rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 13 and 14)


part 13
sid: roli u know..i fell fr u in first instance…love at first sight…i fell in luv with ur eyes…i saw entire my life in those eyes

roli blushed

roli: i too fell fr i didnt recognized ur mother in law recognized..that im in luv with u

sid: wow//…that means maaji know abt us?

roli: ofcourse…n i know papa vl also accept becz theirs also luv i dont know whether ur family accept me r nt

sid: roli mein hoon aa i vll take care

sid: roli..nw itself v confessed u started abt mrg…let us njy love life fr some days

roli smiled

sid: roli can i expect some thing in this happy mood

by saying this sid moved towards roli

he cupped roli face n kissed her cheeks n all over her face

rosid r lost in each other

when sid is abt to move towards roli lips

sid got phone call

sid kept irritated face

he found amar name on display

sid: this amar is there na…no tym sense at all

sid kept phone aside n moved towards roli

roli: sid ji ur phone is ringing

sid: so wat///i wnt bother

roli: bt i vl…sid ji v r in ur office…

sid: oh u rembered it nw? then who hugged me few mins back

roli: sid ji

sid: roli ji

roli: i have lot of gng

when roli is abt to go…sid pullrd her

roli fell on his chest

sid: oh k im leaving nw…bt on one condition

roli: wat is it

sid: my client invited fr party ..all r gng there with their wives///i too want to go there with my would be wife

roli blushed

sid: vl u cum

roli: hw can i deny my sidhant ji wish

sid smiled

rosid r eagerly waitin fr next day

rosid r very happy

at last they confessed their love

roli went to her home

she hugged her mom with hapiness

meena: roli…beta…ur luking so happy…wats the matter..u both confessed love with each other

roli: maa hw u understand

meena: y cant i? …k tell me who told first

roli: me only maa( she said by pouting her lips)

meena: wow thats good my daughter got courage to confess her love

roli: not courage ma..i was frightened..i was scared of loosing him

meena: roli wat do u mean

roli told wat happened

meena: thank god he is safe

..u both r happy thats enough

roli: maa ( roli is hesistating to ask)

meena: ha beta wats mater

roli: maa tmrw sid ji client invited us to party..shall i go

meena smiled

meena: ocourse beta u can? i have no prblm as ur gng with ur would be..

tq maa by saying this roli hugged meena

;later roli completed her dinner

as usual she talked with simar

roli opened her cupboard

she is confused

she cant understand wat to wear fr party

she is trying all nt satisfied

meena came to give milk to roli

she smiled by looking her confused daughter

meena” wat happened roli

roli: maa no dress is suiting me

meena: no beta all r luking beautiful on u cant able to choose r8 one

roli smiled

roli: maa u tell me which one i should wear

meena went to her cupboard n brought the cover n handed over to roli

roli: maa it was bought by sidji..unknowingly i tuk this..i have to hand over this to him

she said innocently

meena: pagli…till u cant understand..this is broughtby sid fr u..n purposefully he gave this to u

roli surprised

roli: maa really

meena: haa beta really

n wear this saree tmrw

roli: k maa

meena: by d way me n ur papa gng to out of town…gng to temple tmrw … u take care

roli: k maa

next day

roli went to office

by evening

while returning..sid told he vl pick up her

roli went to her house

she freshed up

she wore that red saree

n kept matching jewels

she left her hair freely

sid came

roli came out

sid saw his angel infrnt of him

his heart skipped a bit

roli came n sat in beside him

sid didnt start his car

he is gazing at roli

roli is blushing

roli: sid ji

nw sid came out world

sid: roli ur looking beautiful

roli’; y not? when i wore saree which is given by my sid ji

sid smiled

sid: no roli…saree got look becz of u

roli blushed

roli/: sid ji… my mom told u bought this fr me…before that i thought its accidently exchanged

sid: ha roli its accidently exchanged..i bought this saree to that sales girl.

