Rosid os: when goon met his goddess


guys back with os
just tried
may b its some wat cinematic
bt still i hope u all r k with it

Sidhant bhardwaj…
One way to describe him merciless creature
A killing machine
A goon who follows the order of his father without thinking its right r wrong
He dnt know hw many members suffered becz of his acts
He only knows to obey his father …head of the goons…his name is lalaji
Coming to personality
Sidhant always wear pyjamas…n to this his long hair..n moustache n beard… and tilak in middle of eyebrows and serious face add some xtrapack to his rowdy looks
Bt one thing v can talk is any girl can fall fr his charm
Bt fact is every girl is scared to face him
One of the days
Sidhant is in car
He got call frm his father
Lalaji: sidhant im sending the pic…I dnt know wat u vl that person should nt come into our way…person shouldn’t b more in this world
Sid: ok …no need to wry…I vl do as u said
While sid is talking with him
He saw a small puppy coming across fastly
Before sid could put brake …it z hurt..sid least bothered abt her..n abt to go
He saw a girl coming towards the puppy by running
She wore white chudidhar
Sid cant able to c her face as her loose hair covering her face
Girl came n took puppy in hands
She came towards sid
By nw sid saw her face
He just lost in her

In his life tym he saw many girls …bt he didn’t got any intention..he didn’t cared this girl took his heart in first instance
Bt sid thought that girl is cmng to scold him becz of puppy condition…he thought to face her
She came to sid
Girl: excuse me sir..if u dnt mind.vl u plz take me to the hsptl..puppy z much blood lost..plz sir
Sid without any second thought agreed
Girl came n occupied passenger seat
Sid is gazing at her
She lukd at him
Sid nw came to world n started car
Girl is in tears by cing puppy condition
She took first aid box frm her bag n started aiding it
Sid got laugh
Sid to himself: oh god…this girl is too emotional…just crying fr puppy..thank god I don’t have any feeling like this
Sid: is it ur dog?
Girl: no
Sid: y u r such emotional..its just dog…n that too not urs
Girl: ofcourse its nt mine…bt still it too feel pain na…if u get pain..v can share with hw can they share…thank god…v saw him in this condition..otherwise wat might happen..
Sid to himself: something is there in this girl which is attracting me..i dnt know y…bt I m feeling strange…
By that tym sid reached hsptl
She got down
Sid is thinking whether to go with her r go back
Sid to himself: arey sid..wat happened..y ur behind girl…remember u r nt the guy who is behind girls..u have so many wrks to do
Sid decided to go back
Girl lukd at him

Girl: wr r u going…come lets go inside..she hold sid hand n took him with her
That touch made him loose consious
Sid like puppy went behind her
Doctr treated puppy
After finding puppy in good state a smile got on girls face
Maar java…sid fell fr her smile
Sid:r u happy nw
Girl: ya..i am…she started playing with puppy
Sid started admiring her acts
Girl reminded something
Girl: oh god
Sid: wat happened
She gave puppy to sid hands
Sid who hates to hold dogs
Nw without knowledge he started caraasing puppy
girl started luking here n there

Sid: kya hua..wat r u searching fr
Girl saw hotel
Girl: come with me
She took him to hotel
She asket server to pack different items
Sid is confused
Sid: for whom..these many items
Girl: I vl if u dnt mine vl u do small favour
Sid: ya..always at ur service
She smiled
Sid confused y he said like that
Girl: vl u drop me
Sid: ya I vl
Sid strated n reached the place
She asked sid to come inside
Sid went behind her
By cing the girl a group of kids came n rushed to hug her
N some old people came
She rushed to them n took blessings

Girl: my kids…c wat I brought fr u..she opened food
All felt happy
She started feeding all them with her own hands
N she also served food to old people
One of old women came to sid
Sid greeted her
Sid: ji…vl she come here when ever she get tym?
Oldwomen: she stays here only…
Sid is shocked
Sid: that means
Oldwomen: v r all orphans…v elders r left by our children..n those kids r left by their parents…nw this ladoo gathered all of us here…she is working hard…n helping us…n taking care of us…v r so happy as god gave daughter like her…those kids r living happily becz of her…even with help of some institutions..she is providing education to those kids…v can c so many orphans becum thugs goons becz of no care…so she decided that no child should becum like she is striving a lot fr them…n I know she vl reach her goal soon
Sid got tears by hearing this
By that tym she came
Sid wiped his tears
Girl: wont u eat lunch
Sid nodded no
Bt she didn’t listen to him
She started feeding him

