Rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihaan part 31,32


Hi guys
I’m back
I know u all r waiting fr rosid union
Bt plz b patient
I vl definitely reunite rosid
Bt it takes tym
In mean while I gve rosid emotional scenes hope u all lyk it
part 31:
next day

sid n amar went to railwaystation

the train has come

sid is going to every comparment n searching fr his roli

sid: roli roli

amar is also searching fr roli

sid got down with upset face

amar too came

amar: sid she is no where…i think she didnt come

sid: she vl come amar..may b by next train..v vl wait

amar n sid is gng

at that tym a girl bumped to sid

girl; sry sry

sid/: its k

girl looked at his face

girl: siddhant bhardwaj? owner of bhardwaj designers

sid n amar surprised

sid: yes bt who r u?

girl: im pooja…ur p.a roli best friend

sid face lighten up by hearing roli name

sid: is it? glad to meet d way where is she? she didnt come with u

pooja gave confused look

pooja: wat sir u r asking as u dont know any thing? hw roli vl cum nw…n i thought u vl cum to u didnt

sid confused

sid: wat r u talking? y roli cant come? n abt which mrg ur talking

pooja: abt which mrg i vl talking abt roli mrg…she is married yesterday..infact she gave this letter n told me to handover to u

sid is shocked

sid: roli mrg? miss u r mistaken

pooja: y i mistake sir..c i vl show pics also

pooja took her mobile n shown pics of roli n raj pics

sid n amar r shocked

pooja took out letter n gave to him

sid is in shock

by that tym pooja left the place

sid started reading letter

sid ji

i know u vl b shocked by knowing this truth…i know u wont believe u have to..becz its fact..ya i told i luv u its nt true..i luv money..i luv living poshly..i came to know ur one of the wealthiest person…so im behind u…fortunately u fell in luv with me..i thought every thing is gng good…bt u know wat..i want to live in U.S…i want to stay there fr ever with once u told that u hate to live in foriegn..u want to stick in this india with ur family…i cant comprimise my wishes fr same way i dont want to pressurise u..becz ur admant in ur point…so i decided to keep fullstop to this…raj proposed me..he told v can live in us…his father is against our relation…so v decided to marry nw itself n flew away U.S…so frget me..think our love as bad dream..n dnt try to come in my life…n here its my resignation letter

sid clzd the letter n kept in his pocket

he also found copy of raj n roli pic he teared the raj pic n kept in back pocket n kept roli pic in his purse

he teared resignation letter

amar: sid wat is this i never thought roli vl do like this

sid didnt responded..he didnt utter single wrd

sid: lets go amar

amar n sid started

sid stoped near bar n restaurent

amar: sid y u brought here

sid: amar dnt ask questions

he went inside amar followed him

sid ordered alcohol n started drinking it

amar is shocked

amar: sid stop it..u hate alcohol smell..nw wat r u doing

sid is nt listening

he is drinking continously

amar got angry

amar: this is all becz of that roli…i thought she is gud, she betrayed u…becz of that girl u became like this…i wanna kill her r8 nw fr betraying u

sid hold amar coller

sid: amar dnt try to utter..single wrd against my roli…ok

amar: arey still ur supprting that idio..

before amar can say anything

sid threw glass in his hand on floor

sid: stop it..bakwas bandh…my roli didnt betrayed me…she never think of it…its all trash

amar:; arey..u saw those pics n letter ..thats the proof

sid: i dont need any proofs..i believe my roli…i didnt luv her simply…i saw my life in her eyes..i saw luv in her eyes heart believed she is my soul mate…n i trust her…bt ur talking abt proofs na…i vl show u

sid took letter out

sid: c u r cing only ink marks in this i saw tears of my roli…she cried a lot while writing this…while reading it..i found dried tear drops on letter…frm this u can understand hw much she is suffered while writing this

amar took letter frm him

amar: ur y she did like that

sid: i dont know bt i vl find…

amar: bt sid mrng mataji called me n asked me to make u accept mrg with simar

sid: i know u cant say no to mataji..u dnt wry i vl take care of it…i got solution

amar: wat it is

sid: i vl go to simar n vl tell abt my love..i hope she vl understand

amar: oh k sid i have doubt

sid: ha ask

amar: u have trust on y u came here..n started behaving like this as devdas n drank alcohol

sid: u know amar..i trust my love..i know there is reasn fr roli to behave like still i cant able to digest the fact that roli is trying to move away frm my to come out of grief i came i have hope..soon i vl bring my roli back at any cost

amar smiled

amar: im really proud of u my friend..roli is lucky to get u

after some tym sid n amar left place
part 32:
roli called to pooja

roli: pooja did u meet sid ji..hw is he? u gave letter to him..wat he told

pooja: roli…these many questions? i know u r very eager to know..wait i vl tell

ha u told me to go to sid ji office

bt he didnt give me that much chance

i met him in railwaystation

roli: wat? u met him at railwaystation? y he came there

pooja: fr u?

