Only ROSID (Part 9)

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Rosid go to airport and catch the flight

Roli : I’m so very hungry

Sid : what are you so very hungry

Roli : it’s not funny I didn’t eat breakfast

Sid : why Roli ? You will get poorly

Air hostess gives Roli food

Roli : this is very hot to touch

Sid touches it

Sid : no it’s not

He understands what Roli wants

Sid : it’s ok don’t eat

Roli : but …

Sid : your plan failed na I’m joking I’ll feed u

Sid fed Roli

In return Roli fed Sid they shared a close hug

Sid : after so long we are alone lets romance

Roli : no Sid we are not alone there are other people on the flight

Sid : your very boring Roli

The flight lands

They go to thier hotel

Sid : mm the fresh air of goa … It’s amazing

Roli : let’s go to the beach

Sid : Roli I’m tired not yet

Roli : why Dd u bring me here if your going to b tired ?

Roli threw a pillow at him

Sid : ouch jhansi ki rani let me show you

Sid threw a pillow at Roli

They ran around the room and had a pillow fight

Sid : ok baba change and let’s go

Roli opens her suit case and there are wierd stuff

She pulls out a long western dress

Roli : Sid wat is this where are my saris

Sid : how would I kno ur simar di packed this

Roli : it’s ok I’ll wear

They both went to the beach

Roli buried Sid in the Sand

They had ice cream

Danced near the beach to shaaryaan ( from holiday)

Roli hugging Sid : I’m so happy

Sid : me too

Roli : thanx fr bringing me here Sid I love u

Sid : love u too

He gave her a kiss

Pre cap : ROSID go to a restraunt a play a couple game
Sid decorayes the room beautifully
Romi finds out about rolis whereabouts

Credit to: ROSID fan


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