rosid ss : blessed to get u (Part 2)


his heart is saying something good is gng to happen

he came out of his room

he saw all his family members r busy with preparations as mrg is gng to happen in next 2 weeks

this irked him more

his mrg with some one else..this thought itself making him mad

he decided to go away frm all these fr few that he can find peace n vl get some ideas to stop this mrg

he went to his room

packed his clothes

n came out

mataji: sid wr r u gng

sid: mataji i have to go to mumbai..i have important meeting

mataji: sid r u mad? ur mrg is with in 2 weeks so many rituals r there to perform..hw can u go

sid: mataji..this meeting is very vl change my life..dont deny

at last mataji agreed

sid left the place

he started in his car

he has no idea wr he is goin

in middle his car was stopped

sid got down

he came out to check car position

at that tym he saw a person running…n police is chasing him

that person fell down as he kept leg on some stone

sid saw some drug packets in his hand

he got entire picture..y police r chasing him

the person stud up n started running

sid decided to catch

sid went behind him

the person running like anything..he seems to b champion in running

bt sid didnt give up

he is trying hard to catch him

at last he saw the person gng into a old bunglow

sid entered into it

guy nw turned back n stud facing sid

guy: y u r behind me..y u r keeping nose in unnecessary matters..

sid: its nt uneccesary..u should b in running drugs racket..i vl handover u to jail

guy: hm..i vl c hw u vl handover..before that u vl die in my hands

guy called his fellow men

they all came n started fighting with him

sid is giving blows

hitting them hard

they all fell dwn with pain

police came n took them to jail

when sid abt to return

he felt strange

his heartbeat raised

something frm inside is attracting him

sid followed n went inside bunglow

then he heard a voice frm inside

guy: eyy eat this food

no rly

guy: eat..otherwise my boss vl confrnt me

no rly

guy: hey eat otherwise i vl give injection again

sid lukd insie room

its full of dark

bt he understud there is some person inside..n that person is under these bad guys control

after some tym that guy came out

sid luk around

he found a rod

he took it n hit that guy with that rod on his head

he fell down n went into unconsious

sid found lighter in that guy pocket

he tuk it out

n went inside room slowly

he dont know bt he got some unknown feeling
room is filled with darkness
sid: is any body there here

sid went inside

n he opened lighter

he is shocked at the sight

he saw a girl tied with chains

he cant able to c her face..becz she sat by holding her knees

sid: oh god they kidnapped this girl…i have to free her

sid: u? wat happened? y u r here? first v have to go frm here other wise anyone vl cum n vl hurt u

girl: who have guts to harm me when my sid ji is there with me

by saying this she raised her face n lukd into sid eyes

sid is shocked

Credit to: honey

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  1. wow so nice…

  2. So that girl is non other than his life roli
    Am I right honey?
    Waiting for nxt update

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