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Roshni 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni answering Sameer well. They get into an argument. He asks her qualifications. She says MBBS, MRCS London. He asks why is she doing assistant job being overqualified, this can have 2 reasons, that this hospital is of value to her, or she is not no value here. He taunts her and says you are working to gain confidence and experience. She says she is working for her personal reasons. He tells her a story. She argues with him. She says she has to fall below her standards to assist him. She leaves.

She comes to Mona and is angry. She tells about Sameer and says he can’t insult her like this. Mona asks did she fight with him. Roshnu says he is worthless, tell me if there is another job for her, she can’t work with that mad man. Mona pacifies her and says Rajat also

rejected Sameer, now you. Roshni asks did he misbehave with Rajat. Mona says we are helpless to bear him. She says Sameer can save this hospital, we got him here for his talents, he has removed me from my cabin as he wanted to make his gym.

Roshni says he is not doing charity, you are paying him. Mona says Sameer can get profit for us, we got him by difficulty. She says I have to say sorry to him on your behalf now. Mona goes to Sameer. He asks her to sit. He talks to her about Roshni. She says I will talk to her, I apologize to you. He says there are less people who talk bu their heart, I m impressed by her, He asks is Roshni Dr. Rajat’s sister. She says yes. He says I would like to talk to Roshni, please send her.

Mona goes to Roshni and says Sameer is fine, he is not angry, he was praising you. Roshni asks what, you might have dreamt. Mona says it means he is lying, I don’t know, you have to turn this lie into truth, this hospital is Rajat’s dream, you have to support us in saving this hospital, its in debt, you have to agree to Sameer, just he can save Leela now. Roshni thinks.

Roshni comes to Sameer and he taunts her. He says he has nothing to tell about himself. He taunts her for having identity crisis and asks her not to have pride. He asks who is she, what did she achieve, she is just a famous doctor’s daughter, and Rajat’s sister. He calls her a loser and asks her to apologize to him. Sameer asks her to get coffee and orders her. She thinks she will do this for Rajat. She gets the coffee. She gets a call and says its emergency, we need to rush. He says you need to rush, call me if there is anything imp. She leaves. Roshni checks a woman. She talks to her husband. Malhotra asks Roshni not to talk in between.

Sameer and Malhotra scold Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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