roli: fr me?

pooja: ha..he came railwaystation..he searched fr u in each n every compartment…when i told im ur friend…his face lighten up as 1000 volts bulb…roli nw im feeling that..v r doing wrong..he loves u lot…dnt miss him roli

roli got tears

roli: pooja plz dnt say like that n make me weak…tell me he read the letter n saw pics?

pooja” i showed pics..he didnt believed..later i gave letter n left the place

roli: hm,,gud u left..other wise he might cross*xamined u…tq pooja…u did gr8 help this sid ji vl hate me n agree mrg with di

after some tym roli kept phone

that day sid n amr started to delhi

next day sid went to meet simar

in meanwhile amar is busy in finding roli where abouts as sid told

sid went to diwedi house

by that tym rosim went to meet temple

surender n karuna went to relatives house

jamanlal is also abt to go out fr some bank wrk

at that tym jamanlal leg slipped n abt to fell down

sid saw this n rushed to him n hold him frm fall

sid: uncle r u fyn

jamanlal: tq beta..n u here? oh came to meet simar? bt she went out..plz wait fr few mins she vl b back

sid” lits k uncle…bt lets go inside..ur leg is hurt know?

jamanlal: no beta im fyn..sry beta..i have urgent wrk…i have to go to bank..its urgent

sid”: can i drop u?

jamanlal: its k no need beta. i vl go..u stay here..simar vl cum..u can meet her

by saying this jamanlal waved bye

at that tym sid eyes fell on something

yes its jamanlal wallet

it fell down frm his pocket

sid: oh his wallet fell down

sid bend down n took the wallet

its open

sid clzd it

bt he just felt something

he opened it again

n shell shocked

he saw rosim pic in one side

n poora diwedi family pic in one side

sid is still in shock

then he heard jamanlal voice

jaman:beta..ur still outside? then he saw his wallet in sid hand wallet fell here?/ i thought i frgt so i came back to take it

jamanlal observed sid is gazing at rosim pic

he chuckled

jaman: y to c pic beta? simar vl come with in few mins…u can c her directly

sid gave dry smile

sid showed roli pic

jaman: uncle she?

jaman: she is my one n only daughter roli diwedi..oh..on that day u she didnt come u might nt c her…n u know sid…roli simar r best sisters in world…they cant live without each other..//im proud of them

ok u go inside,,,jamanlal called meena

jaman: meena c who has come

meena came out n surprised to c sid

jaman: meena take care of him..i vl b back with in tym

meena welcomed sid inside

she went to bring coffee fr sid

nw sid got entire picture in his mind

sid: roli nw i understud y u did mrg drama…

sid remebered incidents with roli

1) u n my sis..both r my eyes sid ji

2) im gng to delhi to make my sis to accept mrg

then he remebered roli mobile switched off after the day he met simar

n mrg drama

roli i know u luv ur di…bt i didnt think dat u vl sacrifice ur love fr ur di…ha..i vl sacrifice anything fr my i cant sacrifice my roli…ur mine fr ever

meena came n brought coffee

meena: sry fr making u wait beta..simar vl cum in few mins

sid: i didnt come to meet simar maaji..i came to meet roli

meena is shocked

meena: roli?

sid: ha maaji..i came to meet my secratory roli diwedi

meena surprised

meena: that means you are…my roli md

sid: n ur son in law

meena: i cant believe it

sid: u have to maaji…i too came to know nw itself that roli is simar family fixed this im nt i luv roli…i told my parents that im nt intrested in mrg…n went to veindavan..i called she started avoiding me…

meena: oh god..thats y she is so sad frm these many days..she even told me lie

sid: its my mistake maaji..i told its beter to lie fr loved she started lieing to u n me fr simar

meena: wat she lied to u

sid: she didnt tell lie to me..infact she didnt talk with me frm 3 she sent letter n mrg photos by her frnd pooja

meena: mrg pics? pooja?

sid gave letter n pics to meena

meena is shocked

meena: he is raj roli best friend roli raj n pooja r bestied frm their child hood…i cant believe this..

sid: i know maaji i understud..this is all her that i vl hate her n marry simar

meena: oh god…my beta is suffering a lot n making u suffer..i cant c her like this

sid: aunty vl do one favour to me

meena: ha beta

sid”: dont tell to roli that i came here.

meena: y

sid_ i know hw to deal wit her

by saying this sid left the place before rosim came

Recap : sid meets accident roli rush to c him

I know I’m gng bit dramatic…bt I can’t help it guys…first tym I tried story with some emotions…hope u all understand

Credit to: Honey rosid

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