Sid really cant able to cope up himself
This is the first tym ..some one feeding him
He dnt want to loose this
He dnt want to miss this love
Yes he understud he started luving her
Sid: I want to say something
Girl: ha say
Sid: not here
She understud
She waved bye to all n told she vl come evening
Both r in car
Sid started driving
She is nt talking
Sid to himself: hw can u tell ur sid ..ur goon,…u r merciless fellow..n she is godess…who always strive fr others..hw can u tell ur wish
Sid lost in thoughts
At that tym
His phone got msg
Sid stpd car
N opened it
He saw the photo which was swnd by kill that person
Sid is shocked
Yes its none other than girl he luving
He cant understand wats going
Girl: wat happened..y u stpd car..n u told u vl say something wat is it
Sid didn’t replied
Sid started car
He went into thoughts

Sid is one n only son of rajendra n sujatha
Bt one day some goons killed them
Sid became orphan
He cant understand wr to go wr to live

At that tym
Lalaji came to him
He started taking care of him
He became his god father
Sid came out of thoughts
Sid to himself: now wat to do…hw can ii deny the order of my father..if he is nt there..i might die…bt nw he told me to kill my love…oh god wr I held…I cant do this…I cant deny papa wrds..i cant kill my love..wat to do
Sid thought fr a while
Sid 1: sid y r u thinking abt a girl whose name is nt known to u…just think abt papa who trust u..who raised u these many yrs
Sid firmly decided
Sid stpd car
He is in tears
He wiped his tears
She is confused
Sid took out his gun
N pointed towards her by clzing his eyes
He abt to pull trigger
She heard her laugh
Sid z shocked n confused
Sid opened his eyes
She is still laughing
Sid: r u mad? Y r u laughing
Girl: then wat I have to do…the most dangerous merciless goon hand is shivering when gun pointing towards me
Sid is shocked
Sid: u know me?
Girl: y cant i?..ok first tell me y u want to kill me
Sid:its my father order
Girl: oh father? In which way?
Sid: its none of ur business
Girl: ok cool…n u know who I am?
Sid nodded no
Girl: bt if I die in ur hands..its happiest thing in my life
Sid confused
Girl: yes sidhant..ur roli vl clz her eyes happily in ur hands
Sid is shocked
He left gun
Sid: roli??
Roli: did u remember sid? Yes I am roli..ur child hood bestie…n not only that…girl who is searching fr u madly in these yrs
Sid: roli wat r u saying
Roli: ha sidhant…ya v r separated when v r at age father got transfer to usa …bt later v came to know ur parents were killed so papa maa n me immediately started frm usa to take u with us…bt when v r in hotel…a bomb xploded my papa n mama died I was saved I don’t know wat to do..i was joined in orphanage…i studied there by doing some other wrks…i only lived with aim to reach u…atlast I reached india…bt I didn’t find u…I started searching fr u…in mean while I came to know abt lalaji n his illegal acts…so I started wrking against him…I made him clz the medical factry which is causing effect on people becz of cheap quality…v formed a grp called rosid…v r fighting against illegal acts in society…in this process I started digging history of lalaji…then I got to know a shocking news
Sid: wat it is
Roli: he is the person who killed ur parents
Sid was shocked
Roli: ha sid…he has eye on bhardwaj he joined in ur well backstabbed ur father…he killed ur parents…he want to kill u ur child of 6 yrs…he thought he can use the way he wants…so he took u…u r the person who lost love ..who lost ur parents…u don’t have choice u joined him…I was shocked to know that my sid who has aim to becum topmost business man became goon…I understud u don’t know abt reason behind ur parents death…I just want to meet u n tell this I don’t understand hw I know u wont talk with anyone…at that tym god showed me way..i saw puppy running across ur car…I just came to save her…I found u…so I thought I can utilize this chance…I just want to know whether u really became goon at heart..r I tuk to orphanage..when I saw tears in ur eyes..i understud,…my sid is still same
Sid is shocked
Sid never thought lalaji did all this
He started crying badly which he never did this in these yrs
Roli hold his shoulders fr support
Sid hugged her n started crying
Roli left that he let out his grief

