rosid ss : blessed to get u (Part 1)

part 1:
bw house

all members r in happy mood

reason is pandith ji announced that there is subh muhurt with in 2 weeks fr rosid mrg

they decide to celebrate grand way

becz rosid mrg done in simple manner as sid filled roli maan fr premar

so no rituals r done before

nw they decided that this tym they should follow all rituals

all r happy

bt only soul who is crying inside is sidhant bhardwaj

as he know that he is gng to marry jhumki nt roli

jhumki came here aas per premar request…

so that they can get property back frm veeru..who is claiming that roli is no property belongs to him

jhumki came..veeru is handed over to police by bw family

all r hapie

sid thought jhumki is roli first

bt after he felt strange

sid, who can feel roli…understood she is nt roli

he confronted her

then premar revaled she is jhumki

sid is broken completely broken

he thought his roli is no she is jhumki

hee decided to reveal it to family

bt at that tym mataji got heartattack

fr her sake he didnt revealed anything

bt now, they decided to arrange their mrg

hw can he bear this

simar requested sid to move on his life with jhumki as she know roli is no more..she left her breath in her hands…

bt sid dint agree with simar words

he know roli vlnt leave him
he know roli vl b back

he is sure abt his roli

hw can he marry some one else

how can he deceive his roli

he decided to keep fullstop to all these

he went to meet jhumki

sid: jhumki i want to say something important

jhumki: ha ji bolo

sid: jhumki i cant marry roli is my life…i cant give her place to anyone..mei harsaans mein har dhadkan mei roli hein…i cant deceive my roli by marrying u

jhumki: sid ji i know u luv roli..infact im also nt intrested in this me its like force mrg..becz every girl dream abt her future..i too dreamt..i want husband who luvs only me…bt u luvs roli…i know i cant take roli place

sid: tq jhumki fr understanding me..v have to stop this mrg at any cost

jhumki: sry sid ji ..its nt in my hands.. im orphan i didnt get any love till nw.i got didi jiju maa papa..n their love…nw i cant say no to this mrg.. n they r thinking im roli…roli vnt say no to mrg with sid..then hw v can stop this mrg..i cant understand wat to do .nw its in ur hands…u have to stop this mrg any cost

by saying this jhumki left the place

sid went into deep thinking

hi guys im honey..known in forum..i wrote this ss on forum..i just want to share here also..hope u all lyk it

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  1. hi all…its purely rosid ss..only fr rosid fans…if any one who r both premar n rosid it on ur own risk..n guys its all abt..frm jhumki track..hw sid finds roli is alive…amar n jhumki mrg..rosid mrg.. jhanvi entry..n sid trust on roli at tym of sourya track

  2. One of my favourite ss honey I’ll read again
    Nice update dear
    Waiting for nxt

    1. i know yar..u vl b d first one to cmnt…luv u dear fr ur gr8 i vl continue this based on d responce i get

  3. What is happening,you guys at Colours,please give us some sensible story lines!

    1. i didnt get u..r u bashing my stry r ssk..anyways tq fr cmnt

    1. tq dear

  4. nice continue very happy for tis…i.e only for rosid..

  5. nice honey

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