Only ROSID (Part 7)


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Love ROSID fan

Roli in her mind : Sid is doing so much for me but only I kno how dangerous romi actually is


Roli looks into the warehouse and see lots of girls some are dead others are tied up

Roli : there’s anila who went missing the other week

Romi : Anila I don’t need u anymore I’ve found another beautiful girl to go in my collection

Roli is shocked she knows romi means her

She wants to scream but instead she calls the police and tells them to come quietly

Anila : pls don’t do anything to another innocent girl

Romi : shut up I can kill u now and make u like these dead girls now but I won’t do that

Anila : pls leave me

The police arrive and some police men go quitley up to romi and catch him

Romi: leave me !

Roli comes out of her hiding and helps the inspector untie the girls

Romi : Roli u betrayed me and my love

Roli : I didn’t love u

Romi : I will never forget what u did Roli

Roli : u have hurt so many innocent girls and u expect me to love u

Romi : I will get revenge Roli I will come back and take you
Remember Roli I will come and take you

Flashback ends

Roli can see darkness everywhere

She can hear laughs of someone

Romi : Roli I’m hear to get u as I promised

Roli can see she’s in the warehouse there are dead girls
Other girls screaming in pain

Roli screams

Credit to: ROSID fan

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  1. super continue…waiting hw rosid handle that romi

  2. Nice…yaar…pls continue…v all definitely read ur ff and comments also…so pls continue…

  3. interesting dear plz continue

  4. really nice… plz continue…

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