Only ROSID (Part 15)


Roli looks around for a way of escape

She sees an open window and slips out

She runs through the forest

Romis man remembers that he left his phone in the warehouse room

Wen he goes inside he doesn’t see Roli

He informs romi that she’s missing

His men run after her and spot her

Roli runs faster

She trips on a rock and hurts her foot

Romis men almost catch her but she hides behind a tree

They search for her everywhere

Roli in her mind : anyhow I need to get to the main road

Roli ran from the back

Some one caught her scarf and it ripped

Roli turned around it was just a tree

She carried on running but her foot was hurting

Meanwhile Sid per rolis instructions drove to the place she told him

Roli could no longer run

Her feet ached very bad

Tears rolled down her cheek

Roli could hear romis men catching up

She tried to run fast but they spotted her

One man grabbed her by the arm Roli grabbed a stick nearby

She hit him and ran on to the main road onto a car

It was sids car

Romi had come round the other way

As soon as Sid was coming out the car

Romi : Roli if u can’t b mine u can b any 1s

He held out the gun and fired

Everyone was shocked

Roli was shot in the stomach

Sid came and she fell into her arms

The police arrived and arrested romi

Sid: Roli keep ur eyes open nothing will happen to u

Roli : now that I’m with u I’m sure nothing will happen to me

Sid put Roli in the car

Prem began to drive to the hospital

Pre cap :
Doctor : I could only save 1 of them
Sid : what do u mean
Dr : don’t u kno Roli …

Credit to: Samrah

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  1. Superrrrrr update…. that means roli is pregnant wow?????waiting for next part

  2. Niceupdate…samrah…wat a courageous our roli…is it roli pregnant?i hope both ll b fine…waiting for rosid cute moments…

  3. omg…is roli pregnant…plz dont let anything happen to both of them…I don’t want rosid to lose their baby 🙁

  4. Superb update samrah… Roli was awesome… She really showed how brave she is in those difficult situation… N roli z pregnant?? Hope roli n baby will be fyn!!

  5. Roli is pregnant wow very nice

  6. wonderful dear roli is pregnant….?

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