Only ROSID (Part 4)


It is morning
Sid : Roli I will stay home today and look after you

Roli : no Sid I’m ok anywayz there are loads of people to look after me

Sid : are you sure Roli I don’t want you getting hurt again

Roli : I’m sure 100% I’ll look after myself

Sid : ok but I will come quick I’ll be worried about you constantly

He gives her a kiss and leaves

Roli ( to her self ) : im so lucky to get such a caring husband thank you God

Later Roli goes down stairs and she sees a note beside the stairs

She picks it up and it reads ” I told you I would come Roli ”

Roli is shocked and scared

She decides not to tell anyone anything as they will get worried and she throws the note away

Later Sid comes home and finds Roli day dreaming sitting on thier bed

Sid : Roli hello where are you lost

Roli : nnothing Sid

Sid : I kno when you stammer you are lying to me

Roli : no it’s nothing like that

Sid : tell me the truth you swear on my life

Roli : ok Sid

Roli tells Sid about everything

Sid : don’t worry Roli I will rip open the earth to find the person who is messing with you

They share a hug

Roli is cooking in the kitchen and making dinner for everyone

Suddenly the lights go off

She can hear breathing close by to her

Roli : Sid is that you ?

There’s no answer

Roli : who is this?

” I’m here Roli and I will take you and go ”

Roli screams
Everyone comes into the kitchen and the lights come on

Sid : what’s wrong Roli

Roli : some one was here he told me that he will take me and go

Sid : don’t worry Roli he will be close by

Sid, prem , shailu, sattu, sankalp and amar run outside and look everywhere but they can’t find any one

Prem : he must have run away

Sid : don’t worry we’ll find him

Roli is getting more tensed and scared of what is happening

Sid : Roli you trust me don’t you ?

Roli : more than I trust myself

Sid : then you have to stay strong and be my brave tigress ok?

Roli : yes Sid I will stay strong

It’s night time everyone goes to thier rooms

Rosid get into bed
Rolis phone starts ringing

Pre cap: nobody answers the phone
It’s 3 am she gets another call ” Roli don’t you remember it’s me Romi “

Credit to: ROSID fan

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  1. Nyc upd dear…BT who is romi…early waitin fr next

    1. Carry on reading to find out

  2. suspence episode…so nice…thanks for ur ff…waiting for next update…

  3. Nice. who is romi???

    1. All will be revealed

  4. Nice update. …who is romi??? Reveal soon
    Waiting for nxt

  5. by the is romi is boy r girl dr? ☺☺ i like ur suspense in ff dr

  6. Nice update dear..who z romi?? Waiting for the next

  7. nice update dear who is romi

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