Only ROSID (Part 3)


It’s night time and in ROSID room

Roli : thank u Sid I kno all this was your idea
Sid : I had to do something special for my Roil anyway how did u like the gift?

Roli thinks for abit and to tease Sid she says its ok

Sid: what do u mean it’s ok

Roli : it could have been better u kno

Sid : if it was ok give it to me

Roli : why?
She gave him the locket

Sid : ok let’s go return it to the shop at least my money will be saved

Roli : no Sid I was only joking I love it

Sid : and I love u too

They hug

Sid : let’s sleep it’s quite late I need to go office tomorrow

At 2am Roli awakes hearing a harmonica playing from outdid thier room

Roli : Sid wake up wats that noise?

Sid : leave me Roli

So Roli got up and decided to go check
Everything was quiet again so she thought it might have been her imagination

She is about to go back to bed when the noise starts coming again

She sees a man in a hoodie standing by the stairs she walks towards him to see whether he is really there or if she’s dreaming

She soon finds out he’s real and shouts out everyone’s name

He pushes Roli down the stairs and she screams she hits the last step on her head and faints

The man runs away from an open window

Sid : Roil !

He runs down the stairs and lifts her

Prem calls the doctor and he comes to treat her wounds

Roli comes to consious

Sid : how did you fall down the stairs ?

Roli : I saw a man in the house I went to him called everyone and by the time u came he pushed me and ran

Sid : Roli next time please don’t try to be a jasoos u could have seriously hurt yourself

Roli : don’t worry Sid I’m ok

Sid : no I’m going to find that man who did this to you

Pre cap : in the morning Roli finds another note by the stairs
It said ” I told u I would come Roli ”
Roli is scared

Credit to: ROSID fan

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  1. Nice…so mystery…waiting for next episode…

  2. Make it long yaar… Please

    1. I’m sorry I have limited time to write I try best to write as much as I can
      I have exams and school life is stressing
      I hope u understand

      1. School student…!!! Wow…I appreciate your talent…. Concentrate on studies… Do your best…

  3. Super update. ……reveal the mystery soon….
    Waiting for nxt update

  4. Suprb yar gr8 gng …waitin fr next

  5. Superb update.. Waiting for da next..

  6. Hi yaar may i know which standard r u studying nice epi i lve it r u from tamil nadu pls clear my doubts ???????

    1. Sorry I’m from the england and I don’t really understand wat u mean by standard over hear we have years

  7. nice update ya. waiting for next

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