jamunalal his wife, and two daughters one evil Simar and second sweet Roli live a comfortable and wealthy lifestyle. He has earned enough to give everything to his wife and daughters Simar and Roli. Simar the elder daughter has a very competitive spirit and wants to be the first in everything including the contest that she loses to her younger sister. But Roli take back step and the winners crown goes to Simar. This sibling rivalry continues even when the girls grow up. Both grow up to be entirely different. similarity both sister fall in love with same man Siddanth Bhardwaj wealthy and famous businessman no no only Roli loves him Simar just want him bcoz she find out that Roli loves him she leaves no stone unturned to win over sid love for her and manages to convince him using all her charms that they are made for each other. Sid falls head over heels in love with Simar and both plan to marry.
One fine day Sid came with his younger brother aryan to Roli house and asked Simar hand From Jamunalal .He shocked bcoz he knew that Roli loves Sid.Roli shattered but he convince his father to accept this proposal bcoz Di and sid loves each other. Marriage preperation started Roli totally broke down but she hide her tears and show happiness in front of everyone.Unfortunately Simar is ambitious to be a star in a film and gets an offer on the day of her wedding. She accepts and ran away from her marriage minutes before their wedding. Sid is furious and, in turn, marries Roli to save the respect of her family.

Sid entered to his room and said to Roli “sorry i not asked from u and marry u hope u understand.
Roli “no sidji in fact i m grateful to u my di hurt u but u saved my family respect in front of others.
Sid”give me sometime to accept this marriage” Roli nodded her head in yes.

First Sid and Roli relationship is quite uncomfortable. But, as time passes Sid falls in love with Roli but never said to her bcoz he not knows that roli also luvs him he think may be she not comfortable with this bcoz Roli behaviour never shows that she luvs him.Sid slowly slowly take further step to came close to Roli and one day he decide to tell her feelings to Roli.
Unfortunately Simar comes back home in a rage and tells Roli that she will never be happy because she has been betrayed.To get Sid back Simar is willing to do anything including ruining her sister’s life. She creates a lot of trouble like pretending to commit suicide etc.In the end Roli gives in and leaves her house bcoz Sid never said that he loves her Roli thought still Sid loves Simar and took this hard decision.Sid became so angry furiously makes Simar understand what’s the difference between her and Roli. Simar realises her mistake.Sid rushed to Roli house when he came to Roli house asked about her from Jamunalal where is Roli he said in her room Sid didn’t wait the next moment and rushed towards Roli’s room.He did not find her there he started searching for his wife he did not find her anywhere he went to terrace and spotted her.Sid slowly stood behind Roli who was too busy glaring at moon with teary eyes Sid slowly wrapped his hands around her waist Roli was shocked to see sid .

Sid placed his chin on her shoulder and whispered “how dare u to leave me u know “I Love You Na Yaar”
Roli had tears in her eyes and she started crying loudly by hugging sid and said “I Love You Too Na Yaar” i thought i loosed u forever.

I am truly very sorry Roli said Sid if i confessed earlier then u no face this situation
“it’s ok” said Roli and once again start crying Sid cant bear this and he locked her lips with his lips Roli was stunned She opened her eyes widely He started kissing her passionately biting her lips and teasing her to respond He caressed her delicate neck with his hand bringing her more closely Roli hands roamed around his hair she gave up and responded equally when they both felt they could not take any longer they broke the kiss Sid rested his forehead on hers catching much needed air “Roli you are the best thing ever happened in my life you dont think even for a second that i dont love you my love for you is infinity and i promise to love till the world ends”Sid said Roli eyes filled with tears but this time in happiness.
“i love you siddhanth ji” Roli said
“i love you too Roli “Sid said

Sid lifted her on his shoulders and took her to the room and and made roli to lay on bed Sid moved towards her lips after a while he moved towards her neck Roli closed her eyes Sid with a smile covered them with a blanket they were in their own world Roli was in the arms of her love Roli & Sid became RoSId

RoSid lived their life happily forever

plz forgive if u don’t like

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