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The Episode starts with Vasundara taunting Anand. Anand apologizes to Rajat. Rajat values his opinion and Anand thanks him for understanding. Rajat meets Mona in the Leela’s café and asks her about joining Leela hospital. They have a talk. Doodle asks Nick to pack his bag. Nick says he does not wish to. Doodle asks him to say Roshni. Nick says how can I, did you feel she likes me. Doodle says sometimes. Nick says if she felt for me, she would have shared with me, am I saying wrong. Doodle says that’s a point, leave it.

Doodle says I will tell her that Nick is in love with you, accept his love, don’t break his heart. Nick asks is he joking. Doodle says I have seen love in your eyes, there is still time, tell her before leaving. The hospital staff talk about Badri’s overthinking. Badri comes

there and talks to a patient.

Rajat tells Roshni that he has come to bid adieu to Nick and Doodle and asks her to take the car. He asks is she feeling bad. She says no, feeling little weird, I was always with them, I felt different here in Bhopal. He laughs and teases her, saying its his sincere observation, that Nikhil loves her. She asks what rubbish. He says its his sixth sense, he is sure, she also feels liking him. She asks him to go and attend his meeting, and he laughs. She smiles and recalls Nick’s words.

Nick and Doodle are leaving. Doodle asks him to tell everything to Roshni and goes making excuse. Nick talks to Roshni and does not tell her his feelings. He says he is a changed man now, he is serious. She asks does he want to tell anything. He says I have to say, but its right place and time.

He asks is he saying I love you, to build up suspense. Nick is stunned and says lets save something for London. Doodle comes and asks what happened to Nick. They leave for airport. Nick smiles seeing Roshni. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage………..plays…………. Doodle signs him to say, and messages him that airport is close.

Roshni comes back and smiles recalling Nikhil. Nick calls her and she asks did he forget anything. He says I recalled something, you wanted to know what secret Doodle has and teases me, I want to tell the girl’s name, I want to ask shall I finally tell her that I love her, will she say I m stupid. She asks him to tell her and gets upset. She asks him, to tell that girl else she will tell her that he has a golden heart and is a true friend. He asks is she saying this to please him. She says no. He asks her to come out. She smiles seeing him outside her house.

She asks what is he doing here, where is Doodle. She says he will miss the flight. He says he knows her since 7 years, he was finding her in every girl. She asks him to end this buildup and show the pic. He says fine, and shows her pic. She gets stunned. They have an eyelock. He asks her to say something. She asks will she get in his tricks and say yes, if he told this in London, he would have got slapped, but…. She can’t slap him after seeing the real Nikhil in him. He asks can she kiss. She says shut up and they smile. He says I don’t know how to say differently, but I love you. She says I love you too. They hug and smile.

Anand tells Rajat that Mona accepted his offer. Vasundara says I don’t think Mona can manage this duty. Rajat meets Mona in hospital. Kishore kicks Malhotra out of Leela, and everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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