Only ROSID (Part 6)


Sry for the late update guys my ff wasn’t going through now hopefully it’s ok now

Roli has noticed when she goes somewhere in collage romi would be around but she didn’t think as much

Thapki : Roli I told yyou he’s a creepy guy

Roli : it could just be a coincidence thapki if I’m not thinking about it that much u shouldn’t either

Thapki : I have to tthink about it matters could get worse

Roli : thapki don’t worry nothing will happen romi is a nice guy

Someone put thier hand on Roli shoulder

She turned around there was romi

Romi : you think I’m a nice guy ?

Roli : yes I mean your friendly to people

Thapki goes from there giving Roli a look that says stay away from him

Romi : well I need to be nice to people

Roli : but they are not nice to u always making up stories

Romi: I don’t mind I guess that’s wat people do

Roli : you shouldn’t put up with that

Romi : it’s ok will u meet me after college
By the back gates

Roli : ok

Roli waits after school for romi by the back gates

He comes and they walk to a nearby building almost like a small warehouse

Roli : this looks like a warehouse of a Bollywood movie

Romi : do u like watching movies

Roli : of course my fav is sha ru khan

Romi : mine to where do similar I like you very much

Roli : I kno I’m a nice girl

Romi : no I want to spend my life with u

By now they were in the ware house and romi shut the door

Roli : no romi I like u but not in that way

Romi : it doesn’t matter Roli I love u and my love will fulfil love from both sides until u will fall in love with me

Saying this he put his arm around her

Roli : romi please step away

Romi: why are u so scared Roli

He tries to hug her

Roli grabs a nearby vase and hits it on his head she runs away out the window

Romi follows her and Roli hides behind a wall

Romi : Roli come back !

Roli stays as silent as she can

She sees romi take out a knife

Roli : matarani pls help me

Romi hears screaming from nearby he enters back to another room in the ware house

Roli silently follows him

She has a look inside she is really shocked

She wants to scream but she holds herself together

She goes behind a wall and calls the police

Flashback ends

Roli : omg that same romi is back but I thought he was in custody with the police

Sid : wat romi

Roli is shocked she didn’t know that Sid was awake

Sid : Roli tell me now what romi

Hesitating Roli told him the whole story and what she saw that day

Sid : now I kno why there is someone after u I will find him now at any cost

Roli was in tears remembering romi she is scared of him and she feels that he will kill her

Sid : Roli don’t cry come go to sleep

Roli lies her head on sids stomach and he pats her head so she can sleep

The next morning Sid takes Roli to trace the phone call made to her last night

But it was made from a calling machine

Sid : I need another way to figure him out

Roli : I don’t kno Sid I don’t even kno how he came to Delhi I don’t even kno how he found me

Sid : Roli u are worrying again I told u to be tension free ok

He gave her s kiss on her forehead

Pre cap : Roli can’t see anything she can hear romi getting closer
Romi : where will u go now Roli
You have nowhere to escape …

Credit to: ROSID fan

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