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Roshni 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer and Rajat arguing. Sameer influences Mona. Mona orders fresh lime soda and asks them to drink. Roshni defends Rajat. She says she has joined Leela and tells the good news that OPD fees got reduced to 50rs. Rajat starts leaving. Sameer asks Mona for a dance. Rajat stops and sits drinking. Rajat drinks a lot and does not listen to Mona. Its morning, Rajat gets up and Mona greets him. He gets Sharad’s call. Sharad says Ansal called me asking for your family’s signs, else deal will get cancelled. Rajat says fine, I will get it done.

Mona says I won’t let this deal get cancelled, Roshni will take the signs for Rajat’s sake. Malhotra gives a bouquet to Sameer for supporting him yesterday. Sameer throws it and scolds him. He says he scolded Roshni yesterday. Malhotra

says she was wrong. Sameer says no, she was right, you were wrong, I took your side, as I had to explain her discipline, I believe in teaching right lesson to right person at right time, its your turn today. Malhotra asks what does he mean.

Sameer says you recommended unimportant tests, its good I have seen patient’s husband’s luxury car, so I did not say anything, else I would have insulted you, I hope you don’t do this blunder again. Roshni comes there. Sameer sees Roshni and hugs Malhotra. He asks Roshni to be on time and asks her to get his protein shake. Malhotra smiles and leaves.

Roshni takes the protein shake for Sameer. Guddu sees this and takes it from her. Mona and Rajat come. Mona asks Roshni does she have any problem. Roshni says no, Sameer is a good boss. Mona says she has to talk something imp, she has a meeting and will talk in break. Roshni asks Rajat to talk to her, she won’t say anything which he does not wish to. Rajat leaves. Guddu drinks protein shake. Roshni thanks him for taking the tray, so that Rajat did not see him.

Guddu says protein shake is tasty. Sameer comes and scolds Roshni. He asks Roshni did she feel shame to do her boss’ work. She says its not like that. Roshni gives the protein shake. He says now I don’t want this, its too late, go and get my coffee. She says sure. Kishore talks to doctor. The doctor tells Anand to make Kishore stand. Anand and Badri help him. Vasundara comes and gets surprised seeing Kishore walking and fine. She hugs and cries.

Mona tells Roshni that they got investor for Leela. Roshni says that’s great news. Mona says investor has condition to get 49% shares. Roshni says its Rajat’s dreams. Mona asks Roshni to convince her family, as Rajat can’t go to his family. She convinces Roshni for the same.

Roshni goes against Sameer to save a patient. Sharad tells Ansal that Mona chose Roshni to get family stakes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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