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Roshni 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni getting shocked seeing Malhotra scaring the patients and writing many tests and scans. She asks Malhotra why is he making the case serious, she has examined the case and patient is not so serious. Malhotra asks her to go, and asks who is she. Sameer comes and says she is my assistant. Roshni tells him everything. Sameer says good job Malhotra. Roshni says I examined the patient. Sameer says even Malhotra examined and he is senior doctor. He scolds her saying Malhotra has much experience.

The staff comes there and hears them. Malhotra smiles seeing Sameer supporting him. Sameer asks Roshni to apologize to Malhotra. Roshni says sorry. Sameer asks her to leave now. She goes and cries. Guddu and staff come there and feel bad. She washes her face and asks them why did

they come here. Guddu says they came to be with her. She asks what happened to me, I m okay. Guddu says we have seen what happened, we are angry on Sameer, I will talk to Mona. Roshni says no need, I m not so weak to ask for Mona’s help for such small thing, I can fight.

Guddu says I know, you are Kishore’s granddaughter, you will not lose, Kishore did not leave us alone, and we can’t leave you alone, this is your fight, we want to be with you, we see hope in you, you can make this Leela hospital as Leela nursing home, you can bring Kishore back. She says that day will come soon, thanks for making me feel I m not alone in this fight, this hospital is my home and you are all my family, no one can make me lose now, thanks.

Kishore recalls the auction and Leela talks to her. Leela asks him to get up, she has left responsibility on her, if he troubles her children, then she will get annoyed with him. Kishore tries to talk and says Leela. Roshni comes home. Anand says he called her. She says her phone was off. He says Kishore started talking again. She gets glad. Anand says Vasundara went for charity camp, Kishore spoke to me, I informed doctor and they have done checkup, they gave good news, that recovery process started, he will start walking soon. Roshni hugs Anand and rushes to meet Kishore. She hugs Kishore and cries. She says I missed you so much. Kishore consoles her.

He apologizes to her for not understanding her decision. He asks her to work and stay wherever she wants. She thanks and hugs him. Mona tells Rajat that they are going for dinner. He gets glad. She says Sameer is coming too. He asks her to stop the car, he will go home, she can go for dinner, you know I dislike him, you did not ask me before planning dinner with him. She says I want you to bond with him. He agrees to meet Sameer on her insistence. Sharad meets Ansal and asks him not to worry, as Mona is in love with Rajat, and this can be profit for them, Rajat has signed papers without reading, I will not talk to Rajat’s family to give their stares, Mona will do this love.

Rajat and Mona come to the restaurant. She says Sameer likes this place. Rajat asks can we go somewhere else. She sees Sameer and says too late. She greets Sameer. They sit for a talk over dinner. Roshni talks to Vasundara and asks her to come soon. She tells Kishore that mum is coming in morning. Anand asks why did she not tell her. Roshni says I want to surprise her, when mum comes and sees Nanu fine, she will be glad. Kishore plays chess with Roshni. He asks how will she fight alone. She says like Rajat, even he has no one with him.

Rajat and Sameer drink a lot. Rajat loses senses. Sameer laughs. Sameer scolds Malhotra and throws his bouquet. Roshni comes there. Malhotra asks Sharad and Ansal to do something of Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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