rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 2)

part 2:

in bw house

mataji rajendher r at dining table…ready to start breakfast

sujatha is serving them

mataji: where is sidhant

then they heard voice

sid: im here only

sid to joined them fr havinng breakfast

while having

sid is getting hicups

sujatha gave water

still sid getting hicups

mataji: i think some one thinking abt u badly

( who can think abt sid other than roli..)

diwedi house

roli is teasing meena in one r another way

meena: roli i decided to arrange marriage fr u asap

roli: wat

meena: i cant bear this shaitan more…so i want to handover this shaithan to the person..who can bear her torture

roli: maa …u cant able to bear me ha? n im shaitan fr u?

she asked with upset face

meena felt bad by cing her

meena: no just kidding..ur my angel…n i can bear ur torture entire my life..becz i luv this sweet torture by my angel

roli smiled

meena: bt my decision wont change..i decided to arrange mrg

roli with angry face

roli: no i wont marry the person u choose…

meena: y

roli: im nt intrested in arrange mrg

meena: so

roli: so i vl choose my husband…n i vl search my prince charming…so u no need to take stress

by saying this roli went to dreams..thinking abt his prince

meena shooked her

meena: oy mam…come out of dreamland. if i allow u vl b in dreams 24/7
..ur prince vl b hungry let give chance him to complete his break fast

roli smiled

at bw house

mataji: sidhant i decided to arrange mrg fr u

sid: wat( his hiccups stopped by hearing mataji wrds)

mataji: that too as soon as possible

sid: no mataji im nt intrested in mrg nw


sid to himself: wat i have to say nw…im nt intrested in arrange mrg..i want to find my soul mate i cant say this to u…as i know u r against to luv mrg…so i decided that after i got my love i vl make u to agree her as ur bahu

mataji tapped sid

mataji: where u lost

sid: nothing

mataji: dont think much..i was just kidding

sid?: wat

mataji: c ur hiccups stopped becz of shock

sid understud

sid smiled

mataji: bt nw im serious..i want to c ur mrg

sid: mataji…i told im nt intrested in mrg i didnt tell i vl not marry at plz give some time

mataji some wat accepted

sid turned to his papa

sid: papa im leaving to vrindavan..n vl stay there fr 1mnth

rajender accepted

sujatha: bt y sidhant

sid: maa v decided to extend our business so..want to keep branch vrindavan..i personally want to take care of that branch…as its our first branch…so decided to stay there fr one month…n i also want to recruit best employees for that i have to personally interview them

sujatha: bt fr 1 mnth? who vl take care here

rajender: im there na..n amar is also there to accompy me so no need to worry

sid: ma dnt feel…i vl come here whenever possible

after breakfast sid waved bye n went to office

sid is in his cabin n verifiying files

he heard a knock on door

may i come in

sid looked n smiled

sid: amar…fr u no need to knock door n seek permission

amar came inside

amar: wat? today my friend is so happy

sid: i too dnt know yar im feeling some sort of excitement

amar: i know the reason of excitement

sid gave confused look

amar opened news paper n started reading info abt sid zodiac sighn

leo: the person vl go out fr business purposes…bt in this process they vl meet their soul mate

amar stopped

amar: this is the reason

sid: i wont believe all these

amar: bt i believe…c im sure..while returning frm vrindhavan u vl tell n praise me that amar wat u said is absolutely right

sid: lets c

again sry guys fr pic…while uploading its showing..something went wrong that..
tmrw i vl update frm lapy i vl upload pic definitly..sry again

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