Only ROSID (Part 16)


I’m so sorry

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written

But there are more of my exams approaching fast

For this reason I cannot upload as often

So I’m going to wrap up the story for now

And hopefully if I get enough comments I will continue once my exams are over

Thanx for understanding

Yours ROSID fan

Sid rushes into the hospital carrying Roli

Sid : Doctor you must make my wife ok

He lays her down on a stretcher and the doctor takes her into the operation theatre

Sid sits hand on head waiting for a response

He has his fingers crossed

The light comes of the theatre

Sid rushes to the doctor

Sid : please doctor tell me is Roli ok

Doctor : it’s very hard to save both of them but we are trying our best

Sid : what do you mean doctor

Doctor : don’t u kno that Roli is pregnant

Sid is shocked

Sid : please doctor save my wife and my child

Doctor : we are trying our best the rest is on god

Sid prays to God for his wife and child to be ok

Prem : please Sid eat something

Sid : no prem I will not eat or drink until my wife and child are saved

Sid waits and waits

He falls asleep outside

He is awaken by the doctor

Doctor : Roli has awaken

Sid : and my child doctor is it ok too

Doctor : not your child but your children

Sid :what do u mean

Doctor : Roli is pregnant with twins

Sid is overwhelmed

He goes into the room to Roli

A tear rolls down his cheek

Roli : what’s this ?

Sid : you scared me Roli

Roli looks at Sids hand his fingers are still crossed

She kisses them

Roli : why would anything happen to me with u by my side

Sid : no Roli not just you

Roli : what do u mean Sid

Sid : Roli your going to be a mum not to 1 but 2 children

Sid hugs Roli tightly

Roli : I can’t be more happy

Doctor : Roli can go home in a few days

Roli : Sid and that Romi

Sid : Roli don’t worry he’s in jail under tight security pls forget about him now

And let’s begin our new life …

Credit to: Samrah

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  1. Wow superb…twins for rosid…so nice…waiting for next update…samrah pls continue ur is so nice..

  2. Superb samrah!!waiting for DA next.. Plz continue dear… N all DA best 4 ur examz..

  3. super dear..luvd it…n all d best fr ur xams…u have to come back definitly after xams

    n sry samarah in ur going to ask our frnds decision abt my new ff…without ur permission

    guys i wanna start new ss….pure rosid ss…title is kaho na pyar hai…n i just want to ask opinion of our frnds…shall i start? if yes..i hope u all suprt me..hw u did in my previous ff…n plz rosidians…i know v all r going through tough phase…bt guys dnt go to depression…its difficult…bt just try to move us ssk n rosid r no more…v have only their memories..let us cherish those with ffs vms and edits

    1. Thanx dear
      And definately start your new ff
      You have full support from me

    2. Thanx dear
      And definately start your new ff
      You have full support from me?

    3. S dear plz start that OS soon??????

  4. yes da honey pls start our rosid ff i ll also always supports u…eargerly waiting for ur ff..nowadays our rosidians ffs only the great medicine for us

  5. lovely deaar….?..ur ff is short and sweet and all the best fr ur exams samrah………..

    and honey u Dnt need to ask permission like this abt rosid ff….we are eagerly waiting yaar so plz start ur ff ??

  6. Wow super stry line i will wait for your stry untill your xams get over but today episode was awesome

  7. Gr8 dear… U know I love ur ffz… Plzz get going… N abt support u obviously know DAT we support u no matter what.. Lyk everyone said, eagerly waiting for ur ff…

  8. i liked that i wished that happened in a episode when avika aka roli was still in ssk

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