Only ROSID (Part 8)


Roli wakes from her sleep

Sid : what’s wrong Roli are u ok

He gave her a hug

Roli : nnothing Sid just a bad dream

Sid : was it about romi ?

Roli : no it was just nothing

Sid : Roli it’s ok I kno that it was about romi don’t worry I told u I’m with u

Roli : I kno sid but…..

Sid : no buts tomorrow I’m going to take u out so ur mind will go away from all this

Roli : Sid ur work

Sid : tomorrow no one will come between me and my wife so for now sleep

Roli : make me sleep

Sid : come here

Roli layed on his lap and he patted her head to sleep

Sid on his mind : I hate to see Roli like this tomorrow I did say I will take her but where ?

In the morning Sid got up early and Roli was still asleep

He searched on his laptop where to go and decided to go to the beach

He chose a red maxi dress for Roli and himself got ready in tshirt and and jeans

Roli awoke and saw the dress

She knew immedietly where Sid was taking her

Sid came in the room

Roli ( to tease Sid ) : what kind of dress have u taken out

Sid : what’s wrong with it

Roli : the colour the shape the everything

Sid : I chose it with so much love

Roli : I understand but it’s not my type

Sid : fine u be picky and I’ll go alone today bye !

Roli : wait Sid ! I was only joking I love it
Sid : and I love u too hurry and get ready now

Roli got ready and was looking beautiful with some red wedges to top it’s off

She left her hair open and wore small gold earings

Sid : come on now my queen

Roli : queen?

Sid : for today this man is your servant and u my queen

Roli : not servant King

Sid : ok so shall we go we have a flight to catch

Roli : a flight ?

Sid : where not going to any sort of beach

Pre cap : they arrive at the hotel
Simar has packed wierd things for Roli
ROSID enjoy happy moments …

Pls tell me the place I can use where there’s beaches and pls comment good or bad I don’t mind !

Credit to: ROSID fan

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  1. Ur ff is nice. I love ur ff but give update long this is too short

  2. nice update please give long update
    Gov ok for u

  3. Nice…goa is perfect…sid make roli to sleep tat scene so nice…waiting for nextupdate…one request my frnd if it possible u pls post ur ff daily…if u have time…

    1. I’m sorry I can’t post them long as my exams are approaching and I have tonns of homework so hopefully I will try to update daily and thanx I’ll use goa

  4. Very nice episode plz continue

  5. nyc upd dear do continue

  6. yes goa is perfect dr.. i luv ur ff..continue

  7. Its ok da…

  8. nice update dear… ur ff z really gud… waiting for da next.. if possible change da pic.. plz use rosid pic…

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