rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 21-23)

hi guys honey is back

part 21:
rosid continued their journey in each other arms

its mrng

delhi is nearing

they dont want to apart

they want tym to stop there itself

bt tym is so didnt stpd fr them

they reached delhi

nw its tym to apart

they both hugeed each other..n shared kisses

they got down frm train

sid: roli..dont frgt cing ur sis…call atleast thrice…a day

roli smiled

sid”: roli..hw u vl go nw..can i drop u

roli: no sid ji..papa told he vl cum to receive me

sid: oh thats nyc..k i vl wait..n vl meet my father in law

roli abt to ansr

sid in roli voice

sid: sid ji..i already told u na..papa dnt know about our love..then hw u can i introduce u to him

roli pouted her lips

roli: sid ji..ur teasing me na

sid smiled

sid: roli im just kidding

by that tym amar came

amar: hi buddie

sid hugged amar

amar: i know im little bit its that u got privacy fr some time

rosid smiled

roli: amar bhayya…hw r u?

amar: im so gud…as this rudy is nt beside me to annaoy me

roli hugged sid by side ways

roli: amar bhayya..i already told my sid is best..he is nt rudy

amar smiled

amar: hm..sry roli ji..ur sid is awesome ..i vl agree..k na r u happy

roli smiled

amar: sid sare gharwalo…waitin fr ur arrival

sid lukd at roli

roli: sid ji..aap chaliye…papa vl also cum in few mins..then i vl go

sid left frm there with heavy heart

sid same tym jamanlal came..

they both missed cing each other

roli saw jamanlal

roli hugged him

roli: papa

jaman: hapie bday beta…i missed to wish u directly beta…v tried to ur mobile at 12…bt

roli nw looked at her phone which is in shutdown mode

roli: papa..i think charging is its switched off

jaman: hm..its ur didi is so angry

roli: y

jaman: fr wat? she want to wish u at 12…bt ur mobile is switched off

bt i know u can handle her

ok lets go

roli reached simar house

first jamanlal went inside

all r waiting fr him..ofcourse fr nt roli

meena: wr is roli jamanlal ji

karuna: ha wr is she?

simar pretending as she is least bothered..n she is angry at roli

bt she is searching fr her frm corner of her eyes

jamanlal observed this

jaman: she is nt there

simar nw tensed

simar: rushed to him

simar: wat papa wat r u saying..where is she..

jaman: i too dont know..i searched fr her a i didnt find her

simar: she rushed to devi idol… hey matadi.. .she didnt picked call ..nw she is nt there in tensed..hope she is fyn…tears started frm her eyes

at that tym roli entered

all r shocked

meena: ro…when she abt to call…roli signed not to say anything..

meena stopped

nw all smiled looking her

simar is busy in praying

roli went to her n closed her eyes with her palm

bt she is shocked when she got sense of wet water

nw she understud simar is crying

simar understud ..that touch is by none other than her ladli behen

simar: roli

roli took back her palm

simar turned towards roli

simar cupped roli cheeks

simar: roli..thum teik hein na…i know nothing vl happen u…by saying this she kissed on her forehead

roli felt guilt fr making simar to tense

roli hold her ears

roli: sry di

simar: wat happend roli

roli: fr nt lifting phone..n playing prank on u with help of dad

nw simar understud its prank by jamanlal n roli

she kept upset face

roli: sry very sry…i didnt do intentionally

simar: im upset..nt becz prank played by fr nt lifting ur phone..i thought to wish u first

roli smiled

roli: this is too much di…ur feeling bad that i didnt lift call u missed me to wish nw im infrnt of u..still ur nt wishing..n u know wat…stii nw i no one wished me…i told papa also..nt to wish i want to take my simar didi wishes first

am i right papa( roli winked at jaman

jaman understud that roli is trying to convince her didi..

jaman: ha ofcourse simar..when im abt to wish..roli stpd me by saying that she want to take her simar di wishes first

simar felt happy

simar: really?

roli: ofcourse

simar got tears of happiness

roli wiped her tears

roli: ur wishes

nw simar smiled

simar: hapie bday my dear ladle behen

by saying this she hugged roli

roli inturn hugged her

all family members felt happy by cing their bonding

part 22:
rosim njyd a lot with their family

as they met after so many days

karuna made all fav dishes of roli

as its roli bday

n on another hand sid reached bw house

all family members felt happy by his arrival

they decided to celebrate this diwali in grand way

after some tym

at rolis place

simar: roli lets go to my room..i have to talk with u so much

meena: simar..thum jaa beta..roli vl cum in five mins

simar accepted n went to her room

meena: roli..i hope u didnt frgt the purpose u came

roli: can i frgt abt my task..its abt my di mrg na..i vl make her accept…dont fear..roli is hear

karuna: thats y im tension free beta..i know u can do plz make her to accept..tmrw they r cmng

roli: who

meena: ha ur inlaws to c u

roli: maa

karuna: meena..dont tease her…roli 2mrw…family is cmng to c simar

roli: wat

karuna: ha..they r cuming..n they want to arrange mrg in 2 weeks…they saw simar in temple they liked her..they approached us..n told they vl cum to c her 2mrw

roli: bt y that much hurry..mrg in 2 weeks?

