rosid ss: iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan (part 11 and 12)


part 11:

roli is appointed in bw designers

rosid r very happy

roli is back to home

roli: maa maa

meena came out

by watching her daughter face itself she understud roli got job

meena came to her n hugged her

meena: congrates beta

roli: maa i didnt say anything till nw

meena smiled

meena: my beti exciting face revealing that she got job

roli smiled

roli: haa maa i got job…n u know wat is the twist in it

meena: twist?

roli: ur daughter is gng to wrk under ur son in law

meena: roli wat r u saying

roli: haa maa sidhant is the owner of bw designers..first im shocked

maa: hm..that means u met my son in law again in strage way

roli: no maa…meeting sid as boss is nt strange…bt strange thing is sid himself took me too his office…

meen: roli tell me clearly

roli: maa today while im gng..a roberer snatched my chain…i ran after him to catch him…i caught him…bt he took out knife n blackmailed me to give chain

meena got tensed

meena: roli ur fine na…nothing happened to u na..she asked her by carasing roli face

roli: maa…when ur son in law is there..hw can something happen to ,me..
while roberer is trying to stab prince charming entered

roli xplained all these

n she also xplained hw sid gave shock to her when she entered to cabin

meena smiled

meena: hm..that means my son in law is too good at giving shocks n surprises..k roli..first u both became friens. n silent lovers.nw boss n p.a when vl becum wife n husband

roli blushed

roli: let him confess his love maa…i know he loves playing with me..i vl also c till hw far he vl play with me

meena: ok..u go n fresh up…i vl prepare anything fr u to eat

roli went to fresh up

after that jamanlal came

roli told him abt her job

he felt happy
n blessed her

at night

roli is on bed

she is thinking abt sid

suddenly she remebered she frgt to call simar

roli: roli u r out…u didnt call to didi…this sid ji there na..nt letting me to think abt any thing..only his memories r filling in my mind
she saw her mobile
n found 2 missed calls

its frm simar no.

roli called to simar

roli: hi didi

simar: nw tell another story fr nt lifting my call

roli: di…

simar: no roli..dnt try to comprimise me..nw a days u r frgting me

roli: di wat r u saying…

roli remained sielence fr some tym

simar understud roli is hurt with her wrds

simar: roli

no rly frm roli

simar: roli r u on lyn

roli: hmmm

simar:my sister gt angry..she is nt rlying to me

roli: no u only angry at u said like that

simar: sry just kidding…k leave it..nw like a good girl..give a smile…no no not smile..if u smile..i don know ur smiling r nt…kkk…then laugh

roli laughed

roli: didi..u too na

simar: ok hw z ur day

roli: didi..super..n u have good news

simar: wat

roli: ur sister gt job

simar: in bw designers?

roli: yes

simar: congrates darling..i know u vl

roli: tq

roli: u know another thing…roberer snatched our chain

simar: oh god…then hw

roli: nothing to worry…i got my chain back

simar”: hm..matarani ko lakh lakh danyvadh

simar: ok bye fr today..take care

roli: ha gudn8..n take ur medicines ok

simar: ok meri maa

roli smiled they both kept phone

roli to herself: sry di..i didnt tell u anything abt sid ji…i know ur situation…i know ur past…so i m nt intrested to tell anything about love..which remebers u …ur past…

roli is abt to sleep

she got call frm unknown number

she thought fr a while
she attended call

roli: hello..can i know who is this?

sid: hello jhansi ki rani

roli: sid ji..aap

roli is surprised

sid: only

roli: hw u know my number

sid laughed

sid: roli remember im ur boss…n its obvious that boss can know his pa information

roli: oho..then y this boss called his pa nw..lets meet tmrw

when roli is abt to put call

sid: roli roli roli

roli: wat sir

sid: roli…this boss has no need with his pa right this sid needs roli right nw

roli is surprised

roli: sid ji

sid smirked

sid: that means roli…im feeling bored.. im nt getting sleep…if im in delhi..i used to b with my family…bt nw im one n only friend in vrindhavan is u…so i called u…vl u?

