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The Episode starts with Sameer and Roshni checking the patient Shaheen. Roshni makes the treatment easier for Shaheen. Sameer and Roshni talk about love, and she thinks about Nick. She smiles and says good things about love. She says love can’t be seen and measured, the day you realize it, you will not doubt it. She leaves. Sameer smiles.

Sameer comes home and hears his dad playing violin. He recalls Roshni. His dad asks when did he come. Sameer smiles and says he was hearing his music. His dad asks is he saying about any other music, whats the matter. Sameer says nothing. His dad says this nothing has snatched many things, so people named this nothing by love. Sameer tells about a inter religion love marriage, they don’t worry about anyone, its like fighting with Lord, can people love each

other to this extent. His dad says heart relation is bigger than blood relation, blood relation has helplessness to keep it, heart relation is kept with wish, without any pressure and greed, so its called unconditional love. Sameer smiles.

Mahesh sees Mona upset and asks till when will this go on, our society has some rules. Mona apologizes to him and Rajat and I were lonely, we did not think about anyone, I know Rajat’s family will never accept me, I m sorry. He says don’t worry, I m with you.

Rajat comes to Roshni and asks did she talk to mum about Mona. Roshni says mum does not like Mona, if she knows Mona is pregnant then… Vasundara comes there and gets shocked hearing this. Roshni and Rajat worry seeing her. Vasundara leaves. Roshni asks Rajat to talk to her later, she is angry.

Vasundara tells Kishore that Mona is pregnant, now Rajat is morally low and will marry Mona, I knew Mona is very clever. Kishore says you are being judgmental so soon, you are blaming Mona, and Rajat innocent. Vasundara says she will never accept Mona as her bahu. Rajat and Roshni hear her and have a talk. Rajat tells about the only solution, that’s aborting Mona’s baby. Kishore asks Vasundara to know Mona well, Rajat is not a kid to be innocent.

He asks them to stay happy, we should not bound them and regret later. Shaheen talks to her husband Mohan. He says I spoke to doctor, you will be fine. She asks him to go office. He says you will be fine. He meets Sameer and Roshni. Sameer asks Mohan to sign on consent form before surgery. Roshni says its very complicated. Roshni explains about surgery by a diagrammatic explanation. She tells about pancreatic cancer. Sameer says its critical case.

Roshni takes blessings to get successful today. Roshni does surgery well and everyone celebrate. Sharad says Mona will help them. Malhotra provokes Mona against Roshni. Mona meets Rajat and family, and tells about her decision to break up with Rajat and also abort the child. She expresses her desire that Vasundara does her abortion.

Update Credit to: Amena

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