Only ROSID (Part 10)

Sid takes Roli to a nearby restraunt

It’s decorated beautifully with red hear balloons everywhere

They were directed to a table where there were candles lit

Roli : wow Sid this is beautiful

Sid : and now that ur in it its 10 times more beautiful

Roli: how sweet

she gave him a flying kiss

A man walked on the stage : hey guys today we are going to play a short game to find the best couples
There will b 3 rounds
Round 1 will be to test your dancing
Round 2 will be to test your team work
And round 3 you will be given a question each to answer
Couples will be eliminated in each round

Sid : let’s go play Roli

Roli : ok let’s go

Man: round 1 you are given a square and it will b folded in each round

ROSID stood on the mat and the music started

They danced Sid arm around Roli waist and her hand on his shoulder

The music stopped and Sid folded the square

Sid: don’t fall already Roli

Roli : very funny Sid

Wen they fold it last Roli slips of her shoes and places her feet on sids

They sway to the beat of the music

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  1. Superb yaar… Short but cute update…Hope rosid win all 3 rounds.. Luv rosid!! N waiting for the next…

    1. I’m sorry it was quite long but I think the rest has been cut of I guess I’ll hv to write that again

  2. Nice….its k…waiting for the next…waiting for rosid cute scenes…asual rosid style superb…roli put her feet in to sid’s…cute scene…

  3. so sweet update waiting for next

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