rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 1)


hi guys im back with character sketch n upd
hope u all lyk it
nirmala dadduji bhardwaj aka mataji
she is the head of bhardwaj family..she is so strict..she is against to love mrgs..she loves her grandson sidhant a lot


son of nirmala bhardwaj..he loves his mother a lot..he follows as per his mother order…he married sujatha selected by his ,mother…he handed over business to his son n taking care of his mother

sujatha bhardwaj
wife of rajendr bhardwaj..ideal bahu of bw family..she respects her mother in law a lot..she loves her son sidhant very much

siddhant bhardwaj:

grandson of nirmal bhardwaj, son of rajendra n sujatha…owner of bhardwaj designers..most eligible bachealor..handsome hunk…he is intrested in luv mrg..he is searching fr his soul mate…he is a guy who can do anything fr his lover…bt his lover told him to sacrifice his love…wat is his reaction nw?

jamanlal diwedi
jamanlal diwedi resides with his family in vrindawan along with his wife meena n daughter roli..he is working as small co. he loves his family a lot…that too his daughter..his daughter is his world..he can do anything fr cant c tears in her eyes

meena diwedi

wife of jamanlal..she loves her husband n daughter a lot..they both r her eyes…she cant c her daughter in pain

roli diwedi
daughter of jamanlal n meena..she loves her father n mother a lot..she cant hide anything frm them..she treats them as friends instead of parents..she shares each n every thing to them..she loves her sister simar a she have no own sisters she treats her cousin simar as her own sister…she decided to sacrifice her love for her didi

surender lal diwedi
he is elder brother of jamanlal…he stays with his wife karuna diwedi n daughter simar…in delhi

karuna diwedi:
wife of surender lal n mother of simar n she also elder sister of meena..loves her daughter simar..n treats roli as her own daughter

simar diwedi
daughter of surender n karuna…once upon a type she is active girl..who lives happily nw she became reserved…she loves her parents..she dont want them feel becz of her so agree to mrg arranged by them..she loves her sister roli a lot

amar malhotra

best friend of sidhant bhardwaj…

part 1:

it is a place bigger than a town..n smaller than city

there jamanlal lives with his family

it is sunday

time around mrng 11 o clock

jamanlal just came to home by buying vegetables n provisionals

meena came n took them frm him

jamanlal sat on sofa

meena brought glass of water

jamanlal while drinking

jamanlal: wat my darling is doing

meena took deep breath

meena: go n c..wat she is doing..its nearly still she is on bed..god knows whenthis girl changes

jamanlal: arey meena dont shout loudly..she vl feel disturbed n vl wake up

meena looked at him angrily

meena:becz of ur pampering only she turned like this

jamanlal: wat i did

meena: u only done…c she is girl..she have to wake up early…she have to know she dont know anything..becz of ur pampering”

jamanlal: cool down meena.till nw she didnt get time to take rest becz of studies,,nw her studies completed n she also sent resume to big co…she may get call any time to attent interview..untill tha let her enjoy

meena: i cant argue with u…remember jamanlal ji..after she goes to inlaw house every one scolds me…then i vnt be responsible..u have to bear all those becz of ur pampering..remember u r father of girl

jamanlal smiled

jamanlal: girl r boy i wont bother…fr me both r difference..i wont send my daughter to inlaw house fr cooking cleaning etc…i let her to that she can stand on her own legs,,she shouldnt depend on others

meena: i know u always talk like that bt i want my roli as not only good daughter bt also good that she had to learn all these

jamanlal: i do understand ur concern bt
..frm childhood onwards she always busy in studies ..then where she get time to learn all these,, nw u r there so there is no need to learn all these…when she abt to go to inlaw house she automatically learn all these,u know my daughter is supertalented…

meena: hm,,u only should praise ur daughter

roli who is sleeping ..woke up n hearing their parents conversation

a smile crept on her lips

she completed her brush n came out

she came out

roli: good morning papa n mama

by saying this she came n hugged jamanlal

jamanlal kissed on her forehead

jamanlal: i told dont shout..c my beta felt disturbed n she woke up

meena eyes widened

meena: oh god..these both r doing too much

by the way today it vl rain heavily

jamanlal: y

meena: ur daughter woke up..without making me strain..every day i have to call her 100 times

jamanlal: today also becz of u only she woke up

roli: oy meena..wat ur complainig abt me to my papa

meena: idiot hw many times i told..dont call me with my name

roli: ok baby tell me wat u told

mena: baby?

roli: ha baby…by saying this roli pulled her cheeks n started running

meena ran behind her

after some time’

roli: maa im feeling hungry

meena: ayyo wait i already prepared..i vl feed i always ask u to wake up early..

meena remebered something

meena: oy did u have ur bath

jamanlal” meena today sunday…holiday fr bath also

roli: yes dad ur right

meena: u ididot..go n do bath then only i vl feed u..

roli/; maa this is too much

roli looked at jamanlal

jamanlal: meena show some pity on that poor girl…leave her she is kid

meena: kid?? oy mr..u frgt she is 22 nw

jamanlal: wat ever my roli is always kid to me

roli: by the way papa u did bath?

jamanlal: of course darling

roli: then i no need to do bath

meena: wat is this? wat is link with ur father bath

roli: maa there is gentlemen agreement between me n papa

meena: wat it is

roli: if papa do bath then there is no need fr me to do bath n vice versa’

meena: chi this is too much

roli n jamanlal hifived each other

jamanlal” meena..she is hungry ..let her eat

roli”: no papa im gng to bath

jamanlal: wat…i cant understand u beta…if meena says u to do any thing…u vl say u wont do…u vl argue with her at last u vl do wat she says…then wat is the need of argue n y u bear her scolding

nw roli went n hugged meena

roli: becz i luv when my maa scolds me..
papa u always pamper me..if maa also pampers like u then i vl becm more stubborn so maa scoldings vl help me not becming stubborn

jamanlal smiled

roli went to bath

jamanlal prayed god to keep his daughter happy frever

Credit to: honey rosid

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