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The Episode starts with Nick saying Roshni about nerve cut. He says he can manage it, as he did this surgery once. Roshni calls Siddiqui and asks him to come once and see the case. He agrees to come. Nick does the treatment. Siddiqui comes there and guides Nick. Malhotra checks a patient and writes few tests for the patient. He asks him to do tests at the hospital or any costly lab. He recommends a lab. The patient thanks and leaves. The assistant asks doctor why did he suggest endoscopy. Dr. Malhotra says he can’t take risk, that’s why he suggested the test. He asks the assistant to earn, whats bad in it, think big. He laughs.

Roshni talks to Nick and says she has seen his new side of him in Bhopal, she has seen him as cool dude, but this sensible and sincere side, she has seen it for first

time. He says honestly, even I did not see, I went with the flow, your family is lovely, just like home and you… She asks me? He says I have seen something in you which I have not seen before, I saw you as doctor and friend, and this time I saw you as a caring grand daughter, loving sister, a daughter and an ordinary girl who likes to wear traditional clothes. She asks does he notice so much.

He says maybe we became doctors, and lesser normal humans. He says sometimes we discover ourselves while discovering new places, cheers to Bhopal and new us. Vasundara comes home and asks Nick about his trip. Nick says it was lovely. Roshni says adventurous too, long story. Vasundara smiles seeing them and goes. Kishore teases Badri reading book on stroke. They talk about Roshni and her friends. Kishore says I know what you are thinking, its enough that they are friends, don’t think ahead.
Dr. Malhotra treats the patients and talk about Leela hospital. He says buying elephant and raising it is different. He sees the patient stable and asks assistant to ask patient’s relative for more 50000rs now, as surgery is needed.

Its morning, Rajat greets Kishore. Rajat says Mona is fine, I gave her offer to join our hospital, she worked well. Vasundara asks him to think again. Anand says its good if she stays busy. Rajat says she gave me blood bank idea on accident day. Kishore says its good idea. Rajat says Malhotra wants to join us. Kishore says he is good earner, not a good doctor, I heard bad about him. Vasundara says we need him. Kishore disagrees.

Doodle teases Nick and Roshni asks him whats the secret. Nick says its boy’s talk. Nick shows Doodle’s phone and his GF’s message. Roshni and Nick laugh. Doodle says Roshni, you know that… Nick gives the phone back. She asks him not to go back. Doodle asks her not to cry and they laugh. Anand tells Vasundara that Roshni’s choice is good. She smiles and asks him to remove price tag. She asks him about Nikhil. He says he is decent guy, why. She says no use to talk to you. Rajat comes to her and talk about Malhotra.

She says we all are emotional about Leela, Kishore can’t give constructive suggestion. Anand asks what is she saying. They argue. She says this is Rajat’s dreams, he is CEO and has to answer the investors. Anand says I understand, but Malhotra is not a good surgeon. She taunts him being an escapist, and asks him to talk when he resumes his surgeon duty. She asks Rajat to hire Malhotra.

Rajat asks Mona to join Leela hospital. Doodle asks Nick to tell Roshni. Nick tells Roshni about his love, and shows her pic. She gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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