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Roshni 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nick flirting with Roshni. He says its right moment to kiss. She says this is not the right time and right place, where is Doodle. He says he is waiting at the airport. She says she will drop him. He says taxi is there, parked far, he thought she can slap him. She says leave the taxi, I will get car keys, I will drop you. He says as you wish. She goes to get keys from Rajat’s room. She sees him sleeping and wakes him up. He asks what is it. She says I have to tell you two things, don’t be shocked, I m taking your car, I m in love. He asks what, are you fine, you joking right? She says no, Nick missed his flight and came to propose me, he is standing out, he really loves me. He says at this time, you guys are mad.

He sees Nick waiting outside and smiles, saying he is pure

desi lover material, why you need car. He says she has to drop Nick to airport. He says I will come along. She says very funny. He gives the keys and says congrats. She thanks him and comes to Nick. Nick greets Rajat. Rajat signs his eyes will be on Nick. Nick laughs. Roshni says she is impressed with his sign language and they leave for airport.

Nick says he is feeling insecure. She says if she sees him with any girl, she will break his head. He says it means you are possessive, I feel good. They smile. Its morning, Rajat comes to Roshni and wakes her. He jokes about Nick and she smiles hearing the love story. He asks did Nick get the flight or not? She asks did he have fun saying this, and asks him about Mona. Rajat says I m not so lucky that someone comes from airport. She says Mona is back to Bhopal, now you have to take a step. Rajat says I offered her the job in Leela. She asks him to take her for dinner. He asks if she get offended. She says let her be, are girls less in Bhopal, see you felt bad as you are in love, you are also lover material.

He says the kids expenses went in Leela’s account, they will manage if she gets more patients, Leela can do charity. He gets Mona’s call. She asks him to pick the call. He talks to Mona and ends call. He tells Roshni that Mona said yes to join Leela. She asks her to go for dinner. He asks why to waste money on dinner, she will come to hospital daily. She says you are such a cheapo and they laugh.

Badri talks to Vasundara about Kishore. Anand tells Rajat that Mona accepted the offer. Rajat says yes. Vasundara says I don’t think Mona is mentally stable to do this job. Anand asks her to trust Rajat’s decision. Vasundara and Anand argue about Mona. He says we should not punish anyone for one mistake, if Rajat is giving Mona a second chance, we should be happy. She worries. Rajat brings Mona to her cabin. Mona is glad. The doctor comes and tells about some case. Rajat and Mona suggest the same solution.

They discuss the case. Mona suggests a better solution. She says we will charge 50% for the dialysis. Rajat looks on and smiles. She asks what is he seeing. He says my decision was right, administration is in right hands. She smiles. Vasundara meets the patients. Kiran and her husband talk about the test. Vasundara checks the reports. She says its normal. Kiran says she trusts Vasundara. He says he has checked on internet. Vasundara says getting info on net is fine, but not deciding on it. She says their son is fine. He asks what if his son comes in wrong state. Vasundara asks him to give baby to them. Kiran says no, we will go for the delivery. Vasundara calls Rajat in her cabin.

She asks did he feel bad about doubting his decision about Mona. He says no, Mona is doing fine. A medical representative talks to Kishore and tells about the medicine sold by his company. He says he can support Leela hospital by recommending it to patients, he can get a big line of patients. Kishore gets angry and asks him to leave. Rajat, Roshni and Vasundara look on.

Kishore tells Badri that he did not need anyone to run his nursing home. Rajat says he is overreacting. Kishore withdraws and argues with Mona about Malhotra. Ansal says great, game of Malhotra and plan will be mine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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