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Roshni 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Badri telling Roshni that Joshi has said he will get patients. Kishore says how could I get patients and provide him commission. Badri says the patients can get good service here, rather than going to get duped somewhere else. He asks him to let Rajat decide. Rajat and Mona talk about the matter. Mona says they can’t run superspeciality hospital from mindset for running a nursing home, and taunts on Kishore. Badri says we have to run by new mindset. Kishore says Badri is right, Rajat will decide, I will just show the way.

Badri says he will get samosa from the canteen. Roshni says she wants to get kachoris, she will send Guddu. The man talks to Guddu and says he has come for Dr. Siddiqui, he knows me. Guddu says understand, that Siddiqui does not see this department. Guddu tells

Roshni that about the patient. She takes him to Siddiqui and tells about Rashid. She leaves. Siddiqui attends them.

Rajat comes to talk to Kishore and Kishore asks him to join them for tea. Kishore explains him and Rajat asks him not to explain anything. Kishore asks him to take the decisions, you made me chairman, but you can take day to day decisions. Roshni says Rajat can take your advice. Kishore says always welcome.

Roshni looks on. Rajat says fine, whatever makes you comfortable. He says we will not compromise on our medical ethics for making money. Kishore hugs him and leaves. Rajat asks Roshni is everything fine? What happened with Nick? She says what Badri said and acts like him. They laugh. Siddiqui comes to Roshni and talks about a patient needing surgery. She asks who will do the surgery, she wants to see. He smiles and says yes, so I told you, I referred him in Anand’s hospital, inform him. She talks to Anand and informs him.

Roshni talks to the little boy and his mum. He asks for Nick. She asks will he talk to him. Roshni calls Nick and makes him talk to the kid. Nick flirts with her. She asks him to talk non filmi, she will talk later. He says call me once you are free. He says I miss you and smiles. Sharad comes to Rajat and asks all well? Rajat says I spoke to Kishore, he kicked out a medical representative, I was tensed and he gave me the rights to take decision, I think we can hire Malhotra.

Sharad asks him to think again, he knows Kishore’s nature. Mona joins them and they have a casual talk. Rajat tells Mona that he can hire Malhotra now. She says yes, we need him, such doctors keep hospital in profit. Rajat stares at her. Sharad sees him and says he will come later. He leaves. Rajat says he gets strength seeing Mona. She says you supported me. He says we will go café and have anything. They leave. Malhotra is on the way with Ansal. Malhotra gets Rajat’s call. Ansal says game is yours and plan will be mine.

Kishore faces more problems. Malhotra talks to Rajat and Sharad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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