meena: oy..stop u question n first go n complete ur task

roli atlast accepted

she went to simar room

simar is reading some book

roli went n sat beside her

n took book frm her n kept aside

simar smiled

roli: nw tell me didi wat else

simar: wat else? im missing u roli..y cant u stay here itself

roli: di,..i know ur missing me..i can stay here fr wat if u married…at that tym i cant come with u…if still u think abt me..ur hubby..i mean my jiju..vl get jealous of me

by hearing this simar face became pa;le

simar: nt intrested in any mrg..leave this topic

roli: di..hw can i…u know maa kept condition that she vl arrange mrg fr me..only after ur mrg…if u say u wnt marry..then i too cant marry any some mercy on ur poor sis

roli winked at simar

simar: roli ur becuming too naughty

roli: ok serious..tell me…wat vl u do nw

simar: matlab

roli: abt mrg

simar: roli i already told

roli: wat happened di

simar: roli u know abt my prblm

roli:i im saying

simar: roli im confused

roli: wat is there di to confuse

simar: roli…i dont know bt i cant…my heart is nt agreeing…im feeling uneasy if anyone talk abt mrg..imgetting some nothing is clear

roli understud

roli: u trust me

simar: ofcourse

roli: do u luv me

simar: wat type of question..i luv u more than my self

roli: vl u do wat i say

simar: yes

roli: then plz say ok to mrg..u dont know di..hw much papa n maa worrying abt u…happene
d is happened…dont try to dig past which ur nt aware…im sure ur life vl change after this mrg

roli atlast made simar to accept mrg

*( i vl reveal simar prblm later guys…do guess in mean tym

part 23:
at last simar accepted

roli informed that bride groom family is cuming next day

roli: didi nw u sleep…u should look fresh naa…tmrw im sure..his jaw vl drop by cing u

simar: roli…stop getting sleep gudn8

roli smiled

simar didnt get sleep..she is totally confused

roli understud her position

roli to herself: i know di..ur in lot of confusion..i hope u vl come out frm it soon..i dont want ur past to effect ur future..i want to c my simar didi who is naughty nt this reserved typei hope this mrg vl change u soon

at that tym roli remebered sid wrds..where he told her to call thrice a day

roli: mein mar gayi

roli looked at her phone

she saw 10 missed calls

n she observed it is in sielent mode

roli: oh god 10 missed calls

simar turned towards roli

simar: 10 missed call…who roli

roli to herself

roli: i vl tell not nw..once ur mrg is fixed i vl give surprise to u abt my love

roli: mt friend didi..didi i frgt to ask did u take medicine

simar nt replied

roli: ha i understud..u didnt

roli went n brought simar medicine

she made her to take medicine

after sometym simar slept

roli tiptoed n went to terrace

she immediately called sid

sid who is waiting fr hr call..lifted he is upset as roli didnt call him..n she didnt lift call

roli: hello

sid: no rly

roli: hello sid ji

sid: no rly

roli: hello sid ji r u onlyn

sid: no rly

roli understud he is angry

roli: hm..i understud some one is burning with anger…am i r8?

sid: no rly

roli got idea

roli: sid ji..u know wat i decided to stay here fr one more week

sid shocked

sid: wat? no nt giving leave

roli chuckled

roli: oh ur on line only..

sid understud she is playing with him

sid” roli

roli: sry sid ji…i didnt c ur calls

sid: that one only i told..dnt frgt me..while cing ur sis

roli: not like that sid busy in fullfilling ur wish

sid: my wish?

roli”” ha..tell me wats ur wish

sid” i have only one wish in my life..that is making mine

roli blushed

roli”: busy in that only

sid” matlab

roli” my didi accepted fr mrg..after her gng to tell abt to papaabt our love..then i vl b always urs

sid” nw also ur mine only roli

roli”: ofcourse

rosid talked with each other without knowing tym

at last

roli” sid ji..i vl call u 2mrw

sid” no need to call//just attend my call that is more than enough fr this poor soul

roli”: sid ji…

sid smiled

after that they completed their talk n kept phone

rosid slept by dreaming each other

recap: (groom family vl cum to c simar)

to show rosim bond…i kept this pic today guys..frm next again i vl keep our rosid pics..hope u all r k

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