Roli as a child married to Siddanth in a small ceremony. Roli has even tattooed Siddanth’s name on her arm After some time her father dies and blame comes to Siddanth’s father due to this his father rejects Roli to be his dil. Roli along with his brother and mother, moves to different village away from Siddanth’s family. Now they grow up and Roli considers herself as the wife of Siddanth and rejects to marry anyone else. Eventually her mother dies and her brother Gautam stays single as he don’t want to marry till he send his sister in laws house. Roli and her brother now no rich like earlier. Roli works as the governess of a rich lady and gautham sell toys from one village to another. One day rich lady falls sick and her son brings a doctor to see her. This doctor is none other then Siddanth when roli saw him she recognizes Sid she felt very happy but disappoint when sid not recognise her. Siddanth checked the lady and give medicines and return to his village. Roli feel very bad tears fall from her eyes she thin for Sid she waiting from childhood he forgot me.
Flash back
On the other side, Siddanth father dies and he becomes a doctor, he goes to marry another girl Sonia who was also a victim of child marriage and has no one now. They had a son Gaurav and Lakhi dies after some time due to illness. He moves to his own village and starts practice there.
Fb end
When Siddanth return to his village he felt something strange in himself feeling resrtless when his mother Sujata see his condition worried and ask what happened Sid ” don’t know maa when I went to other village to checked the lady I saw there a girl she just staring me and I m also felt that I knew that girl but can’t recognized her. Sujata “what’s her name” Sid “don’t know” for some time sujata talked to him and went from there Sid feel restless whole night. Other side Roli not control her emotions and continuously cry when Gautam asked she cried a lot and said “Siddanth ji came here but he forgot me I lost my love and husband” Gautam try to console her and said “that’s y from childhood we told u to forgot Sid and move on but u can’t listened us and maa also died she can’t saw ur condition Roli cry and tell she is the reason behind of her maa death Gautam try to convince her that u r not reason Roli hug him and cried a lot till now she don’t know that Sid is married and one son also and his wife is died. This major truth soon reveal to ROli and definitely that time she can’t control herself and she will collapse.After few days Sid once again came to Roli village to examine that lady his eyes searching Roli but that time she is not there he ask from who’s that girl then she tell him about Roli and her past Sid feel bad he can’t think for a second that her husband is none other then him. Sid can’t understand y he feel different for Roli y he sad when he knows about past y he feel bad that she is married and her husband and family not accepted her and y he feel hurt when rich lady told that still she considers herself as the wife of that person.When he return to his village and tell everything to Sujata she shocked and her face expression change bcoz now she know the truth that girl is Roli and he still waiting for Siddanth. After saw her mother reaction ask what happen Sujata tell everything to him He gets a shock to learn that Roli is still waiting for none other then him he feel happy from inside bcoz having soft corner on his heart from first day when he met to her. Now day by day Sid became restless and try to find excuse to meet Roli .Roli also feeling gud that her love with him but both till now not express their love sid also saw tattoo of his name in her arm and feeling very haapy. But fate has other plans one day from one villager mouth she know that Sid is married his wife died and they had one son Roli thinks that Siddanth has betrayed her she totally broke down. from that day she started to avoid Siddanth. on other side Siddanth’s mother is happy to accept Roli as daughter-in-law but Sid can’t understand what happened to Roli y she avoiding him now it’s difficult for him to stay away from his Roli he decide to sort out everything and went to Roli house firstly Roli not ready to open the door then Sid say “if u not open the door i break the door ” now Roli have no other option she open the door Sod came inside and lock the door Roli feel nervousness Sid come close to her and ask y u behave strangely to him but she can’t utter a single word now Sid feel more irritating he hold her hands and pulled towards him by sudden puling she fell on his chest he hold her waist tightly so that she wont go away Roli tried a lot to came out from his grip but she failed to do that bcoz of his strong arms Sid”what happened tell me if u not tell me how can I know what’s bothering you I can’t handle this bcoz “I love you Roli”. Roli gave a dried smile and ask in sarcastically tone really now Sid feel more irritating about her speaking tone and ask seriously what happened now Roli can’t control herself and burst out ” what u think Siddanth ji I m for use and throw first u marry me ur family throw me and then u came to my village and fond out that I m ur wife and still waiting for u so u thought this girl waiting for me felt pity on me and also takes her for granted that she is poor and definitely accepted me bcoz she had no other option I really felt happy when u showed me ur love for me but when truth revealed that u r married and son also then I realize u felt guilty and came out from that guilt u want to marry me not for love u show me tears came out from her eyes and me idiot think u love me and felt very happy but no then y I still put tattoo of ur name in my hand she tried to burn her arms Sid shocked and stopped her by doing this and by her every words and her sudden action he get angry and pin her to wall and say” how dare u to think like that of me really Roli from few days r closeness is just bcoz I felt pity on u look into my eyes and tell ya I did big mistake that I m not tell u the truth yes it’s right I can’t remembered anything of our childhood but something restricted me to go behind for some other girl and now I tell u the most important thing till now I never told to anyone listen clearly I didn’t marry to Sonia when I went to her village to saw her husband who is very ill bvut I can’t saved her that time Sonia was 2 weeks pregnant I saw some evil eyes on her so I bring her to home and told everyone she is my wife and Gaurav is his child and my mom also didn’t know about this truth and I hope u also not tell anyone about this truth. Roli shocked Sid continue ya I not remembered anything but I love only one girl and is u. “You r my better half till infinity” and no one can seprate us even you got it tears came from his eyes roli can’t control herself and hug him tightly and crying her heart out. Roli “y u not tell this early y did u make me walk on fire y u don’t know that how much i love u y she give soft punches on his chest he hold her hand and hug her tight tight and more tight they are in the pleasure of each other arms for long time feeling each other’s warmth and fragrance after that they moved apart.Roli say don’t worry siddanth ji i never tell anyone about gaurav that he is not ur son and i promise u i treat him like own son Sid feel happy. Sid saw Roli she downed her face in shy Sid attracted by her beauty he looked looked at her lips and without waiting he locked her lips with him they continued loving each other for long.
After few days Sid marry to Roli with all rituals Gautham finally very happy that her sis got all her rights tears came from his eyes.Rosid reached Siddanth house. Sujatha took aarthi of Rosid. Roli lit diya and took blessings of the God. Roli now in Sid room.Siddanth entered in room and locked the door. Roli watching outside from the window next moment she feel his touch he caress her hand from her shoulder to her palm and intertwined his fingers with her. she felt shivering and closed her eyes he turned her face to him and took her lips on his both felt on bed while kissing he was on her and both kissing each other after long love making both sleep in each other arms.
Lets prayed for them that they live happy always.

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