash decision..let give tym to mataji to think…its good if u marry roli with elders blessings

Sid thought fr a while

Sid: hm..kk vl think abt it

Amar: by d way im cmng vrindavan

Sid” y

Amar: wat y? U left delhi without intimating..i want ur sign on important file n have to discuss abt that clients n their requrements

Sid; oh k..sry
.im in i left immediately

Amar: its k..take care

Sid kept phone

He remembered all those incidents in their house

He is buening with anger

He clzd his eyes n tighten his fist

He got roli images infrnt of roli

He smiled

He opened his eyes

Sid: roli u know wat..ur my medicine..i can frgt this wrld..if ur with me..roli come to me na missing u yar
…i want to talk with u r8 nw
He dialed to roli number

Bt its switched off

Sid wondered

He is trying fr every half an know whether she switched on r nt

Day is passing

Sid is restless

He was tensed

Sid: y she is nt lifting her phone..

He lead a restless day entirely

recap: roli come to office n says her father agreed to their mrg….is it? stay tuned fr my next upds

Credit to: honey rosid

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