Only ROSID (Part 12)

Other couples go up on stage and anser the questions

It’s ROSID turn

Man: so Sid for you wat is love

Sid : like baba srk says I think that love is friendship
I love Roli very much because she is my best friend
She is my breath and without her I will die
I’m alive but she is what is breathing for me
Love is friendship that’s wat i say..

Everyone claps

Roli is looking lovingly at Sid

Man: very good anser Sid it’s one of a kind really
Now Roli your question
How important is Sid to u ?

Roli : Sid
He is someone I need in my life forever
We are living only together
And will die only together
He is my life
If he’s in trouble I’m hurt more
Wen he’s happy I’m the happiest girl in the world
Sid doesn’t only have importance in my life
But in every life I will be with him
The most important thing to me ever…

Everyone gives standing ovation

Roli blushes

Sid goes to her and gives her a hug

Man : I guess you’ve won
Your love has won the hearts of everyone
I have never seen love this pure

They both get trophies that say : best couple
They also get a gift hamper with chocolates and everything

Roli : Sid I’ll just go to the washroom

Sid : ok come quick then we’ll eat

Roli : ok 2 mins

Roli goes upstairs to the washroom

There is bang like a plant falling Roli looks around and no one is there

She makes her way to the washroom but feel as though some one is watching her

Roli is scared but doesn’t think about it too much

She goes into washroom and freshes up

As she goes out she feels someone pull her

Roli :aaa!

Someone covers her mouth

Voice : you can’t be the best couple Roli
You are only mine

Roli moves him away

Roli : go away romi I hate u I’m never going to be yours never

She runs away

She calms down and goes to Sid

She decides not to say anything about this

Pre cap : they have dinner and go back to hotel
Roli is worried
They go back to Baradwaj house
Romi calls Roli
Next day is karwa chaut

Credit to: ROSID fan


  1. vaishnavi

    superb…tis competition scene is so nice…waiting for the next…rosid answer abt love is superb…

  2. Renuka Rosid

    wow super dear. waiting for Rosid karwa chaut scene please put Rosid karwa chaut image.

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