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The Episode starts with Rajat and Sameer arguing. Mona gets worried. Sameer says he will not join if Rajat is not okay ith it. Mona says they don’t have any problem. Sameer tells about his conditions, his work timings, his leaves, his payment. Rajat says your conditions are much. Sameer says its more than this, I can leave if you want, Leela needs me, I don’t need Leela. Vasundara talks to her friend. Her friend tells about about medical camp. Vasundara says she will send other gynacs in urgency. Roshni asks Vasundara why did she refuse to go, those patients need you, you are a doctor.

She says I know you want to avoid useless talk, come with me, I will get things to learn, I did not get chance to assist you. Vasundara smiles and agrees. Mona shows Sameer his cabin and says she got it specially

designed for him. Sameer says I don’t like it, there is no sunlight, the vastu is not right. Rajat asks does he believe in vastu being doctor. Sameer says I believe in science, vastu shastra is also science, I don’t feel positivity there, Mona disappointed me. He likes another cabin. Rajat says I won’t give this to him. Mona says we will manage, if Sameer likes it. Sameer says he does not want this old man’s pics. Rajat says he is my Nanu, mind your language.

He says he wants clients files, and says he needs wealthy patients. He makes the OPD fees 50rs from 500rs, he will attract ordinary people too, once patients come, we will win their trust, then they will but any medicines and do any tests at any cost, trust is the basis of health industry, I guarantee success to you.

Roshni and Vasundara check some ladies and give prescription. Rajat is annoyed with Sameer and asks Mona why did she give him Nanu’s cabin. Mona asks him to be practical, Kishore is not coming. Rajat says even if he does not come, his cabin will be his. Mona says Sameer gave profit making ideas, try to adjust. Vasundara talks to her friend Pramila. Ansal comes there. Vasundara says she won’t go till her work is over. Ansal comes to her and taunts her badly. He offers to work in city hospital, as she lost both her hospitals. She gets angry and slaps him. Roshni asks did he get answer, or does he want another one. Vasundara takes Roshni and leaves from there.

Ansal says this slap is on Vasundara’s future and fumes. Sharad comes to Rajat and asks him to think about Ansal’s offer. Rajat says he is ready to deal with Ansal. He says his conditions. Sharad says fine, I will talk to him and tell you. Rajat stops him. He says he has another condition. Rajat and Sharad go and meet Ansal. Ansal says he agrees to all the conditions. He gives the file to him and says I agree to your last condition also, and made papers ready, I m returning Leela nursing home at no price, this is gift for you from our side. Sharad says this is our new deal papers, sign on it Rajat. Ansal asks Rajat to check well. Sharad asks Rajat not to worry and just sign, he has checked it well. Rajat signs on it without reading. Ansal says congrats, Leela nursing home is yours and Leela hospital is ours.

Rajat says he lost everything, home, family and trust and recalls Vasundara’s words, now they will get everything back with these papers, everyone will be sure I was right. Mona says not now, give on right time. He says mum will forgive me. She says you have any idea, they will be hurt to know you joined hands with Ansal, they will never forgive you.

Sameer taunts Roshni and says he is doing big favor on her by giving this job to her, she is nothing but a loser.

Update Credit to: Amena

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