Only ROSID (Part 14)


Roli faints into Sid arms

Sid : Roli are u ok Roli open ur eyes

Mataji: I think it’s because she’s been fasting all day

Simar : shall I come with u Sid

Sid : no simar it’s fine u guys open ur fasts and I’ll take Roli into the room

Sid takes Roli upstairs and puts her on the bed

Sid : what’s wrong with u these days Roli

He splashes water on her but she doesn’t wake up

He goes to call the doctor

After Sid calls the doctor he hears a vase crash outside thier room and goes to see

But nobody is there

He checks around and doesn’t see anything

When he goes back into the room Roli is not there

Sid : Roli !

He panics and looks out the windows but he doesn’t see anything

He looks at the mirror

In lipstick it says :

I have fulfilled one of my promises to Roli
And it won’t b long until I fulfil the second
Of making her mine forever

Sid gets really angry and runs out the house

Flash back

Romi puts a drug in rolis water with what she opens her fast

When Sid put her in the room one of his men dropped the case outside the room

He wrote on the mirror

And took Roli out the window

Flashback ends

Meanwhile romi takes Roli to the barn that he had kept the girls before he was arrested

He ties her up just like he had tied the other girl

Romi : like u had saved the other girls before I will make sure no one saves u

Prem runs after Sid when he finds out what happened

They both try to find Roli

Prem calls the police and let’s them know

Everyone is searching for Roli

The others are very worried at home

Roli wakes up

Her head hurts

She looks around at where she is

She tries to move but discovers she’s tied up

Flashbacks come to Roli about what happened in the place she’s in

She shouts and screams for help

Romi comes out

Romi : hi Roli I hope you don’t have any difficulties here
I have arranged for u to be here very comfortably

Roli : please let me go
What have I done to u

Romi : what have u done to me ?
Well your magic has made me crazy about u
Don’t u want to kno what I’m going to do to u

Roli : please let me go

Romi : no darling tomorrow I have arranged for us to get married I see u are already ready
I’ll see u tomorrow then

Roli : no please let me go !

Romi goes away

His men give Roli food to eat

Romi man : I will unty u for half an hour as per my masters command
But if u do something wrong remember it won’t be good for u

He untied Roli and goes out

Roli looks around and realises that one of the men have left thier phone

She quickly grabs it

She quickly phones Sid

Roli : please pick up the phone Sid

Roli tried ringing again

Sid stops the car and answers the phone

Roli : hello

Sid : Roli how are u where are u

Roli : Sid listen to me carefully I don’t have much time

Sid : Roli first tell me where u are

Roli : I’m In the ware house next to my old collage do u remember i had showed u once

Sid : yes Roli I will come to get u

pre cap : Roli escapes through a window
Romi men find out that she’s missing
They run after her
Roli sees Sid
She screams Sid runs to her

Credit to: ROSID fan

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