After somr tym sid came out of grief
He understud he huged roli
He broke his hug
Sid: sry roli…i was nt knowing wat im doing
Roli: sidhant…this roli is urs…u can hug her even knowing
Sid eyes widened
Sid: roli…I attracted by cing at first instance..still I was confused..becz im goon..hw can I even think abt u
Roli: I luv this goon
Sid surprised n felt happy
Sid: roli come again
Roli blushed
Roli: I luv u my goon who stole my heart..she hugged sid
Sid: I luv u my godess..really u came in my life as godess..tq roli..but im sry roli…fr that idiot..i aimed gun at such an wastefellow
Roli: I already told na sid…I may clz my eyes in ur hands happily
Sid kept his finger on her lips
Sid: don’t dare to say that..i cant live without u
By saying this sid kissed on her forehead
Roli blushed
When he abt to move towards her cheek..roli pushed him
Sid confused
Sid:w at happened
Roli: I cant accept kisses frm u
Roli: then wat…frm child hood im thinking abt u in mr perfect u c ur face in mirror…that hair…that beard that mostache..n that tilak..i luv my goon…bt nt all these stuff..i vl allow u..only after I get mr perfect look
Sid lukd into mirror
Sid: ur right roli..i think I didn’t c mirror in these days…n nw I understud..girs run away by cing me..if I m in mr perfect look..girls may b on queue fr me
Roli raised her eyebrows
Roli: if they might b behind u..i might killed those chudails…roli pulled him by sid belongs only to me
Sid smiled

Sid started car
Roli hold his shoulders by side ways
Sid stpd his car near mens parlour
He went inside n asked roli to stay out
After some tym
Sid came out
Roli is shocked
Sidhant with clean shave n mrperfect hairstyle…n too add this his suit…roli lost in him
Sid smiled
He came to her
He tapped his fingers infrnt of her
Roli came out conscious
Roli: mr…did u c any goon inside…he went missing
Sid: roli dnt do over…
Roli smiled
Roli went towards him n kissed on his cheeks
Sid surprised
Sid too kissed her
They njyd the moment
Sid: roli lets go..v have another work
Roli confused
Sid started car and stpd at iinfrnt of lalaji house
Sid went inside
Roli is behind him
Lalaji shocked
Lalaji: hey sid,…wat a change over
Sid: ha lala…some tyms it happens
Lalaji: wow u changed calling also…papa to lala
Sid: then hw u think I call my parents murderer as papa
Lala is shocked
Sid: r u thinking hw I came to know
Ya I got to know hw u back stabbed my parents
Hw u used me
N u got to know roli is trying to revealing this to me
So u planned to kill my roli with my own hands
Bt lala god is with me
So I came to know ur acts
I got my roli

Still nw I treated u like godfather..nw I got to know ur such an idiot
I wont leave u fr killing my parents
By saying this he started hitting lala
All his feelowmen came n started fighting with sid
Sid gave right n left to all
All r on floor with pain
Lala took gun n aimed at roli
Sid is shocked
When he abt to pull trigger
He got shot by gun
It came frm police
Police men shot him
Yes before coming that place rosid informed police
Lala ji died
Rosid r happy
Rosid came out
Roli: wat next
Sid: wat next
Roli: nw hw this goon vl earn
Sid smiled
Sid: dnt wry dear..may b im not illiterate
Roli: that means
Sid: roli I too remember our childhood..i too remember hw v dreamt fr our aftr my parents died…i dnt know hw to contact u all..n I too thought u all may frgt I didn’t tried to contact still…I didn’t frgt our aim…v thought to bring bhardwaj industries at top…so I started studying in distance unknown to lala..n took my friend assistance fr clarifying doubts
Roli felt happy..even though they r far still they both reamined their promises their goals
Roli kissed sid
Sid too kissed her
Sid pecked her lips
It turned intense one
Rosid lost in each other
Days going on
Rosid brought bhardwaj industries in top position
N roli continued her social wrk…sid too joined her
Rosid married happily in presence of orphanage oldpeople n children
They live happily fr ever

( .hope u all lyk it..i know its nt upto still..its disturbing my mind frm yesterday so iw rote…do cmnt wat u lykd wat u not)

Credit to: honeyrosid

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