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Roshni 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mona asking Rajat to wait till they get the loan off Leela hospital, then they will go to meet his family and tell them the truth of getting Leela nursing home back. She says she is also eager to be part of his family. She asks how will he manage to get his family’s share. He worries. She says she has thought something and asks him not to worry. Vasundara recalls Ansal’s words and says Roshni, he has shown us the truth, I m jobless and will answer Ansal, I will start our nursing home. Roshni says no need to open new nursing home, we have our big hospital.

Vasundara says that’s not our hospital. Roshni says outsiders are getting benefit from our family problems, we have to make Leela hospital big and get united to answer Ansal. Vasundara asks her to go, but not have

hope from them, Rajat is not part of their family now. Roshni says Leela’s name is with that hospital. Vasundara says she will not go to Leela. Roshni says she will join Leela and bring Rajat back home.

Guddu tells Mona that Sameer took her cabin and may kick her out too. Mona comes to Rajat and throws the box of her items. Rajat asks why is she angry, she should be happy that Sameer has set his gym in her cabin. He jokes saying her lines and laughs, saying she has to adjust till he makes new cabin for her. Sameer calls Mona. Mona says Sameer has to talk something urgent and calling us. Rajat says he has to come, we are boss. Mona reminds what he said and they go to talk to Sameer.

Sameer asks them to watch this live feed of hospital. Sameer shows the hospital pharmacy not having any buyers, and the staff is very lazy. He says this looks old age home, not hospital, change the staff , I want young, smart and fresh people, I don’t care about this old staff, this is not my problem. He says I hope what Mona has to do. Mona says don’t worry, it will be done. Sameer calls Mona and Rajat lazy too. Mona says sorry, you will get list, anything else. Sameer says I need an assistant, who is sharp, intelligent and obedient, who is a doctor and works as my nurse. Mona says I will find someone for you. Roshni comes there.

Roshni talks to Guddu. He says he has body pain. She asks him to use iodex for body pain. He says a new doctor has come, Sameer has taken Kishore’s cabin. Guddu says he heard hospital staff is going to get changed. She asks what, and goes to ask Rajat. She asks Rajat why is he doing this, why did he give Kishore’s cabin to someone else, Kishore has kept his nursing home mortgaged for this hospital. He says its just cabin, you all don’t like my decision, you don’t see my tough time here, how I m managing, its not big thing.

She says I want to know reason, you feel Kishore will never return, or you don’t want him to return here. Rajat reminds he got Kishore here, he went and I got angry, forget it. He leaves. Mona says don’t blame Rajat, this was my decision to shift Sameer in Kishore’s cabin, we were helpless, Rajat did not wish this to happen, its matter of few days, I will manage and shift Sameer to other cabin. She asks Roshni to come and talk. Mona acts sweet and tells Roshni that she felt bad to stop Roshni from working in this hospital, there are certain rules, this is your hospital, I wanted you to work, I have a job for you, I can’t appoint you as a doctor, but Sameer needs an assistant, you can assist him if you don’t mind. Roshni says no issues. Mona says Sameer is imp for Leela, you have to agree to him. Roshni says don’t worry. Mona asks her to go and meet Sameer, she will inform him, and all the best. Roshni thanks her and goes. Mona calls Sameer.

Roshni gets glad and looks at Leela’s pic. She says thanks Nani for your blessings, I have become part of your hospital. I will get our family back here, and then Leela will be such hospital whose dream we have seen. She goes to meet Sameer and says I m Dr. Roshni Singh, I m here to join you as your new assistant. They get shocked seeing each other. He says interesting, something will motivate me to come here and work. She says lets talk about work. He says attitude and arrogance, you scold people on road when its your mistake. He says Mona has sent you, doctor is a responsible word, doctor is cool, calm, composed, not like you.

Sameer taunts Roshni and says he is doing big favor on her giving her this job, she is just a loser.

Update Credit to: Amena

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