Only ROSID (Part 17)

Soo many people have commented for me to continue and although I do have exams coming up I can’t stop myself from writing some more for u guys

Thanx for your support

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Doctor comes in to do some quick tests on roli

Doctor : she’s getting well quiet quick she can go home soon

He calls Sid the side

Sid : yes doctor tell me

Doctor : Sid I can let Roli go home but she’s still very weak I don’t think she’ll be able to walk yet

Sid: then why are u discharging her?

Doctor : I also think that if she stays at home with the people she trusts she will get better quickly

Sid : so when can I take her home

Doctor : you can take her today itself
A nurse will come everyday to check on her

Sid : that’s not necessary my sister is a nurse at this hospital itself

Doctor: oh yes nurse Jhanvi that’s fine I will tell her what to do

Sid goes to Roli

Sid : they are going to discharge u today

Roli : that’s good I want to go home too

Sid signs the papers pays the bill and gets ready for Roli to go

Jhanvi brings clothes for Roli and she helps her put them on

The doctor gives Roli a wheel chair

Roli : I won’t be needing that

Doctor : but u are weak

Roli : I have my own transport system

She points at Sid

Sid lifts Roli and takes her to the car

They come home and everyone is eagerly waiting

Simar gives a hug to Roli

Simar : you scared me so much

Mataji : Sid take her to your room and let her rest

Sid takes Roli upstairs and lays her down in the bed

Roli : Sid I will rest but first answer my 1 question
What kids do u want ?

Sid : well Roli
A beautiful girl that resembles you with cute cheeks and gorgeous smile
And …

Roli : a handsome boy that resembles my Sid with dashing hair and amazing looks

Sid : now rest Roli

Roli : but that’s boring I did enough in the hospital

She tries to get up

Roli: ouch!

Sid : I told u to rest and not to try and be a Jhansi ki rani

Roli : sorry Sid but for real I’m bored

Sid : ok Roli idea our room is slightly messy
You tell me where everything goes and I will tidy it

Roli : no Sid it’s ok

Sid : no Roli your always tidying now it’s my turn to help

Roli : if u say so
But how about I don’t tell u anything and u figure out where everything goes

Sid : that’s not fair Roli

Roli : come on Sid it’ll be like a game

Sid : ok but first let’s feed u your medicine

Roli in her mind : I have the best husband ever …

Pre cap : Sid helps Roli get up on her feet
He tells Roli there is a surprise waiting for her …

Pls give me ideas of what can happen next …

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  1. Wow superb….superb…so nice samrah…thank u for update ur ff today…iam vex abt these crap ssk….but now i feel better because of ur ff…i ll always supports u and honey and also who made our rosid ffs s offcourse all rosidians…ll supports…and come to an idea abt u askd…i ll think and tell u…

  2. wow thanks samrah fr continuing ur ff dear but v ll B always here so plz concentrate on ur exams too all the best….& honey where s ur ff yaar plz start it fast Dr I m waiting?

  3. Superb upd dear….I’m hapie u c …ur continuing this ff….
    N cmng to my ff…frm 2 days I’m trying to update it…I m writing that ff in India forum…so I’m copying that frm n pasting here…yesterday I got mail that its copied content frm they told they can’t accept…I sent it again…don’t know whether they accept r not…

  4. Iam also eargerly waiting for ur ff honey…and samrah do well ur exams all the best…da…

  5. Superb update dear.. Am really happy DAT u r continuing ur ur exams well.. And honey I am also eagerly waiting for ur ff…

  6. Thanx for the comments
    And Ramadan Mubarak ?

  7. superb wow i liked that samrah when are you going to write the part 18 actually don’t worry about that now concentrate on your exams and also ramadan mubarak

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