roli understud he is pulling her legs

roli: sid ji u too na

sid: roli u know so hapy two wishes full filled today…first one our confession’
second one , i want u to c in this saree

tq very much roli

roli: then u have to thank ur mom in law fr second one
as she only told to wear this saree

sid: ya i vl…

rosid reached party

sid met his client

ll r njying party

n all of them asked to start dance

sid tuk roli on dance floor

sid hold her waist roli kept her hand on his shoulder

chemical reactions r happening btw them…becz of sid touch on roli waist

rosid dancing passiontely

others stpd dancing n looking at rosid passionatic dance

all r amazed by cing their chemistry

rosid r lost in each other

they r dancing frgeting world

n that too fr their fav song
(Suno na kahe kya suno na
Dil mera suno na suno zara
Teri baahon mein
Mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri baahon mein hogi subah

Be intehaan, be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar, be intehaan
Dekha karun sari umar
Tere nishan, be intehaan
Koi kasar na rahe, meri khabar na rahe
Choole mujhe is kadar, be intehaan

Jab saanson me teri
Saansen ghuli toh phir sulagne lage
Ehsaas mere mujhse kehne lage
Aa baahon me teri aake
Jahaan do yun simatne lage

Sailaab jaise koi behne lage
Khoya hun main aagosh mein
Tu bhi kahaan ab hosh mein
Makhmali raat ki ho na subah

Be intehaan, be intehaan..
Yun pyar kar be intehaan..

Gustakhiyan kuch tum karo
Kuch hum karein is tarah
Sharmake do saayen hai jo
Muh ferle hum se yahan

rosid lost in their world

they r dancing even after sng stopd

they came out after hearing jordhar thaliya frm audience

part 14:
rosid came out of world by hearing applauds

roli blushed

n both came down frm stage

party completed

roli: party is so nyc sidji..njyd a lot

sid: hm..i too not party..i njyd by being with u

roli blushed

roli: ok sid ji…lets go..vl u drop me at home

sid: nahi

roli looked at him confusingly

sid: dont wry..i vl drop not nw

roli: then

sid: surprise

roli: surprise?

sid stopped his car near his guest house

roli: sid ji y u brought me here

sid closed her eyes

sid: shhh..u vl get all ansrs..wait

he took to entrance of door

n opened it

n nw he removed his hands

roliis surprised

entire guest house is decorated with flowers n balloons

roli entered inside

she is totally surprised

sid too entered along with her

at that tym

rain of rose petals fell on both of them

roli: sid ji wat is this

sid: roli…i want to welcome my beautiful hone wali wife in beautiful way

did u lyk it

roli: ofcourse..i luvd it

sid: roli dont make me jealous by saying that u luv it..u should love only me

roli smiled

roli: jealous?

sid: ofcourse…my roli love only belongs to me

roli hugged him

roli: yes sid luv only belongs to u

sid: lie

roli: wat

sid: u luv some one else

roli is shocked

roli: sid ji wat r u saying

sid: ha roli u luvs some one else more than me

roli: sid ji..dont play jokes

sid: roli..if i tell name..u vl also accept it

roli: tell me then

sid: ur sister

roli realised wat he saying

roli: ofcourse i luv my sister a lot

sid: i knew

roli: u know wat u both r two eyes fr me

sid smiled

he hold roli waist n hugged her tightly

sid: u know wat…u r both eyes to me…i cant live without u roli..i luv na yar i luv u so much

roli got tears by cing his love

roli: i luv u too na yar

roli inturn hugged him tightly

roli kissed on his cheeks n forehead

sid is surprised

sid inturn kissed her

sid pecked her lips

n abt to leave her

roli caught his lips with her

it turned into passionate kiss

both r kissing without knowing tym

later sid released her

n looked at roli naughtily

roli blushed n hugged him tightly

sid: roli something is waiting fr u

roli looked him

sid: choclate cake…ur favourite

roli excited

rosid cut cake eachother

n feed each other

they both completed dinner too by feeding each other

Credit to: honey rosid

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