roli smiled

rosid talked untill dawn

later they slept

at mrng

meena came n started waking up roli

meena: roli uto

roli: maa let me sleep

by saying this roli covered herself with quilt

meena: ok..u slep here..there ur prince chrming vl wait fr arrival

roli opened her eyes suddenly

she woke up

roli: oh god..ur right maa..sid ji vl wait fr me

by saying this she rushed to washroom fr bath

she took xtra care in dressing n her make up

she waved bye to her parents

n rushed to office

Part 12

she went to office

n her cabin is beside sid cabin

she understud its sidhant thought

sid saw roli arrival

sid called her through intercom

roli went to him

roli: good mrng sir

sid gave angry glare at her

sid: roli dnt call me as sir

roli: sir..v r in office sir..i have to call u as sir..other wise wat others vl think sir

sid: oh god..roli stop it…if i allow u may ready to write sir sir sir crore tyms

roli smiled

roli is njying this

days r gng

rosid r njying this phase

they both r pulling legs when ever possible

bt both r admant

nt confessing their love

one day sid called roli through intercom

sid: roli im gng to london next week…fr meeting

roli became upset

sid is also equally feeling bad

as they r nt intrested to go apart

1 week passed

its tym to sid journey

sid: roli…i vl leave u at ur home..n i vl go to airport

roli: its k sid ji..i vl leave after completion of my wrk..u d way…hapie journey

bt sid nt accepted

he want his roli beside him before gng

sid: roli..u can do ur wrk later lets go

roli is nt intrested to say no to him

roli n sid started

sid left her at her home

n started to air port

after few hrs

roli freshed up

jamanlal n meena went to some relatives function

roli is feeling bored

she switched on tv

yes that tym she saw news

flight which is gng to london clashed

roli is shocked

her knees r shivering

she cant understand wat to do

she is dailing to sid phone bt no response

this is increasing her tension

she is crying like anything

her mind is giving odd signs

bt her heart is giving suprt by saying nthing vl happen to him

as heart beat also stpd when anything happen to him

nw roli is thinking hw to contact him

she understud its nt tym to think

she has to do something

she rushed out

n called auto

n she rushed to air port

bt she cant understand wat to contact hw to contact

her mind is nt letting to do anything

she is nt getting voice to speak

she returned to office

so that she can contact any of his friends

she went to her cabin

she is crying like anything

first she decided to let out her grief so that her mind can start wrking

at that tym her mobile rang

roli lukd at mobile display

she saw sids name

a got relief bt in mean tym she is tensed whether he is ok r nt

roli: hello

sid: hello roli..if u dnt mind can u come to office nw

roli is shocked

roli rushed to his cabin

n she opened door

door opened with big noise

sid who is busy with his file looked up becz of noise

he saw roli who came there

he was shocked by cing roli tear filled eyes

sid”: roli wat happened

before sid could realise wat happening

roli rushed to him

n hugged him tightly

n started crying

sid is surprised by her sudden hug

bt in meantym he didnt understand y roli is crying

bt he understud something big happened

he decided to ask her after she come out of her grief

sid inturn hugged her

n carrased her back

roli is crying more n more

sid cant able to afford this

sid: roli wat happened

roli: i love u sid ji..i love u so much…i cant live with out u..ur my life

sid is surprised

sid is in shock nw

sid broke hug

sid: roli…tell me once again

nw roli understud she confessed

roli blushed

sid: roli..i luv u too na yar

roli felt happy

sid: bt roli y u confessed ur luv with tears..wat happened

roli reminded that incidednt

she again hugged sid

roli: i saw in news channel that flight is i was tensed abt u

roli told abt her situation

sid felt bad

sid: im sry roli…i dont know abt this…at last minute they infrmed that meeting is cancelled…i thought to tell to mean tym got call frm client…n he told he want to meet i came to office

roli: u didnt attended my calls also..i was tensed more

sid: roli…i kept it in sielent mode as im in meeting with client..n later i thought to call i have some imp wrk that should handover to u that tym i saw ur missed calls n called u

sid: ok wat ever im happy

roli: ur happy by cing my tension( roli asked pretending angry)

sid: no, im happy that my admant roli atlast confessed her love

roli smiled

note: sry guys i dont know whether any air port is there in that place…bt fr my stry prgrsn i created airport there itself..{
Recap: rosid gng to party

Credit to: Honey rosid

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