rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 15 to 17)

Sry guys..
If I really hurt u all with my writings
Nrmlly I’m poor at writing romantic upds
Bt as per my frnds req I started writing
Still I can’t go further other than hugs n kisses
Bt if u all really nt OK with it

Plz tell me guys..I don’t want u all to feel awkward..I just want u all to njy my upds
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part 15:
roli sat on sofa

sid leaned on her lap

roli is carrasing his hair

sid hold her hand n carrasing it

sid: roli…u know? im intrested in luv waiting fr my soul mate…n nw i got so happy roli

n my best friend amar told that this business trip change my life

i didnt beleive his he is crct…its changed my life…my life became more beautiful with ur entry

roli promise me…u never leave me..u vl b with me fr ever

roli smiled

roli kissed on his forehead

roli: meri kasam..i vl b with u fr ever

rosid smiled

at that tym he got call

sid lukd at display

he smiled..its amar

sid: c..100 yrs fr him..nw itself i told abt him na..that ididot is calling nw

sid kept call on speeker mode n kept mobile aside

he is still on roli lap n started speeking

sid” hello( he said lazily)

amar”: idiot stupid rascal waste fellow( he is scolding continously)

roli laughed sielently

sid is shocked

he got up frm roli lap n took mobile in hand immediately n putoff speaker

roli pulled phone n kept put on speaker

sid to roli: oy wat r u doing

amar ” is thinking that sid is talking with him

amar: r u scolding u..idiot..n ha remeber im nt in i wnt give respect,,nw im in room,,,i can do wat ever u want

n ha..everytym u give buildup that amar ur my bestie..bla bla bla

bt wat u did

sid is confused

sid: arey baap…u didnt say hello..directly started attacking me…tell wat i did

amar: ask wat u not did

sid: ok wat i not did

amar: these many days..u didnt call me once also…even i try to call..every tym engage…dnt know with whom ur speeking

sid lukd at roli

roli smiled

sid decided to share to amar

sid: amar i want to share something to u

amar got some spark

amar: oh…dont tell u found ur soul mate

sid smiled

sid: im gng to say that only…i found my love amar…n wat u said is life changed

amar is surprised

amar: is it? sid u really told gud happy fr u

amar: by d way who is that unlucky girl

roli: im nt unlucki amar ji…im luckiest one in the wrld

amar is shocked

amar: sid.? she is beside u only

sid: ha amar..she is with me only

amar: arey idiot..then wat fr..ur waiting…just open skype..i want to c my sister r8 nw

sid opened skpe

sid shown roli to amar

sid: amar she is rolidiwedi,,,,n hone wali roli sidhant bhardwaj

n roli he is best friend amar

sid introduced both

amar: wow sid…ur selection is amazing..ur made fr eachother

roli blushed

amar: wahva roli ur started suprtin sid..gud

roli: of course bhayya…y not…im suprting my lover only na

amar: ur saying ur hw…he is such a rudy,,,

sid: oy wat r u i rude

roli: my sid is nt rude..he is cool..loveble awesome…

by saying this roli lukd at sid

sid too lukd at roli

they both lost in each other

amar smiled

he felt happy fr both

when sid abt to move towards roli

amar coughed

amar: hey guys..remember im also there here

rosid came out of world

sid: idiot..nw its my turn to scold u…dont u know? that u should nt disturb lovers

amar laughed

amar: ok ok..i wont disturb u gng..u continue

bye sister

bye dude

amar went offline

roli : sid ji lets go

by saying this roli abt to get up frm sofa

sid pulled her

roli fell on his chest

sid: wr r u gng…didnt u listen wat ur amar bhayya toli..he told to continue

roli blushed

sid hugged her tightly

n kissed her

they r njying their clzness

roli remembered those moments n blushed

meena: need..i got ansr

roli: maa stop teasing me

meena: ok roli..ha i frgt to say…v got call frm ur bademaa..

roli: oh…wat she told

meena: she told me to cum to delhi…along with papa n u

roli: bt y? all of sudden?

meena:not sudden…bt to celebrate this diwali together

roli: bt maa diwali is next week na

meena: next week only…then wat? cant i go to my sister house one week before

roli: ayyo not like that maa..u can? bt u r telling that she told to come along with hw can i?

meena: y u cant?

roli: maa office is there na..i cant come

meena: y cant u take leave fr 1 week

roli: maa

meena: k nw tell me..ur prblm is nt with office..ur prblm is u cant come leaving my son in law

roli blushed

roli: ha leave abt me..i can come atleast fr cing my simar ur son in law…cant leave me…he vl nt accept to give leave…he find difficult without me

meena smiled

meena: ok i understud

roli: ok do one thing..u n papa go

meena: bt hw roli…leaving u

roli: maa im nt small kid…i can stay here..n dont wry ur son in law is there to take care of me

meena: that is only my prblm..

roli understud her intention

roli: maa

meena: roli im just beware simar is there before u..first let her mrg complete..

roli: maa im gng bye..if i vl stay one more minute..u vl tease more

meena smiled

meena: roli i frgt to say…bade maa also told that they r searching alliance fr simar

roli turned back

roli: maa wat u r saying?

meena: ha beta…so ur bade maa called discuss abt this matter..n told me to come along with u..becz ur the one who can make simar to accept this

roli is excited

roli: maa i vl make simar didi to accept this..i vl cum to not nw..i vl come before day of diwali…i have to convince sid ji fr leave..

meena: ok bt me n papa r gng tmrw…

roli: ok maa

Part 17
Roli is excited

Bt she has two tasks infrnt of her

First one to get leave frm sid

Another one to make simar to accept mrg

Roli went to office

She went to sid cabin

She talked with him some tym

N she returned to her cabin

She involved in her wrk

After some tym she lukd at watch

Its lunch tym

She got an idea

She took her lunch box n went to sid cabin

She went inside n locked door

N closed curtains

Sid who is busy with his files

Is surprised by cing her

Becz whenever sid ask her to have lunch together..roli denies by saying that they r in office..staff vl mis understud them..n she also told him that they vl reveal once their parents accepts their mrg

Bt today roli came to him with lunch box

Sid understud something is there

He smiled

He decided to wait n c wat roli want to convey

Roli came n sat infrnt of chair

She tuk file in sid hand n kept aside

Sid: roli

Roli showed him watch

Roli: its tym fr lunch

Sid: oh tq fr remembring..k i vl call n order my food

Roli: no need v share food today

Sid: oho..wats today spl

Roli: nothing..just lyk dat

Sid: oh k..lets start

By saying this sid went n sat on sofa

Roli too went behind him n sat beside him

She opened her lunch box

Sid: wow gobi parota..i luv it

Roli smiled ” i knew

When sid abt to take piece ..roli hold his hand

Sid expressed ‘wat’

Roli took piece of parota..n stud up n went towards him n sat on his lap..n started feeding him

Sid too feeded roli

They finished their lunch

When roli abt to get frm his lap..sid pulled her

Roli fell on him

Sid: wat happened to my darlng today..this much concern? Who used to deny lunch with me..nw feed with her own hands

Roli kept her hand on his blazer n started playing with button

Roli: sid ji

Sid: y r u hesistating..with ur sid..tell me

Roli: vl u accept..wat ever i ask

Sid: of course darling..u have any doubts

He said by pulling her more in his arms n kissed on her cheeks

Roli inturn kissed him
Roli: I know u vl do anything which I nw I gonna ask which u wnt accept
Sid : first ask
Roli: I want leave fr 3 days .vl go to Delhi n meet di n also to celebrate diwali
Sid is shocked
Recap: sid reject to give leave to roli

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