Only ROSID (Part 2)


It’s the next morning Roli gets up and wanders how the day will be as its her birthday she tries to wake Sid up but he doesn’t respond

Roli: Sid get up its morning

Sid: Roli leave me I’m tired

Hearing this she gets upset and goes to have a shower

Sid gets up and knows that she will have the best time ever

Later khushi takes Roli out to go to the shop as she wants to look at sarees

Roli is upset as no one remembers her birthday but she stays quiet

In the bw
house everyone is getting ready for the

They put lights everywhere and there is a huge cake that simar has made saying happy 23rd birthday Roli

Khushi tells Roli to try on a red sarees with sequins on so she can see how it looks

Roli puts the saree on

Khushi: leave it on Roli you are looking really beautiful in this I will just pay the bill and let’s start going home

Roli: ok Khushi I will leave this on if you say so

They both reach home and it’s really dark Roli is worried

Roli: Sid where r u mataji, didi is anyone here ?

Suddenly the lights go on

Everyone : surprise! Happy birthday Roli

Roli : this is beautiful I thought you all forgot about me

Sid: is that even possible Roli ? Anywayz your looking gorgeous

He gives her a hug

Everyone is happy and they all dance to a song ( it can be whatever you like )

Suddenly anjali accidently drops juice on Roli

Anjali : I am sorry Roli aunts I spoiled your clothes

Roli : it’s ok beta I will go clean it up

Roli leaves the party and goes upstairs to clean her saree

She fixes it and is about to go back down when there’s a huge crash at their bedroom window

Everyone hears it from downstairs and they run to ROSID room

Sid: are you ok Roli what happened?

Roli: I’m fine Sid it was just a stone

Prem : this isn’t just a stone it says something

He opened the note which read “I am coming ”

Everyone is shocked

Mataji: don’t worry it must be some kids mischief we will get the window fixed first thing tomorrow for now let’s go cut the cake

Everyone goes back down a cuts the cake

Sid is about to feed Roli and puts it on her face instead

She chases him with cake and puts it on his face too

Everyone is having lots of fun

Later everyone gives Roli lots of gifts

Lastly Sid gifts her the locket with both their pictures In Roli loves it and he puts it on her they hug

The party is over and everyone goes to bed

Roli: once again thanks everyone for making this the best birthday ever

Pre cap : at night in ROSID room Roli hears a harmonica playing from outside thier room she decides to go look
Some one pushes her down the stairs
She screams

Credit to: ROSID fan

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  1. Nice. precap is good waiting for next part

  2. I request you please don’t bring any supernatural things in ff please…

  3. nice upd…n hapie to watch roli ssk they showd only one tym..that too with maya….bt once also they didnt celebrated roli bday….hapie to c here

  4. Nice episode precap more interesting and plz don’t make any supernatural it’s my request dear

  5. ya true honey…thy didnt celebrate her birthday…thanks rosid fan…nice…waiting for next update…

  6. Nice update… Nw only even i’ ve realized dat in ssk dey haven’t ever celebrated roli’s b’day wid her. Either it was Maya or she was in pot..happy to see roliz b’day here in Ur ff.. Waiting for nxt..

  7. super Roli birth day party so nice
    give more Rosid romance

  8. Thanx for the comments and don’t worry nothing supernatural is coming up I hate things like that

  9. Super update. ….waiting for precap

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