Only ROSID (Part 13)


Firstly I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing a lot lately coz it’s been my geography exam this week and the rest of my exams are approaching fast

So I’m going to try and wrap up this track of my story

Hopefully after all my exams are over and I’m stress free i will write another track in my story

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Roli comes back to Sid at the table

Food is already there

Sid : why is the colour of your face gone

Roli : no reason

Sid : there has to b a reason Roli I know u in and out

Roli : I’m just hungry Sid that’s all

ROSID eat food and return to hotel quickly as they need to catch a flight back

Roli : Sid tomorrow is karwa chaut

Sid : don’t worry Roli I remember I will also fast for my life to b with me for the rest of my life

Roli : aww Sid your very sweet

Sid : I’m definately sweet like sugar

Roli : no chocolate

Sid : ok baba chocolate

They reach home at late night

Everyone welcomes them

Mataji: everyone go sleep u need to awake early tomorrow to keep ur fasts

Everyone sleeps

Sids alarm goes of at 4 am

He offs if

Sid : Roli get up don’t u need to fast

He looks over his shoulder and sees Roli fast asleep clinging to his arm

Sid in his mind : she looks so cute like this

Sid shakes Roli ever so slightly

But she turns and carries on sleeping

Sid tries many times

He lifts her out of bed

Roli wakes up and screams

Sid : shush ! It’s only me

Roli : does anyone Eva wake up someone like this

Sid : Roli I did u a favour u weren’t getting up

Roli : what’s the time

Sid : 4

Roli : oh my god I need to get a move on put me down

Sid : why should I

Roli : or I won’t fast for ur long life

Sid : not even good can separate us

Simar knocks on the door : Roli come on now hurry

Sid puts Roli down and they go downstairs

Everyone keeps thier fasts sharing food at the dining table

In the morning the men go to office and the women start preparing for the evening

Everyone works hard to decorate everything beautifully and make food for the evening

The men come back from work

Sid : Roli wat shall I wear

Roli : are u blind It’s I front of u

Sid : wow did u buy it for me

Roli : yes how is it

Sid : it’s amazing

Roli goes to get ready

She wears a red skirt with a red blouse with sequins and a scarf across

She has a puff with mang tikka

Sid looks at Roli in awe

Sid : can I get married to u again

Roli : very funny Sid

Sid : I promise u that the prettiest girl down stairs will b u

Roli : and the handsome prince will be u

They hug

Down stairs everyone is dancing

Roli dances to balle balle with Sid

The moon is seen

Sid gives Roli the water

She drinks it

She feels dizzy…

Pre cap : Roli faints
Sid takes her to thier room he goes out to call doctor
There is a crash
Sid runs in the room … Roli is nowhere to be seen

Credit to: ROSID fan

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  1. wow interesting update
    what happen to Roli

  2. Niceeeeeee dear
    Ur ff is too good.
    Waiting for next part

  3. Nice update…where is roli did tat romi kidnapped our roli?

  4. Nice update dear…

  5. Super upds dear…luv rosid….n all.d best fr ur xams

    1. Thank you
      And thanx to everyone for the comments

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